Connecting with Venus: How we want to be loved & what we value

Connecting with Venus Series: Part 1

How we want to be loved
& what we value

Often we’re attracted to qualities we admire, and want to cultivate in ourselves.  Knowing our Venus sign in our chart and in our loved ones charts helps us to honor our truth of what we value, express authentic love and honor the values and desires of our loved ones.

Venus is a key to relationship success.  This month are exploring the archetype of Venus in a series. In part one we will look at Venus in Mythology, Venus in our soul contract, Venus in the astrological signs and understanding Venus in our partner’s chart.

Venus: Goddess of Love

Venus was the Roman counterpart to the Greek Goddess Aphrodite who was born of the foam from the sea after Saturn (Greek Cronus) castrated his father Uranus (Ouranus) and his blood and semen fell to the sea.  We see this myth depicted in art history as Venus rising out of the sea in a clam.

Venus was the Goddess of love, but not necessarily in the way that we traditionally think of love or showering one with love and affection. Like other gods and goddesses, Aphrodite harshly punished those who refused to honor her properly or those who withstood the pleasures of love.  Venus was vain regarding her own beauty.  Venus used love and sex to affirm her esteem in a healthy way.  She wasn’t afraid to claim her value, negotiate her worth and enjoy what brings her pleasure.  Venus as an archetypal force teaches us about healthy esteem about self love.

Venus in your Soul Contract

Soul Contracts are pre-incarnation agreements of  life lessons, themes, and people you have to come to work with in this life. Your natal chart in astrology reflects the blueprint of your soul contract.  As a force in your soul contract, Venus where you have honor value for yourself and what it is you truly value.  We show the value that we have for ourselves by the choices that we make.

Venus in the Signs

Look to your Venus sign to see how you want to be loved, and how you want to engage in relationship to other people.  For example, if you have Venus in Cancer, you are someone who is going to value family, security, building emotional connections with people.  For a Venus in Cancer sharing how you feel is a deep bond of intimacy.  You value home and want to live somewhere that feels really good and nurturing to them. Venus in Capricorn indicates you value love that is based on fulfilling your practical needs.  Love in this sign has a heavy dose of realism. There is value for patience, loyalty– sticking it out through the hard times.  You may be very attracted to someone with strong goals, work ethic, drive and ambitions.  Venus in Aquarius depicts who may have a love for the New Age and unique ways to connect in relationship and based on Aquarian ideals of Freedom, Humanity.  You maybe even a bit of a Rebel and Revolutionary in terms of values of love and desire something different from the more culturally conditioned marriage model.  Venus in Aries indicates someone who is very up-front, direct and daring in love. You are attracted to someone by their energy and activity.  You value spontaneity, independence and playfulness. You bring the innocence, fun and sometimes impatience of a child. You love the challenge of conquest.

Understanding Venus in your partner’s chart

Venus shows what you love, what you have passion for and what connects you to yourself in terms of your esteem.  Understanding the Venus in your partner’s chart gives a deeper understanding of how they want to be loved by you and what they value more than then anything else. This can greatly help you see and appreciate the uniqueness of your partner and what motivates or drives their value.  It can also depict what they have a passion for.  We all have different values.  What I value may not be what you value.  But for me to feel valued by you, I have to know that this is what I consider to be of value.

Understanding what your partner values and what you value can connect you both in a deeper intimacy. You can be more in touch with your needs and values and affirm your partners esteem in a healthy way.  You could even create a romantic evening or heartfelt gift based on their Venus Sign.   For example, someone with a Venus in Gemini may truly appreciate expressing their love in form of writing a poem or letter and experiencing different cultures. Sharing a learning experience together as a couple brings you closer, such as taking a class or workshop or doing anything compelling, and interesting to awaken the mind.

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