Solar Eclipse in Pisces: A call to a Soul Surrender

While new moons usually symbolizes new beginnings, manifestation, and planting of seeds, this is no usual new moon. It’s a solar eclipse occurring at an important point on the lunar path called the South node.  The South node represents default patterns, emotional baggage and your negative behavioral traits. It shows a habitual pattern that keeps you from being your full potential. Therefore, an eclipse here wants us to let go before we can begin again.  It is time to let go of the things that don’t serve you well, so that you can make room for good things to come into your life.

What is an Eclipse

An eclipse occurs when an object is temporarily obscured, either by passing into the shadow of another object or by having an object pass between it and the viewer.  Our current eclipse, is created by the moon getting between the sun and the earth. This blocks the light of the sun, casting a dark shadow on the earth.  The eclipse can’t be seen from everywhere on earth, as the moon is not large enough to do that.  It’s not lit by the sun at all from our viewpoint as we stand on earth.   Twice a year the sun and moon exactly overlap each other.  It is considered by many astrologers to be a peak turnaround period of the year when the eclipse is happening.

This eclipse takes place, Sunday Feb 26th and is in the sign of Pisces.  At the time of the eclipse there will be 5 planets (Mercury, Sun, Moon, Mercury and Chiron) all in Pisces.  If you have Pisces in your sun, moon or ascendant you may feel the energy of this eclipse more intensely. Connecting with the archetypal themes of Pisces will help you best utilize the potential energy of this cycle.

Connecting with the Soul: A Time of Rebirth

There is cosmic law of creation here on Earth.   For something to be born, something must die.  Pisces represents our emotions and the archetype of the Empath.  This is an emotional eclipse and a time of deep soul surrender. What needs to be released, surrendered in order to be reborn?

There is a sense of spiritual alchemy with the eclipse connecting with the South Node.   Carl Jung said to watch for the “gold in the shadow.”  What are your habitual patterns, unresolved conflicts, limitations and failures from the past, which keep you from being your full potential?  What can you learn here so you don’t continue to repeat these lessons?

A call to Mystical Consciousness

Pisces is a mystical consciousness which embodies the philosophy of All is One.  This is something that often sounds good in theory but is sometimes harder in practice.  If All is really One, then we have to feel and connect to the homeless person that we pass by on the street.  We have to feel and connect to the endangered species that are going extinct at ever increasing numbers.  We have to feel and connect to what big oil companies and corporations are doing to our water and our land in order to make a profit.  We don’t get to pick and choose what we consider All is One.  The true mystical philosophy can’t be limited to members of our culture, religion or family.  All living things matter and are aspects of the Divine.  The Mystic is asking for us to step out of our cultural biases, political groups, past conditioning and feel connection to everyone.  True Mystical Consciousness is an experience that is felt, it is not something we can read about in book.  

Pisces represents our faith and this is time to “Let go and let God”.  New beginnings are emerging from something unknown.  Symbolically the light is hidden, and as a result, we often become afraid because we don’t or can’t see where we are going.  It is a call to have faith that the new beginning is in alignment with our soul contract and highest good even when the times feel turbulent and unknown.

Becoming conscious of our Addict

As Pisces is the last sign in the order of the zodiac, the collective energy brings a sense of completion to a larger cycle.  What in your life feels like it is coming to its natural end? What final details, loose strings, need to be addressed in order to complete this cycle?  What needs to be felt to truly let go?  What attachments do we have that keep us from moving forward?  If we have attachments here or feel what is true is too painful, then we go into our addict and check out from feeling the feeling.  This an excellent time for releasing all things that subconsciously have control or power over us, our addictions.  Addictive habits are an archetype of Pisces and we all have them to some degree.  Our culture is a culture of addicts, and our addiction may take many different forms, whether it is addiction to our iPhone and social media apps, addiction to sugar, binge watching a new Netflix series, shopping,  co-dependency or drugs and alcohol.   It is an act of wisdom for all of us to know our patterns.  When do you have a tendency to want to check out of your life and how specifically do you do it?  Often it is when we don’t want to feel something we go to the addict. It is in the awareness, that we can pause and make a different choice.

Working with our Dreams

Pisces represents our dream life, seeing things symbolically, communication through images.  You may experience dreams more vividly at this time.  It would be an excellent time to program a dream with a specific intention.  It would also be a great time  to journal or create art based on the symbols and feeling of your dreams.  Pisces also rules visual images, visualization and ideas.  Visualizing what we are letting go of, and what we are stepping into could be very powerful at this time.

Suggested Exercise: Program a Dream

Write an intention or question on a small sheet of paper. If you want to solve a particular problem or get clear information about an issue or relationship, write a statement that affirms that you will get the information you need. Put it under your pillow. When you are lying in bed,  affirm your statement of intent in your mind about the dream you want to have.  Then, surrender and observe.

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