Dissolve your pain using the energy of the solar eclipse

Empathetic Pisces is the sign in the zodiac that symbolizes healing, dissolving, and release. As it is the last sign in the zodiac it represents closure or completion.  During this week when we have 5 planets in the sign of Pisces, and the eclipse on Sunday, Feb 26th occurring in the sign of Pisces, let’s explore the concept of forgiveness.

Working with the Victim Archetype  

An Archetype associated with Pisces is the Victim. How can we facilitate the process of emotional surrender—without lapsing into guilt or a victim mentality?  Forgiveness should never become a burden or a process of becoming a victim yourself.  Unconditional forgiveness is not an act you continue to do to let someone off the hook who is hurting you with the same misdeed over and over again. This is not unconditional forgiveness, this is re-victimizing yourself. With much empathy we may be willing to see too much of the potential good where we really need to set boundaries and/or exit strategies.  It is important to use discernment and not allow undeserving people too many chances. Knowing when to forgive and not to forgive is important when working with the energy of Pisces and the Victim Archetype.

What our Culture teaches us about Forgiveness

The process of forgiveness is often misunderstood in our culture. We try to bypass it with our mind. If we say we forgive someone but don’t feel it, we stay locked into that pain.  We are taught as kids to say we forgive when someone says they are sorry, but what happens to our feelings when the exchange is false? Do we push them down or get resentful?  Society often tells us to say the words when we really don’t mean it; we go through the motions but still are consumed by hurt.  We learn to go through the process of mentally forgiving, but forgiveness does not come from the mind. We may even shame ourselves for still holding on, or criticize ourselves for not doing it correctly.   What Pisces is reminding us here is that forgiveness can only be done through feeling and connecting with our hearts. It is a task for the soul.

How to consciously work with this cycle:

Use the next two weeks for deep self inventory, introspection, releasing any past pain or long held grudges. Pisces energy can dissolve and help us to liberate ourselves from our resentments.  The influence of Neptune here also in Pisces adds to this energy to help us to dissolve, and release.  What do you need to let go of that no longer serves you?  What are you holding onto that is blocking your next step?  What do you need to sit with in your heart and feel? Working consciously with archetype of Pisces can help transmute your pain and suffering into spiritual growth and empowerment. 

Create A Ritual:

Write a list of the people, groups or organizations that you have been unwilling to forgive.  Write down what each of them did and why it wasn’t ok.  Go through items on our list, acknowledge and feel your feelings. Make a commitment to yourself to do what you need to do in order to feel better or let this go.

Suggested Questions to ask

What would this situation look from the eyes of the Soul?

Can anything positive come from this? Am I stronger?  Did I  learn a valuable skill or become more resourceful?

What is the payoff to holding on to this resentment whether conscious or unconscious?

What can I possibly learn from this experience?

Am I keeping the situation alive by holding on?

If I was really honest with myself, was there a part that I played in this?

Have I inflicted this same pain or suffering on others?

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