Full Moon in Capricorn: Getting Real With What You Feel

The full moon will be at 17 degrees (Capricorn) on July 8th/9th (exact July 8th at 11:07 PM CST). This full moon also has Pluto, the planet of unconsciousness, transformation, death, and rebirth sitting right next to it. This creates a container to powerfully awaken us to become conscious of deep patterns that are holding us back – and for us to transform.

A full moon is when the Sun is exactly opposite the Moon, at 180 degrees. A full moon highlights opposing archetypal forces or polarities in our life. How it presents itself to us in our lives is a mirror of an internal process. This process is an inner conflict – our emotional needs versus our ego-based desires. The moon tells our default patterns, and where we retreat for security. This time the Sun and Moon are in opposition; between Cancer and Capricorn. Cancer symbolizes the divine feminine, and Capricorn is the divine masculine. This moon is highlighting our duality. It is showing us exactly where we still have beliefs preventing us from achieving the goals that we desire.

Archetypal Themes of this Cycle

An important archetypal lesson during this cycle is getting in touch with what we feel versus what we think we should feel. This is the perfect time to get real with what we feel – and do some inner inventory. We need to check in about our fears and deep inner patterns, as well as our relationships. Journal about your feelings and get them out. What is it that is really motivating our wants and desires? Are you afraid of losing something you don’t yet have? Is your fear valid? Have you seen actual evidence of adversity and trouble in the present time – or are you stirring up fear and insecurity from a past story that is spilling into your present?

Capricorn is the sign of endurance. This is a sign that knows hard work, and determination. Capricorn has taken some hard lessons here on earth about the issues of earth bound limits, responsibility.  This sign often works long and hard to really build something that you may not see the results of or accomplishments of for some time. It brings the archetypal energy of putting one foot in front of the other to climb the long mountain path. Capricorn energy is asking where we need to build endurance, strengthening us to pick ourselves up by our bootstraps and keep going.

Where in your life do you need to build endurance? Where do you need to get practical and get down to business? Where do you need to strengthen your personal boundaries? Where have you possibly reached your limits and need to create a new strategy? Where have you been pushing hard at something that is not working? Where do you need to tell yourself the truth straight up about something you have been unwilling to admit? The moon here is highlighting what no longer works in our lives. (For a clue as to where, more specifically, this is playing out in your life, look to where Capricorn is in your natal chart).

Working with the Archetype of the Entrepreneur

Where do you need to claim your own authority? Maybe you are an entrepreneur, your own boss, doing your own thing.  If not, where do you have your own sense of authority within what you do that works in harmony with those with whom you collaborate or work for?  Where do you need to be more of an authority in your life? Where do you need to present yourself as more authoritative to build your projects? Where do you need to create healthy discipline? In our culture we desire instant gratification – but many of our visions, dreams, and creative projects demand our discipline, presence, and work to achieve.

This is also an excellent time to work in collaboration – in your business partnerships, when you are working on a project or course – because when you have already done this groundwork of collaboration, you may see big results or payoffs from the work that you have achieved. Just make sure to create clear boundaries and a space for you and your collaborators to each be the authority in your area of expertise.

Working with the Archetype of Pluto

Pluto brings what is unconscious up to the surface. It shines a light on a feeling or fear that has been deeply concealed. This may be dramatic and you may be over-exaggerating to situations without fully understanding why you are reacting this way – or where within you the trigger is coming from. For example, your partner may ask a simple question regarding your budget, or finances, and it brings up all your unconscious fears about money – or your biggest triggers around security. You may both have unconscious triggers that are set off and feel like you are trying to communicate in two very different conversations. With the square of Jupiter in Libra, this may certainly play into in relationship issues and balance, bringing what has been unconscious to the surface so that your relationships can deepen and grow. Bringing awareness to what is trying to awaken in you during this cycle has the potential to be life-changing.

Right now we also have Mars in opposition to Pluto. This may bring power struggles or a confrontation with someone else – or even a confrontation from within. There may be a fated event or feeling of being forced by some outside circumstances as an opportunity to wake up. This energy can be channeled into an activity or project. You may benefit from more intense exercise, or more time in nature to work this energy out of the body.

How to Consciously Work with this Cycle:

This moon may bring drama, big reactions, hidden fears, and emotions as Pluto intensifies whatever it touches. Ask yourself, “Is this feeling I am experiencing something reminding me of a fearful time in the past?” Are you in present time? Be mindful not only of how you’re responding, but also how other people around you seem to be reacting. It is important to note that when our worries or our partner’s worries come up we always have a choice in what to do with them. I would suggest looking beyond the blame and how the situation appears to be playing out. You need to dive deep and get to the root of these fears. There is a real opportunity to practice compassion as real, deep-seated fear or a very old pattern may be unconsciously running the conversation. Really digging deep and doing work within yourself here can bring extraordinary insight and freedom of conscious choice. This may be a wonderful time to work with a therapist, hypnotherapist, or coach that specializes in subconscious beliefs.

Create a sacred ritual of releasing clutter from around your home, or writing down an intention of what you are letting go of – to make room for something new.

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  1. Interesting post! I’m always intrigued by how the moon has an influence on us human beings. Sounds like this moon cycle could be quite an intense one 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is very interesting as I just had a b-day (I’m a Cancer), and I’ve been struggling with the need for security vs the need to venture out. Day job safety vs the unknown of entrepreneurship. 🙂


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