Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius: A Time to Let Go

Eclipses are powerful times for awakening to unconscious patterns, releasing what no longer serves us, and beginnings and endings. Tuning in consciously to the archetypal themes in your life can help you create powerful intentions and transformation your life. The energy and influence of this eclipse cycle will be felt for the next 2-3 months.

What is an Eclipse?

An eclipse occurs when an object is temporarily obscured, either by passing into the shadow of another object or by having an object pass between it and the viewer. Right now, the sun and the moon are opposite of each other in the sky. Earth is in between them so it casts a shadow. The shadow that is cast represents the unconscious. This is a time where unconscious patterns and hidden emotions may come up. In being with this awareness and feeling our feelings we can let go, release old patterns, and make healthier and more conscious choices. It is a time to recognize the deep parts within ourselves that no longer serve our growth.

This eclipse takes place Monday, August 7th and is at 15 degrees Aquarius. If you have Aquarius in your sun, moon, or ascendant, you may feel the energy of this eclipse more intensely. Also, if you have any planets that are in the Fixed signs of Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus, or Leo near 15 degrees. The closer that the planet is within 6 degrees to 15, the more it may be impacting you.

Moon: Our Needs for Security

The moon describes our instincts, how we meet our needs for security, and how we seek comfort. The moon tells us of our default patterning (or what patterns we engage in when we feel threatened). The moon is often connected to the Mother Archetype and may show our connection to feeling nourishment and security as taught to us by our mother.

A Lunar Eclipse is essentially a full moon. It is a full moon that is amped up, or as many astrologer’s state, a “full moon on steroids”. The full moon is about elimination and truth coming to the surface. It may reveal things that are coming to a completion or ending and are at the fullest extent they can grow. The Eclipse may bring our awareness to where we have been out of alignment with our needs or stuck in a default pattern to manage security. This could be a deeply unconscious pattern of what security was modeled to us that we are no longer willing to have run the show.

The sign and placement of the moon will tell us more about what is trying to become conscious and awaken in this cycle. This partial eclipse full moon is in the sign of Aquarius. Look to where Aquarius is located in your chart. Connecting with the archetypal themes of Aquarius will help you best utilize the potential energy of this cycle.

Connecting with the Heart

Aquarius is a fixed air sign that can get locked down on an idea. Where have you become overly tenacious about an idea, or become too attached to something that you are unable to let go? Where have you been trying to process through the mind, where you need to sit and feel in your heart? Often, in our culture, we try to create, plan, strategize, and even process feelings through the mind. This can be a way to bypass or skip over some really painful emotional triggers. This eclipse is bringing up deeply buried wounds we have repressed, to become conscious of, to feel, and ultimately, to release. It may reveal our default patterns and adapted strategies that have been running the show and protecting us from feeling unpleasant feelings. By honoring this process and feeling our feelings, we release much shame and pain that we have been holding on to.

Ask yourself…

What needs to be released? What is ending? Where have you been so busy advocating your cause of freedom and preaching your ideals to everyone that you have forgotten to nurture and connect with those closest to you in your life? Where have you become unconsciously rebellious (rebel without a cause)? The time has come to end the patterns that we repeat that don’t serve our forward growth. Let go of patterns of thought, speech, and action that are being repeated and not getting you anywhere.

Working with Liberator Archetype

Aquarius aspires to a higher ideal. It is ruled by Uranus and can bring unexpected and sometimes shocking news. It may also bring revolutionary ideas and sudden genius insights. Aquarius is strongly associated with The Activist, The Liberator, and The Whistleblower. It is a very freedom-driven energy that guides this archetypes. This energy is Freedom in the sense of the individual has the freedom to express themselves. It is Liberation through ideals; The freedom that ideas bring to the life experience. The Liberator Archetype asks, “where do you need a stand against status quo? Where can you no longer be passive and need to stand up for humanity and equality? Where are you being asked to advocate in your life?”

Shadow Aquarian: The Elitist

A strong shadow archetype associated with Aquarius is The Elitist. The Elitist believes that their ideas are truly the best ideas. The Elitist Archetype is created from a sense of insecurity. While it may be true that some ideas may be more intelligent, more forward-thinking, and maybe even are the most revolutionary thing to best serve our evolution and humanity, one should be careful to get too black and white with your ideas of who is less evolved or more evolved. When you view things from a lens of better than or you find the need to condescend other people because of your sense of rightness in your ideas, then you are in shadow territory. This, ironically, creates a separation between you and humanity, instead of connecting you to humanity, which really should be the point. The Elitist in you will disconnect you from the same humanity that you claim to be all about. We see this a lot in the New Age. You may see inspirational quotes such as, “only surround yourself with those that can take you Higher”. What if your greatest service to humanity is to go down in the trenches and be someone with an amazing light and open heart? Connection to all of humanity and space is for all individuals to express themselves and be free. Where have you become disconnected and created separation

Suggested Exercise: Full Moon Release

On a piece of paper, write down all the things that no longer serve you that you would like to release from your life.

i.e. Addictions, Archetypal Patterns, Behaviors, Pain, Grief, Heartache, Beliefs,Self Imposed Rules or Limitations, Attachments, ETC…

Under the Moon, read your list out loud.

In a fire-safe container, burn your list under the moon and give thanks.

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