New Moon in Virgo – Growing your Intention

The new moon is a time of new beginnings and it is the time to plant a seed of what you want to grow in your life.   It is also the perfect time to state an intention and make a vow or comment to a new goal.  Creating a ritual that is meaningful to you is a wonderful way to connect consciously with this cycle.  It is believed that as the moon grows your intention will also grow until it reaches the next phase of a new moon. This new moon is on Wednesday, September 20, 2017 and is at 27 degrees Virgo.

Connecting with energy of Virgo

The Virgo new moon invites us to get “back to business” after the last month of summer fun.  We feel the energy to get focused on the details and the tangible day-to-day matters.  Virgo is an Earth sign and calls us back into our bodies, into structure and routine, and get practical about self care.  How we show up for ourselves through self care reflects how we value ourselves.  Where do we need to get back into a self care routine?  Where are we out of balance with our health, diet, or exercise? What details and tasks in your day-to-day routine have you let go by the way side that need your attention now?

Virgo is amazing at being able to objectively see what is useful, what problems need to be fixed, and discarding what isn’t serving you.  Your Virgo task here is to do some self inventory and discern what in your life is nourishing, and what is toxic and ready to be released.  Where are you worrying about next steps, outcomes, things you can’t control or don’t have power over?  Clearing our minds of unnecessary clutter and letting go where we get hung up on details are important tasks for our cycle of growth now.  Where are you getting so hung up on the details that you can’t see the forest through the trees?

The Archetype of the Harvest

An archetype strongly associated with Virgo is The Harvest.  It is the time of year when we are ready gather all that has been planted.  All the seeds that we’ve planted, nurtured, and been working towards over the past several months has come to fruition.  Using the garden as a metaphor and looking now with objectivity and discernment at the results in your life, do you like what you are growing?  If what you are growing are your patterns, beliefs, habits, and your accountability to yourself…do you feel you have a successful crop?  What do you want to plant and grow more of?  What is useful and what needs to be weeded out?  The new moon is a time of new beginnings. Its time to get clear and intentional with what you want to continue to grow and what you can let go of. Virgo only wants to take what is useful, so self inventory may be required.  This new moon is an excellent time to free our minds and bodies of toxic thought patterns as well as eliminating toxic substances from our bodies such as excess alcohol, processed foods, sugar, caffeine & tobacco usage. Are there people in your life and/or relationships that have patterns that weigh you down?  Are there environments that you are spending time in that are toxic?

Working with the Virgin Archetype

Virgo means Virgin.  The original definition of Virgin had nothing to do with chastity.   Marriage in terms of choosing of someone for love, is relatively new concept in our human evolution.  Back in the day, marriage was more about survival, security, and welfare of families. The original definition of being a Virgin meant you no one owned you.  A woman was neither her father’s possession nor property of a husband. She was not governed by any man and could be her own property which was unheard of for a woman back in that time.

Virgo is a service driven sign, the task here is to take ownership for your life- and from that place move into a path of service.  Where in your life do you need to take more ownership and accountability?  What area do you know that you cannot be owned?  How can you bring more of your skills out into your path of service?

Beginning a new project or commitment in your life now should be considerably less difficult to stick to when started during the new moon. Virgo energy here is guiding you to more accountability and discipline.  Virgo is amazing at integrating, improving and refining all the skills and talents that you have.

Creating a New Moon Ritual

Ritual focuses our mind, intentions, and our emotions in a powerful laser-like way with the energy of the cycle. We can tune into, evoke, and work with the archetypal forces that are active.  It helps you to be present and conscious to your life cycles and growth.  By doing a ritual we connect with powers greater than ourselves.  It allows you to work in harmony with the divine, bring intention into your life, and to best utilize the power of these planetary cycles.

It’s most important to create a ritual that is meaningful to you. You could sing, chant, dance, paint, write your intention and state under the moonlight. For this new moon in Virgo, we are working with the earth element. You could create a ritual in an outdoor space, gather stones, bring in a new plant into your home or plant a seed during your ritual with your intention. Select scents, music, crystals, symbols to engage our senses, connect with our intention. Lighting candles is a primary element of ritual. Different colors symbolize different energies, choose a color that symbolizes the element or is meaningful to what you want to create. It isn’t ritual but the intention behind it that truly matters.

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  1. I think that this is very relevant for a lot of us. We all need to take inventory of where we are in our lives. Sometimes, it can be so difficult to see things in our lives that we need to nourish and those things that we need to prune. This really spoke to me personally, as I attempt to make some changes that could put me on a completely different course from where I currently am.


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