Full Moon in Gemini – Communicating our True Meaning

The Full Moon in Gemini on December 3, 2017 (10:47 a.m. EST, 7:47 PST) is a mystical experience. This full moon is influenced by Neptune bringing dreams, illusions, and addictions to the surface. We have an opportunity to bring balance and integrate these parts of ourselves that have been polarized. The full moon is a time to reflect and see how far we’ve come and are shown the consequences of our choices that we’ve made this far.

Expanding Dreams and Illusions

The Relationship between Jupiter and Neptune brings expansion into our dreams, illusions, and emotions. Where and how might we be trying to use that information to contain them? In what ways do we prevent them from escaping beyond that vessel of containment?  In what ways are you attempting to escape towards addictions, towards numbing out, or simply daydreaming to avoid feeling or taking responsibility? The question to ask is how do we come back into balance and integrate what was once polarized.

The Sun, the Moon, and Neptune are all in relationship 11 degrees to their respective mutable signs. If you have a planet near 11 degrees of any of the mutable signs (Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces or Virgo) you will feel a heightened influence of this relationship.  Neptune’s influence here inhibits your ability to perceive things correctly; as true as things may feel, there is a way our viewpoint is clouded or distorted.  For example, you may be prone to deception from others, you may be overly sensitive and take something personally- feeling hurt or creating suffering. With Sun and Moon square Neptune, there is an unconscious part of us being activated.  Someone may ask us a straight forward question about where we are at and our insecurity is instantly triggered, causing us to overreact and go right into feelings of shame or guilt, or, becoming over apologetic.

Connecting to the Mystic

If you find yourself on the wheel of suffering, look to those who genuinely are suffering more than you. Feeling into where you can give is a great way to step outside of yourself and get a new perspective. Where you can be of service to others and connect with an open heart?  Perhaps you need to connect with yourself 1st. Neptune wants to merge with the “All is one Philosophy”.  It longs to connect with self or others, where and how can you connect Divinity and Humanity.  Look towards service and art. Journaling, painting, creating a collage become powerful tools to support your process through this emotionally sensitive time.

Meaning of the Full Moon

A full moon happens when the Sun is opposite of the Moon and highlights opposing forces or polarities in your life.  This time the polarity is between the fruition of the mind, specifically the facts and learned knowledge (moon in Gemini) and the wisdom gained through life experience (Sun in Sagittarius). Sagittarius wants the bigger picture, philosophy, higher knowledge and is on a quest for the truth. The moon in Gemini represents the data, facts, learned knowledge.

Communication is important but make sure you are communicating what you really mean and get to what is really important.  Gemini influence here brings a feeling of busyness and noisy dialogue that may bring one to say things that you don’t mean,  or going off on tangents- losing your audience and your point.  Bring in the higher meaning into communication, have purpose in mind that you are trying to convey.  The “Less is more” philosophy will be much help.

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