Lunar Eclipse in Leo: Awakening the Freedom to Create

“Led by my heart, I step out courageously to serve humanity.”

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in 1º of Leo (exact on Jan. 21st, 2019 at 12:20am EST) is awakening the freedom to create.  This is the last one in the series of the Leo-Aquarius Eclipse cycle that started in Feb. 2017.

We are moving forward in our soul’s evolution to courageously stand in our truest self; we desire to break free from restriction.  Where have we been so consumed with the need to belong that we have chosen conformity over self-expression? Where have we given more power to the tribe and group affiliations that causes disconnection from your heart?

What themes have been coming around since Feb 2017 that challenge who we are and what we can create in the world? Where have we been so loyal to a group that we have forgotten to listen to our own unique voice?  Where have we needed to break free and individuate?  We are asked to reclaim the part of our ourselves that has been lost as the world needs us to shine!

Leo: The Divine Spark that is Our Creative Expression

Leo is the performer, the artist, the life of the party. Leo done right is a magnet for fun!  It is playful, expressive and truly exciting to be around. Leo at its highest potential is the embodiment of unique essence expressed out.  Our individual creative spark radiates through us in such a way that it ignites the divine spark in others when we open our hearts fully.  We courageously dance with inspiration and we shine our true essence shamelessly.  Our creative process pours through us.  It is through our immersion of this creative process that we see can fully see ourselves and we become a witness to our own divinity.

Aquarius: Our call to serve Humanity

Aquarius is the Rebel, the Visionary, the Humanitarian, the Whistleblower, the Individual, and the Elitist.   What is the vision that we are called to create?  Where are we called now to step up and lead?  Where is our soul nudging us to speak up on behalf of justice?  Where has our Rebel or Black Sheep Archetype kept us from opportunities of connection? Where have we believed that we have become so evolved on our path, that we have disconnected from the same humanity that we claim to be a part of.  Dive out of our minds into our hearts and feel into where the world needs our light.

There is a song singing deeply in your heart that is the call of your soul.  By being our truest selves and radiating our fullest creative expression, we can step out courageously and serve humanity. The world needs that exceptional gift that only you have.  The tribe becomes stronger as we stand in our uniqueness and see our differences as strengths and assets to the collective.

Ask Yourself:

Where is the heart not truly in it anymore?
Where is the next step that my heart is leading me?
What unique gifts do I have that I can contribute to Humanity?
Where am I guided from the heart to create, inspire, lead or shine?
Where do need to nurture more creativity and passion?
Where does the world need my light?

blood moon/lunar eclipse in Leo

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  1. Hello Stacy!
    Thanks for the great post…I am looking forward to taking some time to work with these great questions!
    Hope you enjoyed the eclipse!!


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