New Moon in Aquarius: Dare to be you

The Visionary holds it highest ideals and through connection it communicates the vision.

The New Moon in Aquarius on February 4, 2019 (4:03pm EST) is calling to come out and shine our true essence and serve humanity.  Buried behind layers of the social constraints and cultural conformity is your true essence and it is time to reclaim this part of you. Where you have lost your authenticity? Where have you been hiding because you feel you don’t fit in?  You are now being called to come out and engage in the world.   There is a light within that has been dimmed by the restrictions imposed upon us from what society has deemed appropriate of you. The culture’s expectations are not your truth. Put down your mask and reveal who you are. Your light is needed.  Dare to be you!

The Visionary Archetype

Aquarius is the Visionary; it is strong minded, it considers the facts, it sees the “bigger picture” of things.  Aquarius is latin for “water-carrier” or “cup carrier”.  Because of this it is often mistaken for a water sign but it is, in fact, an air sign.  What Aquarius brings in the cup is not water, but consciousness.  It brings a cup of enlightenment for all of humanity to drink from and awaken. The more conscious you become the more responsible you become for what you create.  We are this new model. We rise to become the conscious co-creator that works with the divine for the highest good of all.

At its best, Aquarius represents evolving yourself to a place where you are no longer just participating in the culture but rather are transforming it and making it better.  It does not create through ambition but through the vision you hold and how you communicate the vision.  The Visionary holds it highest ideals and uses it’s Intuitive Genius to connect to humanity and deliver this true visionWe are called now to unite and transcend our differences. Know that there is space in community for everyone and recognize how are differences can be assets that can honor and serve the highest vision of the collective.

Ask Yourself:

What contribution can you make to really make a difference for humanity?

Where do you need to advocate for truth?

How can I hold space to be both different and connected to other people?

What am I willing to let go of to allow your essence to come forward?

1 thought on “New Moon in Aquarius: Dare to be you”

  1. The questions you ask at the end are awesome! It is probably with the support of this beautiful Aquarius moon that I have felt vey connected to my truth and that the best thing I can do to serve humanity is to bring it forth from a place of honest with the energy of service and love. I am letting go of the misconceptions and expectations that other have of me so that i can bring forth what I see.


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