Full Moon in Libra: Collaboration & Connection

The full moon will occur at zero degrees in Libra on March 20th at 9:43pm EST (6:43pm PST) and emphasizes the need for collaboration, balance, objectivity, consideration, equality, and justice.

A full moon is when the Sun is exactly opposite the Moon, at 180 degrees. A full moon highlights opposing archetypal forces or polarities in our life. How it presents itself to us in our lives is a mirror of an internal process. This process is an inner conflict – our emotional needs versus our ego-based desires. The moon tells our default patterns, and where we retreat for security. This time the Sun and Moon are in opposition; between Aries and Libra.

Archetypal Themes for this Cycle

The Sun in Aries symbolizes our need to individuate and have the freedom to express ourselves.  Aries is a Warrior Archetype and asks where we need to step into our lives with more courage and connect to the healthy masculine side of ourselves. 

The moon in Libra, on the other hand, represents our desire to feel connected and have intimacy through shared ideas. It also allows us to contemplate both sides of the equation by looking at consequences while contrasting and comparing each option.

This is an important time for defining your boundaries and putting yourself first. Look at the ways we have given our power away by  people pleasing, care taking, seeking harmony to avoid conflict. Where have you made choices that are out of alignment with your true values? For example, if you agree to do something that you know you don’t have time for, or doesn’t feel good to you, this is a mirror of how you value and honor yourself. Now is an opportunity to come into balance and advocate for your truth.

Ask yourself the following:

Where in my life do I need to be more authentic? Courageous? Understanding and considerate? Where do I need to make a decision? Where do I need to be more assertive? Where do I need to make a change to align with my values? Where have I advocated for others before standing up for yourself?  What are my relationships mirroring for me?

Vernal Equinox: An energetic turning point

This full moon is especially powerful as it falls on the same day as the Vernal Equinox.  This represents a new beginning, an energetic turning point into a new season- an energetic gateway showing us the correlation between light and dark, inner and outer. This signals a new beginning and an energy of renewal. New vibrant energy is emerging and excitement for new chapter is apparent. The invitation is discover how to achieve balance and compromise in a way that doesn’t de-value your worth.

To see more about where the new beginning is happening for you look at where Aries and Libra is at in your natal chart.  Set an intention for this new beginning in relationships. Even though we normally only set intentions during a New Moon phase, the alignment with the Equinox makes it an exception.

Journal Prompts:

Where am I ready for a new beginning of relationships?  What relationships are going to support me in this next step of my journey? Where do I need to advocate for my needs in relationships? Where do I need to set a boundary?  Where have I put others before my own needs? What are the next practical steps I need to take to support this new beginning?  What does healthy collaboration look like?

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