Jupiter in Capricorn: Think big but keep it real

From December 2, 2019 – December 19, 2020, Jupiter will transit through Capricorn for the first time in 12 years asking us to think bigger about how we can truly serve and how far we want the vision to go. This is a time of adulting, having resilience, being accountable and grounding vision into form. What dreams are practically realizable? Hold the Big Vision and make the 12 year plan- embody the potential and then climb the mountain.

Jupiter spends about one year in each sign of the zodiac, and activates each major Archetypal theme in 12 year cycles. The last time Jupiter toured Capricorn was December 18, 2007, through January 5, 2009. Think back to what was happening in your life then. Jupiter is the visionary and the seed planter of your potential. Wherever Jupiter transits one’s chart this next year will show us where we need to develop in our confidence, potential, and capability. It will also emphasize where we have settled and need to grow.

About Jupiter in Capricorn

Capricorn is an earth sign, the sign of material and worldly success. Capricorn represents strong ambitions and drive for economic growth and power. Major themes associated with Capricorn are: Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, Officials, Politicians, Economics, Patriarchy, the “American Dream,” Law and Structure, Delayed Gratification, Military, Boundaries (Borders), Resilience, Building Character, Building Fortitude, Adulting, Industry, Karma, Time, Historic preservation, Conservation of Earthly Resources, and Elders.

The planetary placement of Jupiter in Capricorn asks us to apply Jupiter’s higher perspective into a grounded form. Jupiter in Capricorn is our most optimal time in 12 years to apply all our life experience and education to the world’s most exasperating problems and create simple, strategic, and practical solutions. The real learning during this time will be derived from the wisdom gained from the experience of done the hard work. It is through our life experience that true Wisdom is gained; it is not gained through upholding a belief that we have been perpetually told. Jupiter’s tendency to expand beyond limits will be brought right down to earth about what actually is realistic. Where we have gone to extremes to achieve power, success, wealth will be highlighted. A balance will be created over time between where we personally and collectively have lost touch with what is real and rebuilding again in a more authentic manner. The morality and integrity of Jupiter in this earth sign ask us to remember to consider what is truly important in our lives. Where have greed, success, and material wealth eclipsed honoring and respecting one’s humanity? We are being asked at the highest level to grow and expand the divine consciousness within us and anchor it in service to humanity.

Ask yourself: What area of your life needs more focused attention? What’s the bigger picture that I can now see? What patterns are keeping you from fulfilling your life’s work? Where in my life do I need to get real? What strategy, structure and systems do I need to support my vision? How much can be accomplished within the practical limitations of time that you have in a one day, one week, one month?

Embody your Truth

Last year in 2019, Jupiter in Sagittarius brought lessons around understanding Truth. We had more awareness around fake news stories and the questioning of what is truth. We’ve seen more polarization due to split views of relative truths, conditioned belief systems, and fundamentalism. We’ve been having to do some major truth telling both personally and collectively. Jupiter in Capricorn is asking us to get out of our heads about the philosophy of truth and walk the talk. Is this truth something that sounds cool to say or do you really live it? What is true for you? How does this truth resonate in your body and how will you really embody it?

We have reached a collective tipping point where we are asked how will we really live our truth? The invitation is to reach up to our higher potential and grow in confidence to be the new model. This may seem shaky and quite uncomfortable at first, but the karmic cost is too high to dwell just in the theoretical abstract philosophical discussion with no real action steps taken. Jupiter in the sign of Capricorn is asking us to take our truth out into the streets of our everyday lives and live it, be it.

Getting Real about Our Shadow

Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) is a bottom line it for me, pragmatic, keep it real Archetype. The positive side of Capricorn brings a very needed healthy kind of skepticism. In a world filled with fake news stories, reality TV star politicians and outright corrupt policies we need some healthy Capricorn medicine. We should learn the facts and question things to find out just exactly what is real. We should question authority when that authority is not coming from integrity or in service to the people. The first step towards real change, is owning our stuff and being willing to look at all the parts of ourselves and tell the truth. This is important both in our personal lives and also collectively. Will you tell yourself and truth and now what will do with this information?

Jupiter is magnifying areas in your life to bring awareness to what needs to be developed by you. What is your current relationship to discipline? Do you really think that you are going to accomplish your goals without it? If you are lacking the structure required to really grow into your next steps of potential this will become abundantly clear. Will you follow your guidance when it is easy and life is flowing but question it and give up when the real work is required? Climbing mountains is hard and takes real work and stamina, as do most things really worth accomplishing. We often hear terms in our Spiritual New Age groups like “Follow your Bliss” and misunderstand the meaning behind it. “Follow your Bliss” does not mean seek only joy and instant gratification and there will be no needed effort. Our guidance leads us into places where work is required. Capricorn is asking you to roll up your sleeves and get serious about where you want to grow. Yes, you will receive the bounty but not at the base of the mountain. Get to work and get climbing! This is an important time of being intentional with what we want to create, practicing discernment and implementing the structures needed to do so. It is through the systems and structures created by Capricorn that the freedom, rewards and expansion from Jupiter is realized.

Shadow work is shining a light on that which is unconscious. It is through becoming conscious of these patterns that we can make a different choice. Often the real call to do shadow work brings us into darkness. A shadow worker is rarely called to just stay in among familiar places, favorite circles with like minded people. We can no longer afford to remain in convenience. The Karmic retribution of 2020 is too high. Rebuilding from authenticity as a collective will take many whose heart felt desire for change surpasses our comfort zone. Where are you called to step out and shine the light?

2020 is the call for true Enlightened Leadership. Jupiter in Capricorn is a need to restore integrity and ethical standards. This may also mean stepping up and calling out leaders who are not coming from this place. Jupiter in Capricorn requires us to be both the voice and the model that we seek. Both will be emphasized to make needed change. We are the end of an era, overlapping old and new cycles. We can’t afford to remain asleep in our lives and ignore inconvenient truths. Real change is needed and where it is out of alignment will be emphasized. With Pluto bringing the shadow in our collective since 2008 of Capitalism, abuse of power, corruption in politics and corporations, more things are coming to light to be transformed. Things may seem to get worse at first, much like the darkness before the dawn. Jupiter in Capricorn now is coming to restore our integrity, moral, ethical standards. For example, Richard Nixon born with Jupiter in Capricorn was exposed for the Watergate Scandal during a Jupiter return cycle.

Honoring the Elders

Jupiter in Capricorn is an important time for calling on the Elders, and connecting with our lineage. This may mean reaching out to those who hold the vision of the higher good of humanity. It is the elders who think about the next 7 generations and impact of our footprint on the planet. This is a time to connect with the elders through ritual work and call upon their support.

Honoring the Elders is about holding reverence and recognition for those who have done the work in the world before you so that you may be where you are. On whose shoulders do you stand that allow you to be who you are, to have the rights you have? Who are the elders in your community, or groups who have brought a higher moral code and justice to be restored so that you may simply live with all that you have been given? How has this work truly expanding the world? Take a moment to hold space in true reverence for those who have climbed the mountains before you.

Karmic Retribution

One important theme in the next year is working with Karma. What are the consequences for our actions? How are we accountable for the choices we make? One important task is to do a Karmic inventory. Review the systems, groups, organizations that you are in or have been engaged in that are denial about or cause harm to the planet and other’s humanity. Where have we crossed the line as country with these themes? You vote with every dollar that you spend. You vote with the memberships to organizations that you belong too. Where do you put your attention with your time? We can’t afford to stay asleep, in denial or clinging to old systems and beliefs that are convenience. We are being offered an opportunity to really face the bottom line of how we live both personally and collectively with some real consequences in 2020.

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