Lunar Eclipse in Cancer: Connect to what truly nourishes you

The Full Moon on January 10th, 2020, at 20 degrees Cancer, is a lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses are accelerated portals of time that shift energies, release emotional debris, and bring endings and resolutions to things that we have outgrown.

This eclipse features the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, and Ceres in Capricorn that all oppose the moon. Capricorn represents the Patriarchy, Capitalism, Government, Control, Military, Karma, Law and Effect. The old structure is dissolving and yet those in power of these structures are fighting for their place in it. Pluto is bringing up the shadow of these archetypes to the surface so we must collectively look and wake up. This eclipse is an activation into a new paradigm.

We are working with these archetypal forces both in our personal and collective lives; what you see in your outer reality is reflection of what is shifting within. With the full moon in sensitive Cancer we may strongly feel that our security is threatened and we may easily overreact. Communication and power issues may also be highlighted with Mercury and Pluto conjuct the Sun. If you find yourself locked into power dynamics, right/wrong, feeling overly sensitive, taking things personally, being overreactive, pause and take a breath. Ask what is this representing for me? What is it that I need? This is a call to own our own projections and do the inner shadow work.

In November 2018, the North Node entered Cancer and the South Node entered Capricorn. Since then we have been called to connect to what truly nourishes us, build a stronger spiritual foundation, find our people and where we belong while shedding any previous structures, shadow loyalties, and systems that our no longer serve our growth. This is the first full moon lunar eclipse in Cancer since this nodal shift happened and emphasizes how we nurture ourselves and the collective.

Ask yourself:

What do I need on a deep level to nurture? How can I lovingly parent myself? How can I bring a more nurturing approach to life’s obstacles? How can I receive support where am I giving too much? Not enough? How can I balance the demands of my outer and inner life?

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