The Great Conjunction of 2020

On Monday, December 21st, Jupiter and Saturn form a conjunction at 0.5º of Aquarius at 12:21pm CST.

The last time a person could clearly see this event was on March 4th,1226.

Jupiter and Saturn come together every 20 years. The last Jupiter-Saturn conjunction took place at 22º44′ of Taurus on May 28th, 2000, and the next one will be on October 31st, 2040 at almost 18º of Libra.

We’ve just experienced 200 years of conjunctions in Earth signs – bringing the Industrial Revolution and the rise of economics and capitalism. We now have the Great Mutation into Air signs until 2219, seeding an evolution of global social development – ideas, information, technology, communication, relationships and collaboration.

This is the beginning of a 20-year social-economic cycle. We are building long-term structures and foundations that bring about an expansion for all of humanity. There will be much enthusiasm for a greater vision, but it is important to ground that energy by visualizing practical results and long-term sustainability. Jupiter wants to take a giant leap toward expansion, but Saturn’s energy restricts. The best use of this energy is moving one step at a time toward personal and societal change. Dedicate yourself to your intention and commitment to change. Be in it for the long haul.

We are evolving into a new way of living that has never been seen before. We will see much innovation and revolutionary ideas for change. Our intuitive perception is heightened. Solutions come through perceiving from a completely new paradigm. We grow in order to self actualize. As we allow more of our individual essence to come through, we expand our gifts to support the whole ecosystem. Look to where Aquarius is in your chart. This is an important time to invest in our potential in that area of our lives.  

The Visionary Archetype

Aquarius is the Visionary. It is strong minded and it considers the facts. It sees the “bigger picture.” Aquarius is Latin for “water carrier” or “cup carrier.” Because of this, it is often mistaken for a water sign, but it is, in fact, an air sign. What Aquarius brings in the cup is not water, but consciousness. It brings a cup of enlightenment for all of humanity to drink from and awaken. The more conscious we become the more responsible we are for what we create. We are this new model. We rise to become conscious co-creators that work for the highest good of all.

At its best, Aquarius represents evolving ourselves to a place where we are no longer just participating in the culture but rather are transforming it and making it better. It does not create through ambition but through the vision we hold and how we communicate the vision. The Visionary holds it highest ideals and uses its Intuitive Genius to connect to humanity and deliver this true visionWe are called now to unite and transcend our differences. Know that there is space in community for everyone and recognize how our differences can be assets that can honor and serve the highest vision of the collective.

Visioning for the New World

2021 is a Vision quest for our new world. Our spiritual journey is to live in the question and vision for the new era. We must find the answers with our intuitive perception, heart and spiritual experiences. In order to come together for this vision, we will have to clear collective patterns. We will see the shadow of elitism and intolerance increase and a clash of black-and-white fixed realities. In this world of fake news, conspiracy theories and alternative facts, we have become increasingly more divided and intolerant.

We are at a collective crossroads. We will experience cycles of initiation into the Aquarius Archetypes and our shadow during the Mercury Retrograde, Jupiter Retrograde and Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius in 2021.

Where have we been locked into a fixed reality that isn’t serving the whole? What bottom do we have to hit to come together? How can we live in a one world reality?

Collective Rebirth

We are in a collective cycle that is birthing the Aquarian Age. This rebirth is hundreds of years in the making. We live in the overlap of the Archetypes cycles. In this overlap, we will see leaps towards innovative global change and we will experience strong group energy to oppress and hold the old way in place. We will feel cycles of contraction and expansion, like a woman in labor, through 2021.

We are able to feel with greater ease that we are not just beings on this Earth, but beings of the Earth. New, higher frequencies will be on offer that will help us reach new heights and ways of living.  We expand our perception and connection to these frequencies.

Ask Yourself:

What shapes your perception? Where have you been wasting time, energy and resources Where have you been lacking vision? Where you need more patience? What new vision is ready to be birthed into form? What have you been tolerating that has caused harm? How might you become more tolerant and inventive? Where do you need to advocate for the Truth? What contribution can you make to really make a difference for humanity? What are you willing to let go of to allow your essence to come forward?

Image credit Sebastian Voltmer

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