Full Moon in Cancer: Seeing how far we have come

This Cancer full moon on Tuesday, December 29th, 2020 at 9:28pm CST is an invitation to see how far we have come. Full moons are a time for endings and for releasing what does not serve us.We have entered a spiritual incubation time heading into the new year, a time to reflect, feel and release behaviors, patterns or relationships that do not provide for our needs or offer us a sense of safety, emotional honesty, and emotional equilibrium. If our own needs have gone unmet, this full moon reveals what we can do about it.

Since the last Solar Eclipse in Cancer on June 21st, 2020, we have had to prioritize self-care, family, home and intimate relationships. We connected more deeply to what we truly need. We learned to get by with very little at times and to find what is most important. We learned to listen to our feelings to guide our next steps. The last six months have been an invitation to look at our family and childhood experiences and how they have shaped our behavior, our intimate relationships and our relationship to Belonging.

In November 2018, when the North Node moved into Cancer, we began a journey toward greater emotional responsibility and alignment to Authenticity. Cancer asks us to be at home within the environment and in our own bodies. We must learn to find and cultivate a sense of safety within. That can be challenging when the world feels so unpredictable. It is through presence, and nurturing our inner child, that we find peace. We must learn to stay present through the turbulence and not abandon our inner child who needs our love and attention. Through presence and connection to ourselves, we feel safe and at home in our own skin.

This last year has been an invitation to go within. So much is stirred up when we resist the invitation to look inside and be with our pain and all that we feel. What we resist to look at inwardly shows up in our life to shed the light on what we have yet to heal. With Chiron in Aries in a square to the full moon, we see wounds come to the surface in our life, our family and the culture. We see where we are and what we need to heal. We rely on our emotional strength and intuition to guide us. Through this process we connect to personal wisdom and our ancestor’s wisdom. We are healing ourselves and our lineage. Old patterns and behaviors have come up to purge, and we shed a layer to begin again. Generational wounds reveal themselves and ask for presence and reverence for a journey our ancestors have been on for hundreds of years. This healing requires presence and a willingness to look at all the parts. It is transcendent of the self and impersonal, yet feels personal. This process can be very challenging and uncomfortable. When we are willing to fully look and surrender to the process, we transcend the pain of our ancestors. We activate the energy of alchemy. We honor the lineage that we come from. We are a living embodiment of their dream.

Through embracing the emotions and the wounds, we learn how much more meaningful life can be. We are more compassionate, present and engaged with life. Our life becomes richer. When we make space to feel the full range of emotions, we experience life more fully. Some emotions may feel raw, new or uncomfortable, as we have been conditioned to hide them or have felt unsafe to express them. When we open to all that we feel, we also experience greater levels of love, joy, fulfillment, creativity and connection.

This full moon also makes a sextile to Uranus in Taurus, bringing a desire for freedom and change. We are excited to create a better future for ourselves and others. We see our uniqueness and gifts as an asset to the world. We have acute intuitive perception, flashes of insight and vivid dreams that guide our decisions and next steps. Originality, innovation and integration come easy, as does connection with like-minded people. We bring an idealistic and unorthodox approach to how we relate. We find a solution that honors the whole community. The structure is shifting. We hold the vision of the new world and see a glimpse of what is about to come. We liberate ourselves by allowing the change to happen.

Ask Yourself:

What if you expressed what is uniquely “you” without apologies? Where might the balance lie between nurturing and self-care and achieving your goals? Does your environment support your needs for safety, going within and nourishing connections? What tools and practices support you to feel at home in your own skin? How do you desire to express your individuality? What flashes or insights are you receiving? What vision might be possible with a larger network of like-minded people? How might you wish to contribute to your vision of the new world?

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