New Moon in Pisces: A Call to the Mystical Heart

The New Moon in Pisces arrives March 13 at 4:21 am CST / 5:21 am EST, inviting us to focus on acceptance, compassion and reclaiming our inner divinity. 

This New Moon chart also has four planets in Pisces, as Venus and Neptune make their own conjunction in Pisces and form a stellium with the sun and moon. This moon magnetizes our heart’s desires. What we give our attention to grows.  

While we have the vivid imagination to see our dreams, there can also be some confusion around what it is that we truly want and how to articulate it. In order to understand our values and desires, we must know the deeper underlying motivations around our why and what is driving us. If our intentions are pure and connected to our spiritual service, then we can strengthen, amplify and embody our values. 


The Mystic Archetype is led by feelings, heightened intuition and a sense of divine guidance. The Mystic knows its connection to all of life and understands that a higher purpose is guiding it.

The Mystic longs to merge with the divine and sees the divinity in all humanity. It doesn’t philosophize about it, it simply plugs into the connection. The Mystic connects to the “all is one” and sees through this lens of unity and connection to all of life.  The Mystic reminds us of the union and divine presence that is always within us. In its highest expression, the Mystic transcends duality and is called to Higher Love. It expresses Higher Love as an act of service.  

This New Moon is an invitation to deepen our capacity for compassion and attune to our Mystical Heart.

In the shadow, the Mystic Archetype inflicts pain through deprivation in order to attain spiritual ecstasy. The original reason for devotion can become lost in disillusionment. Suffering can become a path or an identity. Suffering is placed above all else while losing sight of the One for which it suffers.

The Mystic is also often associated with The Addict Archetype and Escapism. Where do you want to escape the harsher realities of life and prefer to stay in delusion? Where do you choose to check out because feeling all that we are feeling is too vulnerable or overwhelming? How does the Addict Archetype manage this in your system?


During this New Moon, we feel especially sensitive to the suffering of the world and may feel our own regrets and heartbreak. We may feel more tuned in to other people’s feelings and pain and also sense our interconnectedness with others. The opportunity here is to experience the full range of our feelings and feel the interconnectedness with all of life. It is important to discern if what we are feeling is ours or if it’s from the collective. It is important to be present with what we feel.  Where have we been checked out, pushing past guidance, on sensory overload? Slow down. Repair what isn’t working and dissolve judgment into compassion. It takes tremendous courage to feel and live from an open heart. Where can you soften a bit more? 

With this New Moon, themes of forgiveness and compassion are highlighted. This may mean deepening into more forgiveness and compassion for others or for ourselves. We may learn what we need to heal or forgive. Or we may feel the pain of a relationship that didn’t quite work out as we had hoped and find ourselves back in heartbreak. This moon is a portal of purification. We are shedding old sorrow, pain, resentment, in order to open to being a vessel of deeper love, intuitive knowing and aligned spiritual devotion.


This moon is a powerful time to reclaim our own inner divinity. In order to do that, we must reflect on what brings us true nourishment. What is our soul craving? What do we need to feel replenished? Are we truly getting the rest that we need? What if we practiced the art of self-care as an act of devotion and self love? What if the love and presence we bring to our own care and nourishment was an act of the divine? How would this change the way that we show up for ourselves? What would reclaiming our inner divinity feel like? When we are well rested, present and know what we need, we establish a stronger connection and trust with ourselves. We build our intuitive muscle so that we can more easily trust our intuitive feelings and open to the field of grace that is guiding our lives. We can easily connect to our creative expression at this time. If our feelings wanted to express through words, art, movement, what guidance would they share?  How would they move in your body?


Trust that the divine is guiding you into your next potential. Be willing to listen to spirit without any personal agenda. Our intuitive guidance comes to us in the present moment. It is in these moments when we hear our soul speak our next steps. We can let go of what we don’t have any control over, turn it over to a greater power.  

Trust that life is proceeding according to plan. Explore what might connect us to a spiritual trust or faith that life is unfolding exactly how it should be. Can we accept the reality of our present circumstances?  Where have we been disillusioned? What new truths are we waking up to? What might we see if we were looking at the bigger picture?  

What if everything we are going through is preparing us for the answer to our deepest soul prayer?

The next 28 days are a powerful time to connect to our intuition, creativity and tend to our inner devotion or spiritual practices. It is important to create time for self-care. Allow for time to rest and recharge. Unplug from electronics and devices and listen to our intuitive guidance. Pay attention to the messages, symbols and feelings from your dreams. Keeping a dream journal can help you remember your dreams more vividly and tell your subconscious that you are open to, and consciously working on, your dreams.

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