Mercury Retrograde Integration Phase

On June 22nd, Mercury comes to a halt at 16 degrees in Gemini and slowly starts its direct motion after its three-week Retrograde phase. This is the post-retrograde period, as Mercury retraces its steps this time moving straight ahead and begins to pick up speed.

We now enter the integration phase of the retrograde cycle.  The integration phase is when we take what we have learned and apply it to our lives. This is our time to slow down, reflect and discern what we have learned from the themes emerging in our lives since the setup phase on May 14th.

Each Mercury Retrograde cycle awakens us to an unconscious part of ourselves.  We open a portal to the messenger of the Gods.  You are not the same person as you were a month ago.  From now through July 7th we create space to align and allow our new self to emerge.  We allow intuitive information to guide our next steps.

Expect epiphanies, clarity, introspection and patterns coming up the surface to be addressed.

Ask Yourself:

What themes have been unfolding in my life since May 14th?

Where is life asking me to be more adaptable?

What endings are necessary to begin again?

What do I still need to address?

What did I learn about my ability to think and process information?

How might I approach patterns with more neutral curiosity?

How might I communicate my insights in conscious ways?

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