New Moon in Cancer: Redefining Home

On Friday at 8:16 PM CDT the new moon arrives in empathic Cancer, the Archetype of Home, Belonging, family and nurturing. This moon brings reset and renewal and offers us a chance to discover what truly nourishes us and brings us soul food.

Cancer is the first water sign of the zodiac and relates to the development of the “emotional body”. Cancer must find emotional reasons for living and connect to emotional needs to feel vitalized. Cancer is on an archetypal journey of emotional intelligence, learning how to parent and care for themselves. They must go within to feel and connect with themselves and learn how to stay connected to their needs and to their child within through life cycles. Working with this archetype consciously, we can define what self-care means to us now and live in the question, “What nourishment is my soul longing for?” and tend to where we are called to nurture.

Working with the Archetype of Home

The Archetype of Home speaks to the environment we live in as well as feeling safe and connected to ourselves and our inner home. When we feel safe in our skin, we feel we belong, and we are secure enough to express our unique light in the world. This moon is an invitation to experience what our relationship to home feels like and redefine it on our own terms and in alignment with our values. Our understanding of Home is changing as we discover more about our own lineage and the history of the people before us who lived on the land we grew up on. What anchors us to the foundation of our lives? What is going to define that? Where does our definition of Belonging need to evolve? Henry Louis Gates, Jr. American literary critic, professor, historian, filmmaker, often asks his guests in interviews, “What are the factors that inform our identity — is it our experiences, our family history, society, or a combination of the three?”. This new moon calls us to evolve our definition of Home and plant seeds for creating a soul family to support and nurture it.

Aspects to the New Moon

The new moon is forming a trine with Neptune retrograde in Pisces. This connection brings clarity to release what no longer serves your life direction. Neptune is the planet of illusion, and when it is in retrograde, it can reveal truths you may not have been able to face previously. Neptune calls us to trust our intuition and allow it to guide us. Our connection to our creativity, imagination and sense of beauty is expanded.

There is also an opposition with the new moon in authoritative Pluto in Capricorn. This indicates breaking away from what’s oppressing us or not allowing us to feel aligned. Internally, this is about being more rooted in our physical-emotional bodies and allowing ourselves to reclaim our inner authority. When we are connected and tending to our needs, we stand on fertile ground and in power to co-create our lives. How can we take more responsibility for the change and solutions we wish to see? This new moon is highlighting the square between Pluto in Capricorn and Eris in Aries. Eris is about Truth, Integrity and waking people up so that their needs are heard.

The new moon squares Chiron in Aries. This aspect asks us to reflect on patterns that keep us from true expression of our identity in the world? Where do we need to cultivate more courage to be ourselves and express our uniqueness? We may feel our patterns surface around our need for permission or cultural conditioning. Through our presence and willingness to feel, we can release the old way and begin again. Processing is a Process, and allowing the space to feel while being gentle with ourselves as we uncover more layers is important both for our inner healing and as we may step back out into society and groups.

The new moon is also sextile Uranus in Taurus, bringing an opportunity to see things in an insightful, creative and more innovative way. This may also be a good time to find a unique or global approach and connect with like-minded people who affirm our need for emotional security and align to our values.

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