New Moon in Virgo: practical magic

The new moon at 14.5 degrees in Virgo on September 6th at 7:52 p.m. CDT is practical magic. An invitation to order.

This moon illuminates what needs to be purified to prepare us for rebirth.

Connecting to the Earth

We have five planets in Earth signs at this new moon, with the Sun, Moon, and Mars in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. Earth energy deals with the tangible, physical reality of life. It offers a practical, grounded approach and knows how to prioritize tasks. Earth energy is the manifestation of ideas into form.

This new moon also brings much energy in Air with Mercury, Venus, Vesta, and Haumea in Libra, Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, and the North Node in Gemini (Air Signs). Air energy deals with the mental plane, our ideals, and how we express them through connection with others.

This moon brings a medicine of clearing. Old energy patterns are dismantled to make room for new opportunities. We create space to nurture the new vision.

The next four weeks are a bridge between our ideals and the practical strategies we need to implement those ideals. We are working to expand our service individually and as a collective. Out of the blue, a new chance appears on our horizon. We stand with our feet planted firmly on the ground and look out with sacred sight. We are open to collaboration. We need others to ground and integrate the vision. We need to come together to heal. This new moon is new earth medicine. Through big clearing and chaos, we begin again. We plant seeds of rebirth.

Virgo as an Archetype

Virgo believes that if there is a tool then there is a way. It creates the systems and structures that support us to skillfully apply our craft. When we are structured and connected to our center, our sacred work flows naturally. Virgo is amazing at integrating, improving, and refining all the skills and talents that we have. Virgo offers the practical tools and strategies that foster healing.

We create the ritual to reset our nervous system.

Virgo is the sign that connects us to the wisdom of our digestive system, our bodies, and the earth. Virgo has the innate ability to look at systems  in a practical and detached way to see what isn’t working and what needs to be adjusted to bring them back into balance. Virgo creates order from chaos. Virgo works like our digestive system in that it takes what is in disarray and discerns what is truly nourishing to our bodies—what is useful, what is toxic, and what needs to be released. Virgo invests in systems that cleanse. Through ritual, we reconnect to reverence. Through practice and discernment, we purify.

Woman cradling bouquet of flowers
photo by Ava Sol

Embody the Sacred

Virgo offers the medicine to remember ourselves as whole. Like the Virgin archetype, we are whole unto ourselves. Virgo is associated with purity. Virgo’s highest aspiration is to move beyond the frivolous nature of the ego into a state of divinity waking up to itself and remembering its pure essence. In this expression of Virgo, we can open as a pure channel of service. We become a steward to the divine. We have cultivated a connection with the divine that is rooted deep to support a strong foundation. Our relationship with the divine is so solid that we hold true to our integrity and act clearly from divine guidance. There is nothing to fix, get rid of, or prove. We operate from higher software. We honor our virtue by only allowing those whose intentions are pure and true through the temple door. We know our worth and our intention, and because of this, we are tuned in to a different frequency. We hear the divine guidance more clearly. We hear the melody of our soul’s song. We embody the sacred.

This is a time for inward reflection on our relationship to wholeness through a shame-free lens. What does “own-thyself” mean to you? Do you value yourself? Where do you need more accountability? Are you practicing discernment? To what will you devote yourself? What ritual or practice will reconnect you to your wholeness?

The Archetype of the Harvest

As we reach this season of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, we connect to our time of harvest. All the seeds that we’ve planted, nurtured, and been working toward over the past several months have come to fruition. Looking back on this year, do you like what you are growing? What do you have an abundance of? What seeds haven’t sprouted yet? Are you living within your means? What is useful and what needs to be weeded out?

The new moon is an invitation to feng shui the garden of our lives. We clear a new path to create space for the new vision being offered. It’s time to get clear and intentional with what you want to continue to grow and what you can let go of. Virgo only wants to take what is useful, so self inventory may be required.

This new moon is a reality check, asking us to see how we value ourselves and reminding us to tend to our self care. This is an excellent time to free our minds of toxic thought patterns and eliminate toxic substances from our bodies, such as excess alcohol, processed foods, sugar, caffeine, and tobacco. Are there people in your life and/or relationships that have patterns that weigh you down? Do you need a social media break? Are there environments that you are spending time in that are toxic?

The Invitation

This new moon is an invitation to declutter our systems, clear a pathway for unexpected opportunities, and open to new perspectives. We utilize the tools that offer healing. We connect to how we value ourselves as we prioritize our self care and show up in service.

Virgo is the sign of healing. It is through the body that we learn our capabilities as a healer. Virgo connects to the rhythms and systems within nature. It has a special affinity to Chiron as they both serve as a medicine bringer. The planet offers medicine to heal just as people hold medicine to heal. There is spiritual activation of deep healing at this time. We remember our innate capacity to heal. We are opening to our own healing and cleansing on the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical levels. New guidance unfolds to offer medicine to ourselves and to the earth.

New Moon in Virgo, art collage by Stacy Quast
Art collage by Stacy Quast

The next few months will bring clarity and guidance nudging us towards healing and service, but our mind will want to rationalize and create uncertainty. The movement isn’t linear. The new moon opposes Neptune and Pallas Athena in Pisces which holds the vision of where we are headed, but the form isn’t clear yet. This is the time of practical magic. Trust your intuition. Listen to the wisdom of your body. Align with the connections that support your divinity. Surrender to a higher power. Trust divine timing. Trust your connection to a source that is rooted deep into the earth, that is structure that holds you as you walk through periods of unknown.

This new moon is closely aligned with Hygeia. Hygeia is the goddess of healing. This reminds us of the importance of taking preventative measures to support our health and wellbeing. We are asked to clear all that isn’t serving us and take steps to support and protect our energy. We do this from a place of empowerment. We call in what we truly need for our soul’s journey and practically implement the steps.

Trine Uranus in Taurus, this lunation speaks to expanded consciousness and seeing from a new point of vision. Uranus offers a needed shake up of our daily routine so we can restructure, refine. Our best use of the energy is putting new habits into practice that support our well-being. With Haumea and Venus in Libra in a T-square to Eris in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn in this new moon chart, we connect to a collective seed being planted that holds a higher standard for humanity, that honors equality, that creates innovation, that nourishes the earth, and opens a portal of rebirth. Jupiter in Aquarius brings a higher vision that we can see more clearly now. May we align with more evolutionary potential to honor the vision of unity and healing for the world.

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