New Moon in Libra: Sacred Action

The new moon at 13.5 degrees in Libra on October 6th at 6:05 a.m. CDT is a catalyst for transformation, divine justice, and a call to universal truths. This new moon brings together the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Mercury Retrograde, all conjunct in Libra, the sign of partnerships.

With Mars conjunct the new moon, we begin a new 18-month cycle of motivation and creative drive. This new moon marks a time to plant the seeds you wish to birth into this world with the Libra full moon on April 6th, 2023. 

Libra as an Archetype

Libra is generally associated with relationships and partnerships in astrology. Libra represents a significant turning point, one that invites us to learn about ourselves through the lens of “the other.” In the astrological wheel, we move above the horizon line from the inner world to the outer world, as Libra rules the 7th house of relationships. Through connections in one-on-one relationships, shared ideas, and witnessing the preferences of others, Libra discovers their own needs and preferences. 

As we journey through the zodiac as a path of development, anything we haven’t integrated from the previous six archetypal signs is now introduced in our relationships, drawing in the perfect mirror to reflect our patterns. Our relationship triggers serve as a catalyst to awaken us to unconscious or unhealed parts of our being. As we reclaim these parts, connect to our needs, and learn to set boundaries, we grow self-esteem. Libra invites us to recognize our patterns, align to our values, and discover who we are through relating. 

Libra is ruled by the goddess Themis, the goddess of wisdom and divine counsel and the interpreter of the gods. Themis is the daughter of Uranus (Heaven) and Gaea (Earth), thus connecting divine truth to the mortal world. In Greek, the word themis refers to divine law, which is a rule of conduct long established by custom. Themis carries the sword of discernment in one hand and a scale in the other. She serves as the divine voice instructing humanity on the laws of justice and morality. Her eyes are blindfolded, symbolizing justice at the divine level beyond human perception.

The Call for Sacred Action and Justice

With Mars currently conjunct the sun in Libra, we may feel the urgency to act. This new moon in Libra asks us to slow down, release the mental chatter, and feel our truth. We must trust our instincts to find where sacred action is calling us versus impulse or anxiety urging us to respond. Mars asks us to balance action and inaction. How would it feel to be with whatever is arising without acting upon it? Where are we undoubtedly guided to take a stand? Mars in Libra activates the Advocate archetype, who speaks out on behalf of a person or group. Mars is reminding us to have the courage to stand up and fight for what is right. We live in a very polarized world right now, with different versions of what is right and what is truth. This new moon quincunxes Uranus in Taurus, activating a universal truth. Some things are true for us, and then some truths are universal. Uranus ignites a higher consciousness asking us to rise out of ourselves and our personal truth to a higher octave that honors and serves the whole. It is vital to trust our intuitive wisdom to know when to stand up for ourselves or another and when to refrain from going into battles that are not the best use of energy. 

The asteroid Justitia also conjoins the new moon. Justitia is the ancient Roman personification of justice. Her presence in this new moon chart amplifies the themes of fighting for what you perceive as right and just. This new moon is an invitation to advocate for the world we wish to see.

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Mercury Retrograde

The new moon conjoins the asteroid Medusa and is near the midpoint of Mercury Retrograde (October 9th), activating karmic balance and karmic entanglements and the need to set clear boundaries. People from the past may arrive back into our lives to renegotiate terms, learn a lesson, or bring closure. This is a crucial time to do an inner inventory of the connections in our lives. 

Ask Yourself: Who are the people in my life supporting my growth and vision? Are the relationships in my life balanced in giving and receiving? Can I identify my needs and state them clearly? Do I compromise my values in my relationships? What does being treated fairly mean to me? What does healthy collaboration look like? Where do I need to set a clear boundary? Where do I need to advocate for my needs?

As this lunation occurs within the Mercury Retrograde cycle, there is a feeling of delayed action. This energy is best utilized by setting our intentions for the new cycle while being flexible, allowing extra time for necessary appointments, and anticipating possible delays. Mercury Retrograde guides us through synchronicity (sometimes in trickster form) and intuition. 

Change of Course

Pluto stations direct the same day as the new moon, intensifying and uncovering shadow patterns and hidden motives. Pluto is about transformation, power dynamics, emotional mastery, regeneration, and rebirth. Pluto is just coming up to its final square to Eris on October 9th. Eris is the goddess of discord and strife and also creative chaos. Eris speaks out on behalf of the uninvited, the marginalized. She points out the truth that no one wants to look at but is necessary for conscious evolution. Read my Eris Retrograde article here. Pluto, in its highest expression, is magnetic, trusts life, and empowers others through authenticity. Pluto, in shadow form, controls situations and people through manipulation. This new moon asks us to reflect on our use of power. It is essential to recognize where you have power and where you don’t in a situation. True power is found within.

Saturn also turns direct this week, inviting us to evaluate the structures in our lives clearly and objectively. We desire to connect, collaborate, and focus on the networks that support our sacred vision. Saturn direct is also a call to embody our sovereignty in service to the planet. 

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Chiron in Aries Opposes Moon

Chiron in Aries fights for freedom and the right to individuate from societal groups. Chiron, in this new moon chart, holds a tension of the self versus the other. How do we balance the needs of the self and the need to connect and share with others? Wounds surface when we identify as separate from the humanity that we are innately part of. To be part of an interdependent-conscious union, we recognize the other as a mirror of the self. When we connect to the highest expression of Chiron in Aries, we advocate for the rights of all individuals and fight until we are all free. We recognize their unique journey is separate from ours but understand the desire for value and equality is the same. We honor their fight as our fight.

May this new moon invite a more mindful approach, so that new ideas for re-balancing and transforming our life align with sacred action.

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