Full Moon in Gemini: Opening to Higher Consciousness

The full moon in 27.5 degrees of Gemini on Saturday, December 18th at 10:36 p.m. CDT is the last full moon of the year. The energy is intense and transformative. This full moon provides a surge of new energy, assisting us on our collective path of awakening.

We release an energetic cycle that we have been working with for the past six years, since the new moon of Gemini on June 16th, 2015—thinking back to that time, what new themes were emerging? This time is an invitation to honor the duality within us, feel our truth, and open to higher consciousness.

We are in the integration phases of the eclipse season until the next new moon on January 2nd, 2022. As a result, we will continue to assimilate, ground, and process our consciousness upgrades.

Although the Moon’s nodes will be in Gemini-Sagittarius until January 18th, 2022, this full moon is not a lunar eclipse as the Moon’s nodes are too far away from the Moon and Sun. However, the Moon nodes have been in Gemini-Sagittarius since May 2020, which intensifies the archetypal themes between these signs.

The Gemini/Sagittarius Axis

Gemini and Sagittarius form the axis of learning, understanding, and truth. Gemini excels in digging into the data, knowledge and communicating the truth. Yet to fully understand reality, we must feel into body resonance. Facts alone limit us.

Sagittarius is associated with the Higher Mind, the Seeker, and our belief systems. In shadow form, this archetype can become fundamentalist and impose their belief system on others. The fundamentalist can often get locked into their version of truth being the only truth and close down to the wisdom of the divine entering their life experience. Usually, we begin life upholding the adapted belief systems that our culture or family taught us were true, but as we move along our path, we discover our felt sense of what is authentic for us.



This full moon asks us to drop into our hearts and feel a deeper state of awareness. Our belief systems may be challenged under this lunation, and we find ourselves up against the mind’s wall of limitation. What we see may not be what we are looking at. We cannot forget to connect with our heart. We must dive deeper. Can we open our hearts to connect without preconceived judgments or shed an idea to see an entirely new perspective? The full moon shines a light on facts and information. What we discover may jam our intellectual circuits. We may find ourselves pulled in different directions between the mind’s narrative and our heart-knowing. Just when we think we have it all figured out, a new truth unfolds, and we are left pondering the nature of reality.

Minds flourish when they are open. Both Gemini and Sagittarius are mutable signs that are highly adaptable. Stay available and present to what life offers as a teacher. Are you willing to open your heart to feel what is real?

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The Archetype of Gemini

Gemini is the sign of communication, learning, and duality. In Greek mythology, the twins were said to have different fathers. One of the twins was mortal, and the other was immortal. When the mortal twin, Caster, was killed, his brother Pollux, being a demigod, asked his father, Zeus, to share his immortality, so Zeus transformed them both into the constellation of Gemini.

In Gemini, there is always another side to the story. Gemini represents the duality of our world and also our internal duality.Polarity is woven into the fabric of our humanity. We exist in both the physical and spiritual realms. Within the pattern of Gemini is the need to learn about duality from the way we perceive through our mind. One must understand duality to see beyond it. Between black and white, there is a vivid rainbow. Gemini desires to learn and understand the full spectrum of color in life, led by their innate curiosity.

Gemini is associated with the Linguist, Writer, and Student. The archetypal spirit of the Gemini encourages them to continue learning and to do so from a wide variety of sources. As they continue to learn, they naturally want to connect people to references and experts they discovered along the way.

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Working with Duality

The path of Gemini must confront the duality within. There is a need to understand the other side of ourselves to learn to hold space for that part of our psyche. Through awareness, we embrace that part of our paradox. Through this learning, we make peace with our duality and shadow aspects and may eventually evolve to hold space for others as a guide into their shadow aspects.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, who, as the messenger of the gods, would travel to the underworld and back to communicate essential truths and messages to mortals. Gemini functions like its ruler in its highest expression, learning to use the mind to go into one’s own underworld and return with information. To do this, one must maintain a space of non-judgment. One must remain curious about life, be open to learning, and see beyond polarization.

Venus Goes Into Retrograde

Venus will be stationing retrograde in Capricorn six hours after the full moon. Relationships and resources will endure essential adjustments during the next few weeks. This retrograde is a time to reflect on our relationship to commitment, be it in partnership, work, or how we show up for ourselves. What are you committed to, and is it genuinely aligned with your values? If we want to see what we value, we must look at our life and observe what we are showing up for and giving our attention to. Venus retrograde shows what we are attracting to assess what we genuinely desire. Notice what themes begin to emerge in your life. Does life feel at peace, or is something feeling a bit off? Where is life initiating change? Where might you need to set a boundary? Sometimes the best way to learn is through contrast.

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Venus is currently in a long conjunction with Pluto. She will be stationing conjunct Pluto again on Dec 25th, 2021.

With Venus in the sign of Capricorn, we must keep it real and take a hard look at our life to see what isn’t working. Venus Retrograde is a calling to take our power back from the places where we have given our authority away and rise up as the author of our own story.

Capricorn is the sign of sustainability. We use our pragmatic view to create goals that will support our values and sustain us long term.

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn Timeline:

Nov. 17th, 2021Venus Rx set up phase
Dec. 11th, 2021Venus conjunct Pluto
Dec. 19th, 2021Venus stations Retrograde
Dec. 25th, 2021Venus Rx conjunct Pluto
Jan. 29th, 2022Venus stations Direct
Mar. 6th, 2022Final Venus / Pluto conjunction

Chiron Goes Direct

Chiron will station direct 12 hours after the full moon. This represents a pivotal moment both personally and collectively as it is literally pivoting. Chiron’s function is to restore wholeness. He reconnects things that have severed or split apart so that they might be repaired and, eventually, reintegrated. Chiron in Aries is square Mercury in Capricorn in this full moon chart. Mercury in Capricorn shifts the dialogue into a somber tone. This indicates that our discussions are serious about the events unfolding right now. We may have to face hard truths or advocate for our freedom. With the polarity between facts (Gemini) and our moral views (Sagittarius), we’re having a conversation that challenges our beliefs and outlook on the future. Mercury in Capricorn asks us to be realistic about what is happening and look at the consequences of our actions.

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Cosmic Weather

With several planets slowing down and stationing, we may feel the energies more intensely. It is like watching a movie scene in slow motion, where we focus intensely on the story to understand it in a new way. It is essential to pause and feel our response to life and be present to our next steps.

The Sun in Sagittarius is conjunct the Galactic Centre, the centre of the Milky Way. Sagittarius is associated with the higher mind and the bigger picture. In this full moon chart, the Sun illuminates the Galactic Center inviting us to see a perspective beyond our world. To truly understand the story, we need to extend our view. This conjunction allows us to tap into other galactic information, aka higher consciousness. It is a portal of spiritual attunement. When we can move beyond 2-D thinking, we open to a galactic citizenry and a new vision of our role in the birth of new earth.

The moon quincunxes Venus, which may be an opportunity to remain curious about patterns and perceptions if we notice our words are not being understood or received as intended. We can hold space for the perceptions of others without the need to perfect or correct or take them on. Venus provides an opportunity to be tolerant of differences and offers the benefit of the doubt.

Mercury trines Uranus while Uranus is still squaring Saturn. This taps into the dominant 2021 themes of rules, restrictions, and a desire for freedom. These themes are a big part of our discussions as the Omicron variant is of concern as we embark on the holiday season. We may explore innovative business practices or discover something that supports our beliefs and makes life more pleasant. When it comes to shifting our perspective on long-term goals, the trine can help us connect. Uranus in Taurus asks us to reconnect Heaven and Earth and remember our power as conscious co-creators. Living in connection to and reverence for the earth is the path to innovative solutions and earth medicine for our renewal.

As Neptune in Pisces squares the full moon in Gemini-Sagittarius, we are reminded to trust our intuition and allow it to inform our next steps. Neptune is also in conjunction with the asteroid Moira. Moira is the collective name for the fates. There is something significant going on at this time, and Neptune in this full moon chart reminds us of the importance of needing to slow down, reflect and go with the flow.

The full moon is in harmonious alignment with the asteroid Hygeia. She is the goddess of health and preventative healing. Hygeia serves as a reminder of the necessity of maintaining our health and life force. How might you tend to self-care and well-being to nourish your cells and adapt to the powerful energy shifts?

The Sun aligns with the asteroid Shiva, the destroyer of ignorance, representing spiritual awakening and higher consciousness. Shiva is beckoning us to destroy the illusion that governs our sight. Where has polarization kept us from seeing?

Jupiter in Aquarius is trine the Moon and sextile the Sun connecting us to people we can collaborate with and help support and ground our vision for the future.

Jupiter’s square to the Moon’s nodes emphasizes the importance of awareness of our attitudes and ideas about collectivism. Squares indicate turning points and wake us up to an unconscious part of ourselves. A big theme of this full moon energy is that the past is over. We have practiced this year adapting to changes. We now release where we are in our own way to rise to meet this pivotal moment and be a part of the collective change. We can no longer stay locked in polarity. This full moon provides an opportunity to shift from fate into destiny.

The Invitation

This full moon is a call to step out of polarization. It takes courage to choose an alternate option in a world of conspiracy theories, fake news, us vs. them, and pressure to be loyal to a group or community. We must remain open, teachable, and questioning. We must hold space for the reality of challenges we are collectively up against and be present for grace and miracles unfolding as well. Understanding what is required to move beyond the limitations of polarization and communicate from the heart is the medicine and needed pivot for consciousness to evolve.

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