New Moon in Aquarius: Embracing Your Uniqueness

The moon aligns with the sun in 12’20 degrees of Aquarius on Monday evening (Jan. 31st) at 11:46 p.m. CST. This new moon invites us to embrace our originality and radiate our unique gifts through our sacred activism. 

This new moon initiates new perspectives. We embark on new experiences that change our thinking. New revelations create new pathways for radical acceptance and a return to wholeness. We ground our vision and intuitive knowing in a newfound maturity that propels rapid growth for the next six to seven months and beyond. 

A Call for Sacred Sight

During the new moon phase, our Moon is between the Sun and Earth.  Our Moon does not reflect any sunlight during the new moon phase, and the side that is fully lit faces away from the earth. This signifies a time when we are called to go inward to follow our inner vision. As the external world is removed from our perspective, we must now rely on sacred sight. This is a time of trusting our intuition, clarifying the dreams that we wish to actualize. 

The intentions that are set now will reach full bloom during the Aquarius full moon on the 12th of August. Taking a moment to go within and reflect for the next 72 hours is vital. What seeds do you feel intuitively called to plant for this next co-creative cycle?

A Time for Accelerated Progress

The new moon in Aquarius occurs just after Venus Retrograde goes direct and before Mercury Retrograde goes direct. Mercury is slowing down now to station direct. We may feel the shift and new momentum building ahead. When a planet is standing still in the sky, its energies are magnified. It’s closer to the earth than it normally is. The archetypal energies and themes are heightened. 

We move into the integration phases of both Venus and Mercury Retrograde cycles. We will then enter into a time with no retrogrades in the sky, symbolizing that we are ready to bring our lessons, hearts, and growth into the world! This is an important time to integrate inner work into our lives. Aquarius energy amplifies the desire for progress and reform. New moons provide us the opportunity to plant seeds of new intention, and with all of the cosmic growth energy accessible, this new moon is particularly potent! 

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Aquarius as an Archetype

Aquarius is the energy of revolution, revelation, and individuality. It is the sign of the visionary, innovator, outcast, and rebel. Aquarius has an incredible intuitive perception that can tap into higher consciousness, creative solutions, and divine downloads. Its intuition connects to inner knowing. It can detach and perceive future trends and where things are headed and create solutions that meet our collective evolution. Aquarius often works as a catalyst to ignite change and liberation from places where we have become rigid or comfortable. 

Aquarius rules the 11th house of humanitarianism, collaboration, community, and groups. True Aquarian energy is the vibration of our pure unique expression before we meet cultural conditioning. We are born into a time and space where our soul is plugged into cultural imprints, ancestral wounds, and societal beliefs before we come out of the womb. It is nearly impossible to remove all forms of cultural conditioning from the human experience on Earth. 

Aquarius, in its highest expression, embraces uniqueness and stands out in singularity in order to offer unique contributions to better humanity. It is the path of individualization in order to be an agent of change. Aquarius is willing to step away from conventional norms because it believes in a new way. It can connect to the vision of where humanity is headed and offer creative solutions that society needs. 

Aquarius is one of the most ancient constellations in the night sky, and its name means “cupbearer” or “water-bearer.” It symbolizes providing spiritual nourishment and new consciousness to the world. This new moon is inviting us to clarify how we wish to bring healing and revolutionary change to honor the earth. How can you best care for your nervous systems so that you can, in fact, offer the cup of your sacred work to humanity? What changes need to be implemented so that you can show up to co-create your ideas? Where have you been so animated by your vision that you have forgotten critical details?

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Our Uniqueness Is Our Medicine

Aquarius is associated with the Orphan Child Archetype and the Outcast. Specifically, it looks at our relationship to groups and how we are together in groups. It animates our relationship to standing out vs. belonging. Often our early childhood experiences inform us that our differences make us stand out in a way that feels uncomfortable and vulnerable. We learn to dim down and blend in to be accepted and survive. When we live in a culture governed by patriarchal constructs, rules, and expectations, we aren’t taught to value our uniqueness. We can either rebel against all of it or conform to the rules. What if you became the new model?

“You must learn one thing. The world was made to be free in. Give up all the other worlds except the one to which you belong.”

David Whyte

This new moon is inviting us to release past conditioning that no longer serves our evolutionary journey, and offers a reframe. What if you were meant to stand out in a crowd? What if your purpose was to help humanity with its evolutionary process rather than blend in? What if you were born with a unique way of thinking and of seeing the world that created a revolutionary and innovative tool that healed the world? What if embracing who you are and radically accepting all of you helped others feel more accepting of themselves? Often those who don’t fit in choose new experiences that ignite much growth. What if your soul chose your exact individual quirks, challenges, and wiring to give you the experiences needed to birth new medicine for humanity? If so, what might that medicine be?

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Cosmic Weather

The new moon is conjunct Saturn and square Uranus. This new moon activates the Saturn-Uranus square of 2021. Sacred rebellion is awakening within as a catalyst for liberation. We are breaking free from social conditioning, patriarchal constructs, and power dynamics to connect to our sovereignty. The Sun square Uranus in this new moon chart indicates surprises, unexpected events, and frustration. We may feel restless and wish to push against restrictions in our lives. By taking the time to feel into our inner guidance and utilizing tools to settle our nervous system, we can open ourselves to powerful healing and the clarity to move towards appropriate changes in our lives. This time is a collective wake-up call. 

Saturn represents maturity, accountability, discipline, and stewardship. As this new moon meets Saturn, it is calling for us to bring innovation to support and birth new earth. It asks us to take a hard look at what we are responsible for and to commit to needed changes. Saturn reminds us that change that is disconnected from reality leads nowhere. Individuation without a goal does nothing. We are asked to match our vision with concrete steps and marry the spiritual work with true action. 

“Sacred Activism is a transforming force of compassion-in-action that is born of a fusion of deep spiritual knowledge, courage, love, and passion, with wise radical action in the world. The large-scale practice of Sacred Activism can become an essential force for preserving and healing the planet and its inhabitants.”

Andrew Harvey

This new moon is a reality check that leads to a turning point. What does a mature, responsible approach to sacred activism look like? Where in your life are you called to bring your light? Where do you need to commit to changes to live aligned to your values?

Hygiea is square the new moon and opposite Uranus in Taurus. Hygeia, the Goddess of Healing, aids in focusing attention on self-care, wellness, and preventive measures. The archetypal symbolism of Hygeia is that of a Medicine Woman, opening the portal to the boundless cosmic healing energy. Hygiea facilitates self-healing by reminding us that we are conduits for divine healing power. 

The new moon is sextile Chiron + Medusa. We are asked at this time to create a new discipline where we recognize gifts and practice radical acceptance. We are shedding old ideas, wounds, and beliefs to support a new vision of the world. Chiron here offers an ability to heal and transcend our either/or thinking. Medusa offers a chance for rebirth when we are willing to bring a trauma-informed approach. What if you allowed yourselves to be independent while maintaining connections to others? Are you able to hold space for someone who thinks differently than you do? What inhibits you from being yourself while you’re with other people? Instead of focusing on the ways you have felt different, what if you got curious about what deeper lesson that may be here to reclaim? 

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A Call for Freedom

Freedom means different things to different people. Initially, we make moves to break free from rules and conventions. We may push against what we don’t want instead of listening to where our heart is guiding us. We may make changes that are more self-serving. This new moon asks us to mature our relationship to freedom. Our call to freedom must honor all living beings equally so that we can live as conscious stewards to the earth. It is not merely a reaction to breaking from rules or authority. We must connect the rebel to a sacred cause and think beyond our own interests. What is freedom that honors All as One? How might you create the freedom that supports a long-term vision and honors a path of reverence?

The Invitation

This new moon is a call to step into our role as spiritually mature adults and offer our creative ideas, responsible innovations, and hearts to the world. Through radical acceptance, we embrace our wholeness and embody the new model of global citizens who honor the earth, value each other, and birth sustainable changes. This cycle offers a chance to embrace our time alone to connect with creative inspiration and heal past alienation in order to bring our hearts and gifts into the community. If we are willing to risk connecting and sharing from our hearts, we may find that we have more that unites us than separates us. We have an opportunity to truly begin again. 

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