New Moon in Aries: Embodying the Sacred Leader

The Moon aligns with the Sun at 11.5 degrees of Aries on Friday, April 1st at 1:24 a.m. CDT. This new moon is an initiation into the next level of our individual healing journeys. It is the spark that ignites a new beginning. We cultivate the courage to forage a new path ahead.

This new moon is the beginning of the astrological year. We take the dreams we have been tending into intention and sacred action. We lead with conviction. Moving with the moment, we connect to the power of fierce grace and trust our instincts to guide us. 

This new moon and the next six months ignite a cycle of awakening to our authentic self. In order to do this, we must surrender the false forms of worthiness. Our early forms of survival and adaptation strategies have kept us looking for approval and outside validation. This moon offers us the gift of intuitively perceiving patterns. We see a greater distinction between our conditioned survival self and our authentic self. We feel our innate worthiness. Through this recognition, we strengthen our connection to our inner voice and move from inspired action. 

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Aries as an Archetype

Aries is the archetype of the spiritual warrior. The spiritual warrior has heightened intuition, strength, and courage. It has a healthy, integrated masculine and feminine energy. Each of us carries aspects of both the divine masculine and divine feminine within ourselves. The authentic masculine is defined by confidence without arrogance, reasonable thought without the urge to rule, and honor without the impulse to fight or dominate. The spiritual warrior knows the true battle is one for freedom and knows when to advocate for others. They choose wisely when it is time to set a boundary and draw the sword. The spiritual warrior doesn’t get lost in power struggles, dominance or proving something. The spiritual warrior offers stability and courage to stand for freedom and risk venturing into uncharted territory. 

This new moon is an invitation to heal our relationship to divine masculine energy. We are called to release the survival strategies of our ego, that keep us pushing ourselves beyond our limits and seeking outside approval, so that we can feel our own inner spark guiding our next steps. Our ego serves an important function to help us navigate the world and survive, but if we are not conscious of our patterns, we can build a foundation from outside expectations and values that are not authentic to us. This new moon is an invitation to surrender the false self so we can live from our authentic nature. We become more capable of connecting on a holistic level to ourselves and others as we balance our approach and integrate the divine feminine and the divine masculine. Through acceptance of our human limitations and compassion for all the parts of ourselves we can reclaim our path to wholeness. 

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This New Moon Is About Individual Action

Aries energy is the primal creative spark of life. It is the breath of prana. It is a child running on impulse to what purely lights up their heart. This new moon is an invitation to surrender our perfectionist and our best laid plans and to feel our intuitive guidance in the moment. Take the present moment as our dance partner and feel our body’s wisdom. There is magic in the moment. Where are you called to bring more of your power and healing medicine out to the world? We are asked to cultivate courage to assert our own brilliance for a higher cause and to take the next guided step. 

We Renew Our Faith

This new moon invites us into a deeper level of trust in our own path and in our role as conscious-co creators. Guidance often comes in the form of the next step. We must move forward and trust what we need will be provided and be willing to initiate change even when we can’t see the whole picture of where we’re  headed. We are asked to do all we can and then surrender to the universe and allow synchronicity to guide. 

“Stop acting so small. You are the Universe in ecstatic motion. Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.”

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Cosmic Weather

The new moon chart is an activation of the fire element with  Mercury, The Moon, The Sun, Chiron, Pallas Athena, and Eris all in the sign of Aries. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and awakens a new cycle. This new moon is ripe with new life. It is in conjunction with Mercury, Chiron, and Pallas Athena. Mercury may bring our attention to the impulse of our words and how we may use our words to hurt rather than empower. Chiron in Aries is asking us to look at where we’ve been hurt, felt vulnerable, or suffered so much that we’ve stopped thriving and lost our spark of desire. Chiron asks us to bring a more holistic approach to our healing and next steps. This is an important time for deep listening to understand what we need for our own healing, so that we can cultivate more of our power to offer as medicine to the collective healing process. The world needs holistic, integrated leadership right now. Pallas Athena connects us to the ability to intuitively perceive patterns and take more responsibility for what we have created. 

This potent force is amplified by the rare Jupiter and Neptune alignment in Pisces, which occurs on April 12th. This portal provides access to mystical dimensions, spiritual growth, creativity, and happiness. This is a powerful activation in the Pisces area of our charts, emphasizing compassion, empathy, forgiveness, and the deepening of our spiritual experience. 

The new moon is square Black Moon Lilith in Cancer. This aspect creates a tension between our relationship to our belonging and our creative energy. Black Moon Lilith shows us the place in ourselves that keeps us from evolving. She is the fierce cosmic Mother who teaches us to break through constraints to realize our own power. Specifically, in Cancer, it challenges the toxic nature of family structure. This aspect can unleash very raw and primal feelings that are meant to intuitively guide us into more of our power. 

Working With Burnout

This new moon activates our relationship to the fire element and our connection to our inner spark. Living for over two years in a worldwide pandemic and uncertain times with heightened stress levels has created moments of crisis and opportunity. We may have had to learn to adapt to unseen changes and focus on survival. We may have had opportunities to release perfectionism and take an intuitive risk toward a needed change. This new moon is a chance to get honest about our relationship with burnout. We might push through the exhaustion as long as you can. We may feel like you are dancing in the dark. When we are feeling stressed out it is important to check in to what we need. We can then plan next steps by taking time off, going for a long run, reaching out for support or spending time in nature. It is a necessary time to tend to our vitality and initiate new practices that support our own inner fire and energy. This may be adding structure and new approaches or letting go of things that enable unhealthy patterns of burnout. We can become aware of our cultural expectations vs. our own needs, and we can give ourselves support, tools, and time to replenish our spirits. 

The Invitation

This new moon summons our inner validation and asks us to trust our instincts to guide our way ahead. We move with a beginner’s mind and open to new possibilities. Our greatest wisdom comes through our own felt experience, and we are asked to reconnect with inspiration. If we are not feeling inspired, it may be time to tend to our fire, our self care, and our vitality. This is an excellent time to launch something new or implement new practices and rituals that support our new beginning.

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