Full Moon in Libra: Intimate Balance

On April 16th at 1:55 p.m. CDT, the full moon becomes exact in  26’46 degrees in Libra. This full moon is a tension of opposites. What we witness in humanity, as the highest point of light and the darkest shadow, is also found within us. What arises to the surface now is a catalyst for deeper transformation. We learn about our values, our preferences, our desires, and our pain through our relationship to the other.

The full moon in Libra brings to completion an 18-month cycle. These seeds were planted on the new moon in Libra on October, 16th, 2020. Thinking back to that time, what themes were active? What in your life is now bearing fruit?

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Libra as an Archetype

Libra is the archetype that symbolizes intimacy, relationships, diplomacy, and aesthetic beauty. It is attuned to the universe’s intricate patterns of connection, allowing it to create magnificent works of art, bring beauty into the world, and initiate interpersonal interactions. Libra is strongly associated with our values and esteem. Attaining balance and speaking up for equality are key considerations for this archetype.

Working With the Victim Archetype

The shadow of Libra is projection, allowing others to define who we are, and victim consciousness. Libra is an archetypal path to develop our worth and esteem. In order to do this we must learn to work with our relationship to victimhood. The victim archetype looks at life through fair and unfair. There are legitimate times where life does present something that is unfair and that feeling is authentic. It can inform us intuitively of injustice and that we need to make a change or advocate for ourselves. However, only  viewing life as fair and unfair can keep us locked in a victim mentality and a very binary world. We need to begin to understand karma and the consequences of our choices. We need to begin to understand where we project onto others and to begin to reclaim our own stuff so we can grow.

From the soul contract perspective, the soul is here to have experiences. Some of the experiences may be pleasurable or difficult or challenging or joyful. But they are just experiences; they do not speak to our worth. Our worth cannot be diminished. When we learn to see the bigger picture of the soul contract, we open to healing, transformation, and a higher level of esteem. This naturally opens the door to more of our potential and creative expression, and brings opportunities. We can become an advocate for those who are victimized and use our soul gifts to create a world that is more fair and just and honors equality.

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The Libra/Aries Polarity

This full moon seeks to balance the relationship between independence and connection. Relationships are essential to our reality because they help us define and realize our personal aspirations and desires. We learn about our own needs, preferences, and values through being in relationship to other people. Through witnessing the other, we come into a deeper understanding of ourselves.

We also seek to integrate the energies that exist inside us that sometimes feel compelled to take action, and we learn to trust our instincts to forage our own path, while also understanding that there are times for us to genuinely consider the needs of others and work in collaboration. We may feel tension between having time for ourselves and our desire for our connection, and this full moon provides an opportunity to connect to our needs and to set new priorities and boundaries. We are asked to achieve balance and compromise in a way that doesn’t devalue our worth.

“The universe operates through dynamic exchange . . . giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe. And in our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep the abundance of the universe circulating in our lives.”

Deepak Chopra

Evolving Our Relationship to Giving and Receiving

This is a time to deepen our understanding of giving and receiving and uncover the ways in which we are conditional in our partnerships and our relationship to ourselves. How can we identify what we need and what is our authentic desire versus our conditioning so that we can connect in a more authentic and empowered way? This full moon is an invitation to practice unconditional love. Through giving ourselves love unconditionally we understand that we are lovable, worthy, and accepted even if we don’t meet a goal. With a practice of presence and unconditional love, we learn to stay connected and true to ourselves regardless of the opinions, needs, and preferences of others.

Our unconscious conditioning often informs how we give and receive. For example, if we learned to get validation as a child from being a caretaker, a people pleaser or giving to others, we may unconsciously give support and life advice without checking in with ourselves. We may be making assumptions about the needs of others and offering ways to fix their problems when that isn’t what they need from us. We may completely abandon ourselves and our own needs to be a supportive counsel to others, which creates an unbalanced relationship dynamic or resentment for the roles we play. This moon asks us to evolve how we show up in our relationships so that we stay connected to ourselves and our needs while intuitively following where we are called to give and how we are guided to help. This may require the need to take a pause and check in, instead of just saying “yes.” We may need to risk the vulnerability of stating our truth even when that doesn’t match others’ expectations. This may require a different level of communication where we check out our assumptions and learn to better identify and communicate our needs as well as really hear the needs of others. We may feel called to share our burning desire to deepen our level of relating and bring more intimate balance to relationships.

We are asked to grow in our self esteem so that we can enter relationships not needing to be needed or act in ways that are socially expected, but instead realize that our presence and open hearts are enough. This full moon invites us to release toxic patterns of conditioning and cultural expectations around relationships and intimacy. Have we been taught we are more valuable when we are in a partnership? Do we still move unconsciously into pleasing people or being polite instead of setting a needed boundary? The energy of this time asks for us to do the work to deactivate the old programs and software in order for us to step more into our own potential.

Image Credit: Noah Buscher

Cosmic Weather

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces that was exact earlier in the week activated big energy around this already potent full moon. We begin a new cycle both personally and collectively. Read more about this conjunction here.

The full moon forms a harmonious aspect with Mars, Juno, and Saturn. This supports us in bringing our attention and focus to the long-term vision we want to build and then showing up to create that vision. We have the focus and drive to help integrate our vision into practical reality. We may be asked to be loyal to ourselves and our vision and rededicate ourselves to where we wish to grow.

At the time of the full moon, Saturn forms an exact Square with the Moon Nodes in Taurus-Scorpio. We have a phenomenal opportunity to expand and grow in our collective and individual soul’s journey! This aspect brings up unconscious patterns of ourselves so that we can grow as spiritually mature adults. Squares indicate pivotal moments that necessitate a shift in perception.

Pluto in Capricorn forms a T-square to the Moon in Libra and the Sun (+ Eris) in Aries. This T-square activates tension and illuminates our relationship to power, both the power that is used in the world and the power inside of us. Pluto in this T-square brings up shadows and conditioning. There are factors in play in the outside world that we can’t change but that impact our daily lives. This aspect brings up the shadow and complexities of human beings and behavior, both collectively and personally. We desire human connection but are invited to look at projections and power games. Do we use our own power to empower others? Do we take action steps to try and gain more control? Do we attempt to dim someone down or take power away from someone else when we feel insecure? Pluto in Capricorn reveals the shadow of capitalism, abuse of power, and the structures and systems that are not in integrity. This activates the ongoing square between Eris and Pluto that activates our own sacred rebel and calls for a higher love and consciousness that values equality and truth. This full moon brings the shadows, hidden agendas, behavior patterns, and repressed emotions to the surface so that we can evolve to create a world with more integrity, equality, and collaboration. Where have we sought outside authority instead of looking  inward to cultivate a deeper trust to our own inner authority? What cultural conditioning and expectations do we need to release to connect to our own power?

This full moon conjuncts the dwarf planet Haumea. Haumea, named after a Hawaiian deity, is the goddess of rebirth. Haumea is alive with healing lifeforce and aligns us to the remarkable regenerative power that arises in this present time. Haumea offers great healing potential and reminds us of our innate creative power to bring order to chaos.

The full moon is trine the North Node in Taurus. Taurus is associated with the builder, the farmer, the nature child. We are asked to step into our skills to build a new earth. Mercury and Uranus are conjunct in Taurus in the full moon chart. This brings innovation and revolutionary ideas for our food, currency and technology in body/wellness. Since Uranus initially went into the sign of Taurus in May 15th, 2018, we have seen a huge drive towards sustainability, growing our own foods, and returning to simplistic gardening practices, as well as advancements in lab grown food, cryptocurrency, and new, wearable technologies to monitor and track wellness. This conjunct brings new innovation energy toward food, body, and money. With the full moon in aspect to the North Node, we are asked to live in reverence and connection to the earth and include the sacred connection of earth and our body as a foundation on our path toward destiny.

This full moon is opposite Pallas Athena in Aries. Pallas Athena is exceptional at understanding patterns and creating sound strategies. Pallas Athena helps us understand our behaviors in relationships so that we can take back our own projections, make more conscious choices, and step more fully into our power.

The Invitation

This full moon is a call for self-love. We are encouraged to prioritize ourselves and seek balance in our lives and our relationships. This is a time to approach our relationships and our patterns with neutral curiosity and notice how the people around us are teaching us about our values and, ultimately, about how we feel about ourselves. This is an important time to reflect on who is in our lives and why. We may feel guided to make changes from a place of self-love, to commit to deeper intimacy with soul connections that affirm our worth, and to consider letting go of people and circumstances that no longer affirm our worth.

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