Solar Eclipse in Taurus: Progressive Humanitarianism

The new moon in 10.5 degrees of Taurus on April 30, 2022 (exact at 3:28 p.m. CDT) is a partial solar eclipse.

We meet insecure times with new revelations, rapid growth, and unpredictable shifts in the ground rules. We are invited to embrace new ways of being that shake the status quo and nurture a more progressive humanitarianism.

Innovative ideas, sudden changes, and unexpected events serve as catalysts to shake us out of the tightened grip of our addictions to consumption, materialism, and comforts. It’s time to redefine our values and evolve the way we live in connection with the earth.

Image Credit: Tim Newman

Taurus as an Archetype

Taurus rules the physical senses, finances, possessions, and our self worth. Taurus is associated with the farmer, the nature child, the artist, and the builder archetype. Taurus reminds us to embrace simplicity and the practices that help us feel grounded and calm. Taurus brings its heart and dedication to what it values building. It finds security in structure and moves through life connected to its inner rhythm. In its highest expression, Taurus will inspire us to nurture and sustain the natural rhythms of the earth, live in reverence for nature, and experience pleasure.

Taurus’s symbol is the arc of the heart, indicating awareness and receptivity of the spirit, which frequently resembles a bowl. It represents our capacity to open to the flow of life, trust in ourselves, feel body wisdom and be a receptive vessel of grace. Taurus connects us to the earthly senses and teaches us to live in such presence that we see, witness the beauty, and receive the sweetness that life offers. Taurus is on an archetypal journey to learn to value the self and encompass the spiritual and physical aspects of life. In a world where colonization has disconnected the  spiritual from our natural world, Taurus is on a quest to connect divinity and earth. In order to do this we must have a healthy and integrated Venus. (Taurus’s planetary ruler)

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The Shadow of Taurus

One expression of the shadow of Taurus is clinging to habit. Taurus can be incredibly resistant to change and a powerful lesson for this archetype is learning when to let go and how to break out of ruts. The energy of Taurus loves to stay in what is comfortable long past its expiration date. It can be so comfortable with the familiar that it stays in a relationship or job that no longer challenges its growth, overemphasizing the aspects familiar to it and not knowing how to consciously let go.

Another shadow aspect of Taurus involves using the material or physical realm to fill a void that can only come from the soul. It can be overly attached to material goods, possession, and vanity, give into overindulgences that have lost the genuine spiritual connection or nourishment, and become a hedonist. This solar eclipse awakes our relationship to soul hunger. We have become uncomfortably numb and complicit in destroying earth’s natural resources, and we need to awaken to what our soul is truly desiring. We need to evolve our definition of wealth to one rooted in reverence and connected to the land we stand on instead of striping the abundance and beauty of Mother Earth for temporary gain. 

Image Credit: Lucas Ottone

A Portal of Transformation

Eclipses are turning points. They offer a chance to clarify and embrace one’s highest evolutionary path. The Sun, Moon, and the Moon’s Nodes create a portal of alchemy of fate and alignment to destiny. We are inclined to go through some form of release and recalibration that accelerates our growth and moves us forward on our path. It is as though the old software is shed and new programs are downloaded during this time.

The solar eclipse is an invitation to awaken to our role as Earth Ambassadors. New insights offer a deeper understanding of our purpose and our creative role. It is one thing to be aware of what is going on collectively. It is another to truly understand the responsibility we have to our community, our collective, and our earth and to step into a higher level of our power. We are asked to surrender and shed old patterns, habits, and ideas of security to uncover more of our power and use it to empower others.

Image Credit: Delmaine Donson

Self Worth and Value

This eclipse offers a chance to deepen our understanding of our values and ideas of self worth. We are invited to reflect on how our attachments to the material world and possessions tell us how we feel about and value ourselves. This includes our relationship to our body and our idea of beauty.

Our true worth is innate—it can’t be given to us or taken away, it just is. Yet we live in a culture that conditions us to put a dollar value on our skills and to overemphasize status  and the external beauty of ourselves and others. These can be affirming to our worth if coming from a place of self connection and motivation to reveal our true essence and gifts, but often we make choices from our adapted shadow beliefs around worth, status, beauty instead of listening within.

What is your relationship to money currently teaching you about your worth? What motivates you to spend your money the way you do? Is it to affirm esteem or obtain a status? How many possessions or status symbols are truly enough? We have gotten stuck on culture conditioning. People define abundance differently based on their values. One can feel incredibly abundant and connected to the richness in life, have fulfilling soul connections and an abundance of joy but live with very few material assets. Others may have many assets but not feel any connection to any of them, or they may be obsessed with the status on the surface level and not the deliciousness of life and pleasure that it brings. Where is survival fear motivating our spending habits? What are we giving currency that isn’t aligned with our values? This eclipse invites us to feel into our inner wisdom around our values and to connect to what truly affirms us. What changes are you being asked to make to align to your values? In what areas of life are you observing that you’re motivated by insecurity instead of self connection? Once we move beyond a place of proving we are enough, we open to a new level of esteem that honors our creative expression. What revolutionary new ideas and breakthroughs might we have if we truly understood our innate worth and creative power?

Image Credit: Steven-Coffey

The Cosmic Weather

This solar eclipse is conjunct Uranus and the asteroid Eros in Taurus. Uranus is divine inspiration and Eros connects us to our natural co-creative energy. We have much creative potential to bring inspiration into the physical form. Revelations that arise now that inspire our creativity will come to bloom in the material world in the total lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 8th, 2022. This is an eclipse to realize our worth and co-creative ability by using our creative gifts to affirm our worth and ground divine inspiration into form.

There is a significant influence in planetary activity in the signs Taurus and Pisces. Both Taurus and Pisces are incredibly creative signs. Water and earth nurture gardens, make paintings, form sculptures and highlight where we may be stuck in the mud and need to surrender the form and creative control to the divine.

Mars in Pisces is sextile Uranus in Taurus and square Lilith in Gemini in the solar eclipse chart. This energy speaks to action that takes, rather than negotiating. This disruptive energy also speaks out around unequal power dynamics and abuse of power.

This solar eclipse is square Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. Pluto invites us to look at our use of power. Have we been giving our power away to others? Are we abusing power in our current roles? Are we using our power to empower others?​​​​​​​ ​​Pluto in Capricorn underlines some significant challenges that we are facing collectively—a transformation and rebirth of our economic, social, and financial institutions. This may elicit visceral feelings of powerlessness, anger, fear, and overwhelm.​​​​​​​ We are asked to shed the old ways that no longer support our evolution.​​​​​​​​ Eliminating destructive habits, patterns of self sabotage, and obsessions will aid in spiritual progress and soul expansion.​​​​​​​​ When an outer planet comes to a halt to move into its retrograde phase, its energy becomes more evident, and we become more aware of its impact on us—which can feel uncomfortable. ​​​​​​​​This is a call to step into our own authority and release our shadow loyalty to patriarchal constructs. ​​​​​​​​

This solar eclipse is also opposite the asteroid Hygeia in Scorpio. Hygeia is the goddess of wellness and healing. Her presence in this solar eclipse chart reminds us of the necessity of taking preventative measures to maintain our health and well-being. We are asked to expunge everything that is no longer supporting us and to make efforts to sustain and protect our energy. Hygeia in the sign of Scorpio asks us to recognize the links between the psyche and our health.

The Invitation

This solar eclipse invites us into a deeper understanding of our attachments, our relationship to the material realm, and our beliefs around security. We are asked to evolve to live from our innate worth and soul expression and take greater responsibility for our contribution to nurturing humanity and living in reverence to the earth. Eclipse season is an accelerated portal of growth and often acts as a wild card. We are asked to trust in our higher power and synchronicity aligning us to our path. We are asked to trust in the process of life and our creative power that wants to contribute and make a positive impact now. What arises in our awareness is important information for our spiritual evolution.​​​​​​​​ May you stay anchored in your heart and listen to your body wisdom.

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