New Moon in Cancer: Embracing Our Tenderness

The new moon is almost 7.5 degrees of Cancer on June 28th, 2022 (exact at 9:52 p.m. CDT) and is initiating us into a new level of consciousness and ushering in a new moon cycle.

New moons are periods of endings and new beginnings. We’ve reached the completion of one phase and the beginning of another. The space in between is tender. This new moon is a time to embrace our tenderness. What we feel will nurture and inform the new. But right now our job is to be present with the full feeling, without needing to understand, problem solve, or rationalize. Just be honest with what is there. This new moon is amplifying our emotional sensitivity so that we devote ourselves to a practice of radical self care and trust our intuitive, felt guidance.

“You are exhausted physically and spiritually because the pace created by this system is for machines and not a magical and divine human being. You are enough. Rest.”

The Nap Ministry

It can be radical to make space to be with emotions, intentionally rest, attune to our needs, and allow for deep reflection within the patriarchal structure that pressures us to toughen up, pick ourselves up by our bootstraps, achieve, consume, climb. These patriarchal walls are crumbling and cannot contain the new earth being birthed. It is as though we are laboring our vision of this new world. It is now a sacred mission to receive the rest, nurturing, and support that we need to sustain ourselves through delivery. We reflect on the seeds we planted with the new moon in Cancer on July 9th, 2021. This new moon nurtures those intentions, and we will see them flourish on the full moon in Cancer on January 6, 2023. For the next six months we are invited to view our sensitivity as our innate super power and allow it to guide us through the unknown intuitively. This new moon is a call to radically rise up to feel. Feel with intention. Rest is our resistance. Our fuel is self care.

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Cancer as an Archetype

Cancer is the first water sign of the zodiac and therefore is associated with the maturing of the “emotional body.” Like water, it is the energy that nourishes, heals, and protects life. Water has a natural desire to flow and it moves organically. When water is still for a specific period of time it becomes stagnant and lifeless. Life literally can’t flourish and it begins to breed sickness. Similarly, suppressed emotions can manifest as dis-ease in our bodies.

Cancer is associated with mothering and the ways in which we learn to parent ourselves. Cancer signifies the nurturer and protector of families and the intuitive ability to tune into the needs of others. Cancer rules the chest, stomach, womb, and breasts.

Feelings are a vital source of information about our genuine needs. They are a navigation system that signals to us what is beneficial to our health. When we are able to connect to our feelings, we can begin to understand what we need, learn to care for ourselves, and express our needs to those in our lives. When we disconnect from this ability, our inner child gets louder, must work harder to keep us connected, and fears we will abandon them.

Cancer radiates healing energy to the world through the delicate attunement of intuitive sensing, creativity, and compassion. Its highest expression is the development of emotional intelligence and embodied leadership through expressing emotional honesty, compassion, and living from the heart.

Cancer is the spiritual midwife that helps us birth a new sense of ourselves. They are powerful space holders. They create a container for others to feel safe expressing themselves, looking within, and healing.

Cancer represents our development of home from the physical sense of where we live and where we come from, to the spiritual home and feeling at home in ourselves. Cancer is associated with belonging and our bloodline. It connects us to the traditions that have been passed down in the family. It is the blood that flows like a river through our bodies.

The Shadow of Cancer

When we disconnect from our feelings as an internal compass to guide us, we become unaware of our needs, or we turn our attention fully to caretaking, abandoning our inner child. When we abandon our own needs, our emotions, fears and worries can become extreme. We may become self-indulgent and use substances to manage our vulnerability and need for safety. Cancer’s energy may express as misguided emotional overprotection, smothering, neediness, irrationality, or irritability. We may try to manipulate circumstances and people to indirectly get things moving in our favor instead stating what we need.

When Cancer doesn’t feel seen, it feels unsafe. Like a child who feels unsafe and scared, when Cancer doesn’t feel acknowledged or protected, it may try to control or manage its external surroundings in an attempt to create a sense of safety. The shadow side of Cancer forgets that it must connect to its internal landscape and its feelings first to discover what they are saying and then go deeper into asking from that internal place what it needs. We must stay connected to ourselves first and build trust and safety.

This new moon is an important time for us to witness others and empathically listen to what they are feeling. It is time for emotionally honest connections and allowing ourselves to be witnessed.

Image Credit: Evgenij Yulkin

This New Moon Is Emotional Attunement

This new moon is deepening our relationship to our emotional intelligence. We are challenged to recognize our feelings and needs and develop more self-awareness. Connecting to our emotions is crucial to understanding how they influence our thoughts, actions, and decision-making. Developing a practice of tuning into our feelings helps us learn to identify and trust them. Once we can connect to them we can then integrate them. We can learn to stay connected to ourselves in times of stress and make informed decisions about what matters the most.

Although we may feel more sensitive than usual, if we harness that sensitivity, it may help us become more intuitive, more empathetic, and more receptive to our surroundings. When we open to the slightest vibrations around us, we become more aware of which vibrations feel more resonate, more alive, and more nourishing and which are not aligned. We begin to intuitively trust our feelings as our internal compass to help us navigate through our lives. This also enables us to live with more compassion, presence, empathy, and awareness of what others are feeling.

Neptune Shifts Into Retrograde

Neptune shifts into retrograde in Pisces just before the new moon is exact. We have been feeling this energy shift for the last week as it calls us more and more inward. This is an important time to reflect on our spiritual path, our psychic hygiene, and create new pathways for daily connection with the divine. Neptune heightens our natural receptivity and psychic senses. Neptune can shed light on our ancestral karma and bring to the forefront what is now present for us to work on. It can bring things into the forefront with a clearer view of our present reality. It can wake us up from any disillusionment and show us how we distract ourselves. We may also feel more intensely at this time and desire to numb out (i.e. binge watching Netflix, addiction and codependency).

“Sensitive people should be treasured. They love deeply and think deeply about life. They are loyal, honest, and true. The simple things sometimes mean the most to them. They don’t need to change or harden. Their purity makes them who they are.”

Kristen Butler

Neptune amplifies our relationship with dreams, mediumship, spiritual symbols, and synchronicity to guide us to the next step of our spiritual growth. Neptune retrograde can assist us in finding a deeper significance for our existence and how we relate to the collective energies.

Image Credit: Buzz Andersen

The Cosmic Weather

The new moon squares Jupiter in Aries. We are being challenged to develop and mature our aspirations. We feel how our need for security keeps us from our next stage of growth. It may be a natural part of our spiritual evolution to fly out of the nest, take a step, and see an entirely new perspective. This aspect awakens us to an unconscious part of ourselves that holds on to what is familiar and known.

Mars in Aries forms a square with Pluto in Capricorn and a sextile with Saturn in Aquarius. We have reached a tipping moment at which we must direct our focus to our passions and commit to long-term development. Trust your instincts and act courageously to initiate this new chapter. This aspect asks us to embody our sacred leader. It is important to understand when we are advocating for freedom and truth and when we are in a power struggle. Through presence and checking in with what we feel, we can begin to understand when we are reacting impulsively vs. when we are guided to act. This is a call to trust our inner authority and initiate the needed changes to support and build our long-term vision.

Venus in Gemini sextiles Jupiter in Aries in this new moon chart. This is an opportunity to connect to others in our community. This is an important time to hold space for those in our community, share stories, and exchange information. Venus in Gemini offers humor, curiosity, adaptability, and playfulness as tools to support and heal. Gemini has the ability to diffuse energy with humor and lightness that doesn’t negate what is present. To be witnessed and supported during this turbulent time, we need to call on our people.

This new moon aligns with five powerful archetypal feminine energies. They are all in water signs that enhance our felt emotions, intuitive senses, empathy, spiritual devotion, and compassion.

Vesta is the goddess of the hearth, home, and family. Vestal Virgins were the priestesses who tended the sacred fire at the temple heart. Vesta in Pisces awakens our instincts for ritual, source connection, and spiritual devotion.

The moon is trine Hygeia in Scorpio. Hygeia is the goddess of preventative health and wellbeing. In the sign of Scorpio, Hygeia guides us into our shadow patterns around mothering, belonging, and preventative measures needed for healing. This aspect can unlock patterns inherited through our lineage or our psychic DNA. Hygeia amplifies and purifies any planetary energies that she connects with. This may shake things up, creating obstacles and making things look worse before they improve.

Parvati is the goddess of power, nourishment, devotional love, fertility, and motherhood in Hindu mythology. She is in the sign of Cancer in this full moon chart. Parvati exemplifies the part of ourselves dedicated to a higher cause and teaches us the meaning of devotional love.

Black Moon Lilith and the asteroid Lilith are also in the sign of Cancer, expanding our emotions around motherhood, protecting the family and those we love. Black Moon Lilith is the cosmic mother, represented by Durga in Hindu mythology. She represents the visceral and raw experience. She guides us to face a part of ourselves that stops us from evolving. We must break through constraints to recognize our true power. Black Moon Lilith calls for us to stand in our truth, fight for our truth that aligns with cosmic natural law and fight against man-made law and the constraints of the patriarchy. Lilith the asteroid was the first woman in Judaic mythology and alternatively Adam’s first wife. She was formed from the same earth that also formed Adam and thus was his equal. She was villainized through the patriarchal myth and kicked out of the garden of Eden for essentially understanding her equal place in the world. Perhaps she knew she wasn’t truly honored, so she chose to leave. In the sign of Cancer, Lilith invites you to value the foundations of your life, to understand that your needs are equal to the needs of the family.

During this new moon, it is essential to attune to our needs and commit to self care. It is a radical act of spiritual devotion to embrace the space in between and open to the unknown. It is through this space of unknown and chaos that we find our guidance, creativity and next steps. We’re being rebirthed into something new, so we must let go of what is familiar. This is a radical concept in our old paradigm that is committed to structure, order, and control.

“Your sensitivity opens up six sensory world. It’s connected to the other side. If you block your sensitivity, you block what’s coming in from the other realm. The thing is to be aware that you’re giving your power to the outside world, and to start giving it to your own inner world or to your higher self.”

Anita Moorjani
Image Credit: Clique Images

The Invitation

We live in a culture that doesn’t value self care or emotional intelligence. Our patriarchal society pits “emotional” against the “rational” as though those two things are incompatible. History can show us countless examples of people who have been scapegoated, gaslit, and even committed for being too emotional, so society can avoid facing truths. This new moon is an invitation to slow down, practice radical self care, and surrender any unconscious conditioning or shadow allegiances to patriarchy that are still unconsciously ruling you. That may look like needing to complete all chores before any play or fun. That may look like allegiance to being a rule follower. Where are we suppressing our creative expression? How are we still embodying systems of oppression? This is an important time to be curious about our inner rules, expectations, and judgements. Follow the thread of the origin story to where the rules formed. Were they a part of our society’s conditioning? How might they be serving to keep us safe and known? This new moon asks if we would rather be safe or be brave. There is a new beginning for us emerging in the Aries area of our lives that Jupiter is activating with this new moon chart. It asks us to be courageous and step towards something new that our heart has been calling for. It takes courage to trust this voice. It takes courage to begin again. We are being asked to take a courageous step into the new to build something that will be sustainable for our long-term vision. We can connect to what is possible and trust our instincts to guide us to move with inspiration.

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