Full Moon in Capricorn: Rising up in Sovereignty

On July 13th, at 1:38 p.m. CDT, the Moon opposes the Sun at 21’ 21 degrees of Capricorn, activating a full moon cycle. This full moon is a catalyst for evolutionary acceleration. We open to a deeper understanding of our patterns and motivations so that we can be free to express ourselves more authentically.

Full moons are often experienced as a time of deep emotional intensity. They are an opportunity to be with the fullness of your life. The full moon illuminates powerful truths so we can be honest about our feelings. We see what isn’t working so we can deepen into acceptance and evolve.

This full moon amplifies the themes that were surrounding the Capricorn new moon on January 13th, 2021. Shadows that have been hidden reveal themselves. Karmic consequences arise. We witness our personal and collective relationship to power and control. We are invited to take responsibility for our own shadow, surrender our allegiance to the patriarchal structure that is still negatively shaping us, and release what is toxic within ourselves. 

A Moon for Rapid Ascension

This full moon has heightened effects for several reasons. First, because it is a supermoon, the moon is at its closest distance to Earth, creating a stronger gravitational pull. Second, Chiron is slowing down and preparing for its retrograde cycle on July 19th. This indicates something is in our face and brings our attention and awareness to it. Third, Chiron also forms a T-square with the Sun and the Moon in the full moon chart. Lastly, the full moon is aligned with Pluto. Since Pluto entered Capricorn in November of 2008, it has been agitating all the repressed features of the patriarchal society we are embedded in. It began with the banking and mortgage crisis and bailout in the U.S. In 2022, Pluto makes three hits to the exact degree of natal Pluto in the U.S. birth chart. The second hit is on July 12, the day before the full moon. This represents a major redefinition of who the U.S. is—what it stands for and what it values. The past several years has intensified polarization, division, and discrimination and highlighted shadows that founded the country.

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Capricorn as an Archetype

Capricorn is the archetype of sustained ambition, practical wisdom, and responsibility. We learn to gather the inner resources needed to succeed through patience, will, and discernment. Capricorn is pragmatic and inspires you to grow up, show up, and commit to your long-term goals. It teaches persistence, disciplined effort, and resilience through dealing with life’s bottom-line realities and limitations.

Capricorn is associated with worldly accomplishments by building the systems and structures to support our self-actualization, maturity, and inner authority. It is ruled by the planet Saturn, the god of time, and by societal rules and karmic consequences. Saturn provides the organization, systems, and structures to co-exist. We make certain agreements and rules to live together as a society. These agreements are based on the time we incarnate on Earth and the culture’s consciousness at that time. They can be as simple as stopping at a red light or as complex as creating a government body. We learn through Saturn to follow our internal compass that tells us when we are out of alignment. When we act in an unethical way or cross a boundary, we feel the dissonance within us. This is how we learn the consequences of our actions. We learn to take responsibility for the impact of our actions on others in society. We learn to make choices that align with self-respect or face the consequences of our actions. The process of deepening our accountability creates maturity.  

Honoring Our Limits

Capricorn is associated with the law of conservation. It understands the careful maintenance required to preserve what is natural to the earth, puts in the effort required to be a good steward of the earth, and honors the structure of earth-bound time. Capricorn honors healthy limits and is exceptionally skilled at slowing down to preserve the energy and sustenance required for the task at hand. It can build a strategy to preserve what is valuable. This is an essential time to get real with our relationship to conservation on a personal and global level. What we take from the earth is not replaceable and cannot sustain our current way of life. We are invited to restructure our relationship to conversation and use it as a spiritual power. 

Acknowledging the reality of our limits as well as our energy levels is mature adulting. We live in a culture of spiritual bypassing that believes everything is essentially limitless. This Capricorn full moon guides us to stay grounded and look honestly at the parameters and boundaries of our soul contract. Liberation occurs when we learn to honor our limits. It becomes the authentic structure that supports our creative impulse. It inspires us to stay in our lane, get to know our own archetypal team, and direct our focus to accomplish what success means in terms of our gifts and soul’s unique expression. 

We are challenged to conserve our energy, time, and resources to align with our long-term goals. This full moon is a wake-up call to show us how to transform our relationship to the earth so that we deepen in reverence and presence to care for and honor our planet. How can we live in a way that is truly sustainable? This is an important time to bring our focus to what we truly want to build. We must learn the healthy discipline to show up for our heart’s desires and create a practice that separates us from distractions so we can give more presence to what is real.

“Whenever we love justice and stand on the side of justice we refuse simplistic binaries. We refuse to allow either/or thinking to cloud our judgment. We embrace the logic of both/and. We acknowledge the limits of what we know.” 

bell hooks
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The Shadow of Capricorn

The shadow of Capricorn can manifest when we are not attuned to our inner authority and live our lives governed by external rules and societal conditions. It can become overly concerned with status, accomplishments, or what society will think of its choices. The shadow of Capricorn can become rigid and stuck in the old ways. It can view vulnerability as weakness. It can become the tyrant king ruling over everyone else. The shadow of Capricorn can also be suppressing its own needs and emotions in order to succeed.

Through working with the archetypal energy of Saturn we learn to strip away the societal conditioning and external rules that are not authentic to us so that we can live more from inner validation. Saturn and Capricorn are associated with success and accomplishments, but what is viewed as successful is often influenced heavily by the society we live in and the messages from our families. The following twenty-eight days are an important time to redefine success on our own terms. We begin to see through the structures in our lives that limit us and that weigh us down so that we can choose something that is more authentic and aligned to our heart.

“The first half of life is devoted to forming a healthy ego, the second half is going inward and letting go of it.” 

Carl Jung
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The Cancer/Capricorn Polarity

This is an important time to bring balance to our home life and outside work. This may require getting real about our earth-bound limits and what is practically realizable, and surrendering to what can be accomplished today. 

Cancer invites us to strengthen our emotional intelligence, and Capricorn invites us to achieve the freedom to self-actualize. The more we abandon our feelings and needs, the more likely we are to violate the rights of others and negatively impact society. This full moon is a call to be bravely honest about what we feel so that we can face what isn’t working in our lives and rebuild more authentically. We can learn to be gentle and kind with our process. We can learn to deepen our relationship to our intuition and our emotional body and allow them to inform us of what we need. We can learn to honor our needs and limits while focusing our attention on our long-term goals. We don’t have to neglect one for the other.

This full moon is an opportunity to connect with what home truly means to us. What does it feel like to be at home in our body? What does it mean to be at home in our current life? What does it mean to be at home with our soul family that we find and define? We shed layers of the past so we can fully engage the present. To feel more at home with ourselves, we need to be able to let go of the past and the guilt and shame that no longer serve us. We learn to be accountable in our present and surrender the places where our past is ruling us. We shed guilt and self-imposed restrictions to align with destiny.

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Cosmic Weather

The moon’s alignment with Pluto indicates that we need to get real about our relationship with control and how we use it to gain a perceived sense of power. Pluto offers deeper insights into our hidden motivations under the surface that influence our actions. Pluto helps us to transform and awaken to new levels of our empowerment.

The moon is in harmony with Neptune, Uranus, Juno, the Moon’s nodes and in tension with Chiron, Mercury, Ceres, Persephone, and Lilith. 

The full moon forms a trine to Uranus, the Great Liberator, sowing the seeds of ground-breaking, inventive ideas. Uranus brings unexpected twists in the shape of breakthroughs, shocks, or abrupt shifts in the future. The Capricorn moon delivers realism and the determination to see a project to fruition, while Uranus provides access to a greater vision. We open to divine downloads, accelerated growth, and a higher version of ourselves that supports our vision and destiny. We hold to our hearts and don’t compromise our integrity to belong. We invite others to rise with us.

Chiron is also the focus of a T-Square, squaring the Moon/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn and the Sun/Mercury conjunction in Cancer. All of this causes tension, but it also serves as an invitation to heal and reconnect with our humanity. We may feel the call to initiate change, advocate for justice, or take a step toward individuation. 

Ceres, Persephone, and Lilith are all in opposition to the full moon, reminding us of the ways in which the divine feminine is not truly being honored. They invite us to listen to our heart for guidance on how we are called to act, advocate, and speak with honesty, maturity, and groundedness to those who do not honor her. We reflect on the ways in which we can be informed and transformed through the collective shadow process to support civil rights and new earth consciousness.

We also have a Grand Water Trine in this full moon chart. It involves the Sun/Mercury alignment in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces, and the South Node in Scorpio. This alignment awakens our ability to allow feelings to flow through and facilitate more profound levels of compassion, empathy, and acceptance. It aids in deep regeneration and healing. Like the cells of our body that are in a constant state of death, metamorphosis, and rebirth, we surrender to what no longer serves us to open to our inner magic andhave faith in the Universe that supports us.

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The Invitation

This full moon is a deep dive into our own shadow process and understanding our patterns. It is through radical acceptance and heightened understanding that healing and transformation occur. We shed layers of guilt, shame, and regret to rise to a new level of liberation. It can be a radical rising to shed society’s expectations and follow your own inner authority. This full moon is a call to rise up to a new level of sovereignty. One that thrives from inner validation. One that trusts the wisdom in your bones. One that offers space to define success in a way that is unique, meaningful, and true to you. This cycle provides a chance to summon yourself back to yourself to open in higher service to humanity.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”

Steve Jobs

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