New Moon in Sagittarius: Expanding Our Vision

The New Moon in 1°37′ of Sagittarius becomes exact on November 23rd at 4:57 p.m. CST. After a period of darkness, we are called back into the light. This lunation aligns our heart and mind with our life experience, allowing us to integrate a new level of conscious awareness, redirecting our attention to where we are called to explore. We sense something new unfolding and can tune into the excitement of the commencement of an epic journey.

It’s a time for us to refresh, redirect and start anew.

We are Invited to Dream Big

This new moon brings closure to topics we’ve been working on throughout the eclipse season. After the last several weeks of endings, processing and attunement we now reclaim dreams of the past, expanding into more of our potential, exploring greater possibilities. This energy ushers in hope, inspiration and expansion and gently guides us to our larger vision.

We Examine Our Beliefs

This new moon invites us to examine our current conditioning and limiting beliefs.  Our beliefs come from our families of origin, the zeitgeist of the time, the conditioning of the place we were born into, and our education systems. We are now guided into new understanding of truth and are ready to shed that which isn’t aligned with our highest purpose.  It’s the time to examine the lens through which we view our life and ask whether or not our beliefs serve us. What stories do we tell ourselves? Have we embellished our story to the point where it distorts objective reality beyond recognition? Where, and how exactly have our beliefs limited us?

We are now guided into a new understanding of truth, prepared to shed adaptations which are not aligned with our heart. This new moon awakens us from illusion. What beliefs are we being asked to abandon so we may move ahead into new growth and tap into our greater potential?  Where can we live in faith and act from a higher knowing, a higher trust?

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Sagittarius as an Archetype

Sagittarius is the archetype associated with adventure, truth and scholarly pursuit of principles and law. It’s associated with the higher mind of our philosophies, spirituality, and endeavors which require faith and deeper meaning to comprehend. Through greater knowledge comes deeper acceptance of the cosmic law of our innate holism. A new spiritual vision emerges when we connect to our holism and awaken to our present life experience.

Sagittarius is seeking embodied understanding of the world and our purpose in it. It is yang, mutable fire energy that is always expanding, willing to move beyond the known and into uncharted territory. Sagittarius teaches us to step beyond the familiar into a call of adventure, whether it be an outward journey that takes us to a foreign land, or an inward one that guides us to introspection, questioning what we think we know. We’ve all been raised with beliefs from the family or culture that impose their meaning of life and definition of success. These may or may not be true for us. Sagittarius invites us to challenge the status quo. Instead of taking society at face value, we must now delve into uncharted territory and discover on our own. We step away from the cultural script and open to a world of infinite possibility. We create a new paradigm.

Truth is relative, and often formed from the societal constructs of our time. For example, what was once taught in science classes has changed with new discoveries. What was considered successful parenting 3 decades ago differs significantly from what most believe and practice now. Truth therefore evolves as consciousness evolves.

The shadow of Sagittarius arises when we hold on too tightly to a belief, thereby blocking our openness to experiences. This creates a need within us for others to buy into our version of the truth to make us feel more secure, thereby negating our own intuitive wisdom, drowning out that small, internal voice which guides us to the path of our highest good.  Sagittarius is on an evolutionary path to expand beyond current conditioning and allow our lived experience to be our greatest teacher.

In its highest expression, Sagittarius is here to remind us of the inextricable link between our spirit of adventure and the expansion of consciousness. Here, we set the bar high, believe in our wildest dreams, and enthusiastically pursue our loftiest aspirations. Where we find Sagittarius in our chart shows us where we are meant to go big, develop more confidence in our gifts and talents and cultivate faith in our abilities as a co-creator. It is also where we learn to trust in the divine supporting and guiding our path.

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Cosmic Weather

This new moon is aligned with Venus and Mercury in the sign of Sagittarius. We connect to the ways in which we wish to create beauty and bring it to life. It’s through the expression of radiance within our heart and the love of life that fuels new inspiration. Venus supports us in opening to receive our desires and to giving ourselves permission to create that which soothes to our soul. We are more open to receive our desire and believe in a higher love. Mercury guides us into the exquisite exploration of our mind. We open to our intuitive knowing and can perceive the ways in which we think about and speak to ourselves that have inhibited our growth in the past. This combination of Venus and Mercury assists us in delivering our messenger in a way that fosters connection.

Jupiter stations direct 5 minutes after the new moon is exact. When a planet is stationing its archetypal symbolism is heightened and pulls our attention. It may seem as though the lessons are staring us in the face and more emphasized. What personal and spiritual perspectives have been shifting? Jupiter magnifies where we have settled and shows us what isn’t working and where we need to grow. It also offers hope and optimism to believe in ourselves as a co-creator with spirit. We feel a sense of inspiration and what may be truly possible for us. Jupiter has just completed a four-month retrograde phase and moves forward to complete its work in the sign of Pisces. It won’t return to this sign again for another 12 years. The next month we receive the final gifts that Jupiter has offered us. In the sign of Pisces, we connect to deeper compassion, creativity and empathy. Collectively we have been called back to honor a deeper mystical law of All is One, that connects and cherishes all life. Look to the Pisces area of our chart for deeper understanding of what area of life we have been blessed with mystical activation.

The new moon in harmony in Neptune, Pluto and Chiron. These planets assist our personal and collective expansion. We are consciousness waking up to itself. We now have very powerful cosmic forces supporting us to move beyond the limitations of the mind, awaken to illusions and walk through new spiritual doorways inside ourselves and the world.

The new moon is square the asteroid Vesta. Vesta represents our inner fire, our most sacred values, and how we express our spiritual devotion. It is associated with dedication and service. We must tend to the fires of what we wish to create and find balance between our daily routines and emotional needs. This is an important time to honor our dreams and higher vision through ritual.

The new moon is opposite the asteroid Sedna. Sedna reminds us to be open to seeing other people’s point of view, transcend victim consciousness and go within to realize the depths of our own strength.

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The Invitation

This lunation offers a powerful energetic reset. It reconnects us to possibility, hope, and the opportunity to begin again. We have enough hope and optimism to open our hearts, explore unknown territory, and receive more of what we desire. We connect to an important lesson: no matter where we are or what we have been through, we can begin again.  We have the opportunity to unlock more of our authentic nature and simply live our truth.

This new moon serves as a bridge from the spiritual to our physical world and assists us in integrating our lessons and consciousness upgrades from the previous eclipse season. Through each life cycle we expand in wisdom and receive deeper meaning. Truth is felt in our present moment awareness and this cycle guides us to a heighten awareness of and presence to what we are doing, a belief in what is possible and our ability to live purposefully, thereby engendering deeper fulfillment and more meaningful life experiences.

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