Full Moon in Gemini: Stay Teachable

The full moon in 16 ° Gemini becomes exact on December 7th at 10:08 p.m. CST. New information weaves its way into the story to inform us of what we truly need. We are called to initiate action and speak our truth and to move forward with courage, directing our energy precisely to where we are guided.

New Information is Coming to Light

This full moon illuminates that which has been obscured. We are asked to reclaim our agency by first being present to where we direct our attention and to speak with conviction and clear intention. We have moments of revelation. New information opens the door to new possibility. We open as a channel of new awareness, truth and cosmic consciousness.

Baobab tree in Tanzania with yellow full moon behind it

The Full Moon brings us into the Conversation

We may feel lively, often heated emotions and extra punch in the discussion, distracting us from honoring what we feel. New information arises in our awareness, and we see things differently. The unspoken truth impossible to ignore, this is a time to assert yourself and clear the air.

The manner in which we speak is just as important as what we say. Remain aligned with your motivations, grounded in your belief in what you are taking a stand for and speak deliberately. Too often we express out of frustration, and while we may get our point across, speaking in haste often results in us saying something which we may regret later. Our emotions guide us to convey what we need if we listen deeply.

Speak with conviction. Listen to understand. Trust your instincts.

This is an important time to articulate what we need and choose our battles wisely. Our energy and our time are valuable. This lunation educates us on the importance of our energy and reminds us that whatever we give power to is a choice. We can only tend to so many details at a time and the energy of this full moon helps us prioritize that which is important over what we must surrender and release.

Gemini-Sagittarius Polarity

Gemini encourages us to grow in our cleverness, objectivity, and open-mindedness. Sagittarius, on the other hand, compels us to seek beyond facts and information to a more expansive viewpoint such philosophies, morals, and faith.

Working with this polarity, it is vital to take pause and reflect on the information we have gathered in support of our growth. We must remain curious, open and adaptable so that we may change course when necessary and without hesitation to where we are guided. It is imperative that we not get stuck on our story and invested in having others buy into it. We need simply to live and embody our truth, allow our experiences to guide us while being open to change and accepting of the beliefs of others as valid as our own.

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Gemini as an Archetype

Gemini is the sign of duality, communication, and learning. It represents the flow-of-ideas from sender to receiver and the interplay of information. A gift of working with this energy is the ability to tune into the cosmic rhythm and open as a channel of the divine.

Gemini is the sign of the twins and teaches us about embracing our duality both in our internal and external world. Its energy contains both the energy of spirit and form, shadow and light, mortal and immortal. Gemini teaches us about the relationship between all people, places and things. Led by curiosity and endless questions, this archetype is on a quest to experience itself in a variety of environments and life situations. In gathering information from life experiences, we develop a deeper understanding, thereby expanding our sense of interconnectedness with all of life.

Gemini is able to see other perspectives, listen deeply and naturally network and connect people. They serve as a bridge bringing new information from the cosmos into earthly form. Gemini teaches us to honor and make space for the shadow and light within us.

The shadow of Gemini is when our attention flows from one question to the next uninterrupted and without reflection. The danger in building momentum in rapid information gathering is that while it leaves us with many facts, it diminishes our own agency, and therefore the use of our mind in its ability to choose deliberately. We must not therefore only gather facts. But, learn to cultivate presence and space, hone our ability to listen to our intuition and integrate all we have already learned in actively choosing what’s right for us.

Another shadow aspect of Gemini is when our desire to connect in relationship gives way to a tendency to misuse information, our gifts of wit and humor to engage in gossip, put others down, create drama or cause pain. Authentic connection in relationship honors and brings us closer to the relationship we have with ourselves and with others and can never be gained at the expense of others. Working with Gemini energy teaches us to bring intention and agency to the information we share, the way in which we share it and to whom we choose to share it with.

Bas-relief depicting a mask of god of trade and commerce of Mercury (Hermes)

Working with Mercury

Gemini’s ruler Mercury is able to traverse multiple realms in search of information and to serve as a guide. He was one of the only gods with the ability to go into the Underworld and come back again. (Most who entered the Underworld were sentenced there and did not come back without some form of negotiation or deal that was made.)

Mercury’s mythical role is to serve as the messenger to the gods. He rarely acts independently, but rather at the behest of another god. Jupiter, for example, frequently entrusted him to convey dreams, messages, or to travel with mortals to ensure their safety. He is one of the few gods who may exist in both the mortal and immortal worlds, and he symbolizes both the conscious and unconscious mind.

Our initiation with Mercury energy is often through evoking the Trickster archetype. The Trickster stimulates our ego’s desires and leads us to the unconscious parts of ourselves to awaken us to where we create unnecessary pain and suffering for ourselves and the world. The Trickster guides us through the gateway to cultivate a new layer of consciousness. This lunation invites us to open to deeper acceptance for all parts of ourselves. To witness patterns in new light. We are encouraged under this full moon to make space for the human and divine parts of ourselves, the shadow and light of our mind and our archetypes and to listen for the deeper meaning in its message.

To remain unconscious is a definite choice. The more we choose to turn a blind eye, the more suffering we create in our own lives. When our conscious pain intensifies, we may be quick to react and lash out with our words to protect our heart. In affixing our awareness to that which distracts, we may remain safe from the attendant risk necessary to go for what we want. But this manifests as a lack of courage which keeps us stuck, and therefore perpetuates the need for excuses, taking us further and further from that which we wish to create.

To awaken to where we create pain is the first step in opening to more conscious choice in our lives. We have an opportunity under this Gemini Full Moon to witness our patterns and break free from conditioning. It starts with a willingness to intentionally look towards a situation, when the default has been to turn away. We can choose to go within and examine our role. It is essential to cultivate a practice of perceiving information with neutral curiosity. It is from this place we can make space to process,  integrate and actively guide.

In this lunation we see where within ourselves we need to grow and are therefore able to deepen into acceptance and grounded communication, enabling us to courageously step forward.

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Cosmic Weather

The full moon forms an exact conjunction with retrograde Mars in Gemini, encouraging us to act on something we’ve been intending to do for a while. We become curious about the spoken and unspoken.  We notice our own inner dialogue and how it may be impacting us. We begin questioning our hidden motivations, thereby uncovering important truths. We awaken to deeper understanding, release that which no longer services us, move to right action without hesitation, and with courage on our path forward to spiritual development, which in turn propels us further in the direction of our highest good.

Neptune stationed direct on December 3rd ending its 5-month retrograde cycle and makes a square this full moon. This aspect supports us in waking up to delusions and confusion and into more compassionate understanding, empathy and collective unity. Neptune’s presence guides us to dissolve the barriers between us and soul’s guidance. We open to more intuition direction, creativity and are ready to take the shadow inquiry from the last 5 months into deeper integration.

The full moon is in alignment with Saturn and guides us to create the foundation, structures and boundaries necessary to express our authentic self. We are now supported in using that which is being revealed and integrated into the structure of our lives in practical ways to build our long-term vision.

This full moon is square Juno in Pisces. Juno asks us to reflect on where we give our power away. We awaken to where we have engaged in power games and have been loyal to others due to a lack of trust in our own power to guide us.  Juno shows us where our loyalty lies and teaches us that first and foremost, we must be loyal to ourselves.

The full moon is opposite Hygiea to be proactive and intentional about what we need to care for ourselves. Relationships may serve as a mirror to show where we are out of alignment and need to bring attention to our own self-care.

The Invitation

This lunation offers powerful insights into our hidden motivations enabling us to claim our agency and act with courage in advocating for our needs and in honoring our boundaries.

Synchronicity guides us to awaken to new information. Just when we think we know everything, we are faced with a new paradox. We are invited to be teachable. To lead with our natural curiosity and live into the unfolding of questions.

This is an important time to be adaptable, willing to make needed changes. We receive clarity on where to prioritize our energy and where we need to surrender and preserve it. We are able to discern information which is useful and create practical, grounded strategies forward with ease and grace.

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