New Moon in Gemini: Break the Pattern

The new moon in 26°43′ of Gemini on June 17th, 2022 (exact at 11:37 p.m. CDT) is guiding us to follow a new path of learning. Each new idea generates new avenues to explore and new information to gather. The possibilities are endless. These energies can incite us to dive down a rabbit hole of exciting theories and logical premises. However, we may discover along the way some faulty stories, and find we’ve gone too far from our center and can no longer discern what is accurate and true.  

This new moon marks the beginning of a new 18-month cycle. We are deepening into our ability to channel divine intelligence and recognize our power as a conscious co-creator in our life. We become more aware of the energy that aligns with our intention and stay curious about our patterns and perceptions. This can be a powerful time for new learning, redefining our role as a teacher and finding our creative voice. 

“Practice listening to your intuition, your inner voice. Ask questions. Be curious.  See what you see, hear what you hear and then act upon what you know to be true. These intuitive powers were given to your soul at birth.” 

Clarissa Pinkola Estés

This lunation offers the ability to unlearn outdated concepts and re-learn the importance of connection. Are we flexible enough to see where we have perceived life from a too-narrow lens? What narratives are we attached to that aren’t true? Can we see beyond what has happened to us to imagine our soul’s plan? Who are the people in our lives whose journeys interweave with our storyline? Who are the most cherished connections who ask how we are and really listen? Just when we think we know it all, we gain a whole new outlook and realize we have merely scratched the surface. 

Image Credit: Becca Tapert

Gemini as an Archetype

Gemini is the sign of dialogue, gathering information and duality. It symbolizes the development of language and learning and adapting to our immediate environment. Our inquisitiveness leads us to new avenues, perspectives and directions. Through open-mindedness and curiosity, we develop the capacity to learn through conversations with various people and situations that unlock new understanding.

Gemini is exceptional at seeing the patterns in and correlations between seemingly random things. They are meant to discover themselves through learning and integrating many different elements. With Gemini, there are often more questions than answers. This sign wants to understand information logically, gather and share their tools of learning and make connections. When in balance with the archetypal energies, Gemini has periods of high movement and learning followed by time to process and assimilate.

Gemini brings many creative ideas, clever comebacks and spot-on humor that can uplift and heal. They can be prophetic healers in their highest expression, weaving realms of shadow and light. Part of Gemini’s soul growth requires that they face and integrate the duality within themselves and move beyond the polarized thinking of either/or, black/white, and to embrace the full color spectrum of this world. Through this process, they learn to make space for every part of themselves. Because of this, they can serve as a profound guide to others, walking with them into the underworld and engaging with the shadow.  

The Shadow of Gemini

The shadow of Gemini is when we continue to follow logic and gather information without taking time to slow down and integrate the lessons learned. Each thought can create a counterthought and then another, building momentum, until we lose agency over where we choose to direct our focus. This can lead to mental exhaustion and confusion.

In Gemini, we also can get stuck when we think we know all there is to know, overcompensating and attaching to our intellect. Sometimes this can lead to following information that may seem perfectly logical and rational but fails to align with truth, such as conspiracy theories. However, we must learn to stay teachable and learn to feel and intuitively connect to what is authentic. The best teachers are those who continue their own path of learning.

Working with the Shapeshifter Archetype

Another shadow aspect of Gemini involves the element of duplicity. Because Gemini can quickly adapt to the social cues around them and may be quite skilled at asking all the right questions and knowing the clever thing to say, it can be hard to know what is true. They can be adept shapeshifters, flowing into precisely what is expected of them but not what is genuine. 

Shapeshifters are unpredictable as they can change their form and point of view to fit any situation. They perceive what is assumed about them and can intuitively read the room. This capacity develops as a method of survival. While the ability to adapt to sudden changes in circumstances, intuitively tracking what is happening in the environment to anticipate threats or potential harm is an essential skill that helps keep us safe, it can become so ingrained in us that we don’t realize we are doing it. At the same time, this highly versatile archetype can easily hold space for different points of view and agree with both sides of an argument. However, this makes it challenging to know where they stand, as their intention and true motives can be hidden from view. 

This lunation guides us into an exploration of our dual nature. We can become more conscious of our patterns and learn when we are still operating from past conditioning or when we are functioning within the present time.

We may have learned in the past that it was too risky to express ourselves so we notice where we have been conditioned to stay silent. We may become confused about what we believe, or we might wish to change our minds. We can become more aware of how we are using our survival strategies so that we can begin a new method of sharing who we really are. We reflect on the ways in which we disassociate when we are met with discomfort. Do we immediately change the subject and look away from what is real? Do we create experiences where we can hold a victim stance in order to express our otherwise suppressed anger? How can we make space for what we feel in a healthy way? The key is to trust our intuition and go inwards to find our right direction.

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

James Baldwin
Image Credit: Linda Xu

We are Invited to Integrate Information

The sun and moon in Gemini make a powerful T-square to Neptune in Pisces and the Galactic center. This new moon chart is inviting us to stretch and grow beyond the conditioned self. Gemini is about information, seeing patterns, connection and communication. Pisces relates to our emotional body, psychic hunches and dreams. This square forms a tension that can wake us up to something we were unconscious to so that we can break the pattern, specifically around misunderstanding, confusion and disillusionment. Gemini cleverly crafts dialogue while Pisces absorbs what isn’t being said, reading the space in-between words, which can bring us into a situation where there are completely different ways of perceiving the same situation. Ultimately, we have an opportunity to connect more deeply within and allow our intuition to show us a new interpretation.

We may find we are speaking the same words as someone else, but we don’t mean the same thing. We feel into places where energy doesn’t match the dialogue. There may be mixed messages and false assumptions. Things are not as clear as they seem. We tend to only see things from our own subjective perspective and miss the reality of the situation surrounding us. We are more susceptible to cynicism, escapism and manipulation. We may get lost in a victim mentality and block our ability to receive the available support. If we meet discomfort, we can gain a new viewpoint through the challenge. We can connect to a higher alignment with Unity Consciousness of how we are all connected, and this unique point of view weaves into our lives. We can deepen our empathic hearts and practice compassion.

Each of us has a very rich nature and can look at things objectively, from a distance, and at the same time can have something more personal to say about them. I am trying to look at the world, and at myself, from many different points of view. I think many poets have this duality.

Wislawa Szymborska

This new moon calls us inward to feel our way through the fog. Our intuitive voice guides us. Foundations built on illusions are dissolving away so we can live from our hearts and clarify a dream. It is vital to take all the space required to unplug, go within and deeply listen. Our power is in the current moment. The awareness of where we are not present allows us to comprehend where we need to be available and engaged. A divine message flows underneath it all, and we need time to translate this sacred text.

By reflecting on our patterns and providing space for all the parts of ourselves, we meet a time of cosmic revelation and much-needed integration. We have been acclimating to higher frequencies and energetic codes and are processing new information at a rapid pace. This new moon asks, what is all this learning for? Where are we called to share the wealth of information we have gathered? How does it all intertwine? We need time to assess and reclaim our agency around where we choose to bring our attention consciously.

We Practice Discernment

This lunation gives us an inner reflection of our choices. The cosmic weather has been shaking up what is stagnant, and this new moon marks a necessary time to choose something that moves us forward and cultivate a new way of being. We can take more responsibility in our relationships and our decisions so that we can make and build a long-term vision that is more authentic and aligned. This is an important time to practice discernment in order to direct our focus and attention to what we wish to create and give our all. This new moon calls us back into ourselves to reconnect with our dreams. We can be distracted by multiple things that ultimately matter very little to us because it is easier to be busy than to commit to something that means everything. It may take time, but we can take responsibility for our overall happiness and invest in our long-term visions. 

We Reclaim Our Sovereignty

This is the second of three lunation cycles aligned with the asteroid Juno. Consequently, big themes around loyalty and sovereignty are activated during this time. There is great potential for transformation as this cosmic energy is awakening us to the places where we have given our power away to others and recognizing more of the power that lies within. Juno teaches us the benefit of being loyal to ourselves first and foremost. Where we have Juno in our natal charts is where we are learning about shadow loyalty and deepening into our commitment to ourselves. 

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”

Alice Walker

Juno transiting in the sign of Gemini amplifies the importance of emotional bonds. We hold space for connections that match our standard of integrity and support. We can easily meet our emotional needs in relationships and clarify where we are with one another.

We awaken to false narratives we have been telling ourselves about power, releasing how we have allowed others to speak and decide for us and strengthening our ability to trust ourselves and share our perspective. We are encouraged to speak honestly and utilize our words with thoughtfulness and intention.

Image Credit: David Brooke Martin

Cosmic Weather

One significant feature of this new moon chart is that Pluto returned to Capricorn on June 11th and is activating a familiar narrative around the systems and structures that no longer support the process of our evolution. Consciousness is evolving, and we shed our old concepts and conditioning to build a new world.

Additionally, Neptune and Saturn (both in Pisces) are in their Station phases, drawing our attention to their archetypical themes more intensely. These themes can’t be ignored and require our full attention.

Saturn in Pisces aligns with Mercury in Gemini, bringing the ability to hone and direct our mind, practice discernment and commit to structures that support our spiritual growth. We have a more methodical and serious way of thinking, allowing us to contemplate where our choices have led us and to see the consequences of our actions so that we can rededicate ourselves to our vision and take more responsibility for our happiness.

The new moon is semi-square Venus in Leo. Both Mars and Venus are in the sign of Leo in the new moon chart, igniting our ability to express ourselves and inventively shine our unique light. We can tap into our creative potential in design, visual art, storytelling and writing. It is vital that we find a way to express what we are authentically feeling and work with what emotions are arising. What may be hard to say might be easier to sing. We may feel more heard and understood through visual concepts. We may rededicate ourselves to our writing practice and deepen our capacity for healing and connecting through the power of our words. Through our willingness to experiment, we open to the next steps of our healing.

The new moon is trine Hygeia in Aquarius, bringing creative solutions and innovative ideas to support our wellbeing. What works well may be highly unconventional, requiring us to step back and perceive a bigger vision for our life. Collaborations and connections weave new pathways for us to practice radical self-care.

The new moon is square Ceres in Virgo, making us sensitive to criticism and reminding us of the importance in bringing more nurturing and acceptance to the feminine aspect of our nature. Even if we may not feel understood in this moment, there is a powerful opportunity to examine the patterns in our lives and what isn’t in alignment so that we can create and nurture what is more supportive to our health and sacred work.

The new moon is trine the dwarf planet Haumea in Libra. She is the Hawaiian goddess associated with conception and childbirth. Through our connection to Haumea, we can tap into an enormous flow of creative energy, further amplifying the recurring themes of rebirth, endings, and beginnings.

Sedna entered Gemini on June 15, 2023, where it will remain until November and then retrograde back into Taurus. As Sedna has an incredibly slow-moving orbit (11,400 years), this signifies a significant energetic shift into new galactic information. Over the next 18 months, Sedna and Pluto will align as they both move out of the last degrees of earth signs and into air signs bringing innovation, new information and different forms of communication.

The Invitation

This Cosmic weather guides us into mystical waters, synthesizing our words with dreams. We connect to what we wish to call in and how we wish to feel and then hand over how this will happen to the cosmos. We connect to pure dreamy creative potential when we are willing to see through illusion and trust in the divine timing for our soul’s intention. What reality have we yet to see fully? What might be possible if we surrendered and opened to the truth of who we are? Our imagination and intuition are heightened, amplifying our Source Connection. Can we intentionally slow down to create the spaciousness needed to hear divine messages?

This lunation supports us in following our curiosity to new pathways and new learning. We slow down to take in all we have learned and contemplate the tangible results of our creation. Through this process, we reclaim our agency and are empowered to make more conscious choices that align with our vision. We venture towards a new beginning with a fresh outlook on our life.  

“The challenge of being forced outside your normal patterns can lead to new ways of thinking and behaving that open doors never noticed before.”

Rick Rubin

The new moon invites us to stay grounded and aligned, even during discomfort and conflict. The way through any tension is to lean into our faith that the universe is conspiring in our favor. It is essential to process and feel our truth, allow time for unstructured creativity and tend to our nervous systems.

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