Full Moon in Capricorn: Closing Karmic Cycles 

The full moon in 11°18’ of Capricorn on July 3rd (6:39 a.m. CDT) is an initiation into a new level of awareness and our next steps in becoming a spiritually mature adult.

Conversations and connections with people from our past allow us to process and confront old narratives and metabolize stored emotional pain. What isn’t rooted in an emotional sense of security is projected outward. We reflect on what we must defend, protect and release.

This full moon brings to fruition what was put in place on January 2nd, 2022. Whatever was consciously or unconsciously set in motion during this time has allowed us to rebuild something more genuine and aligned to our purpose.

What arises now will inform the blueprints of a better structure to reclaim our agency. This medicine is uncovered through our ability to tune into what is ready to move through us. At this time, we are being asked to ground into our integrity and rise to meet what we are energetically invited to complete.

This full moon is also a “Super Full Moon,” which occurs when the moon is at its closest distance to Earth. We feel the effects of this lunation more intensely due to this proximity.

This cycle heightens our emotions and sensitivity, so it is necessary to create a space that will allow us to tend to our vulnerabilities. Our intuitive antenna is dialed in. We honor our psychic senses that know instantly when something feels off. We follow the feeling that guides us back into new knowledge about ourselves.

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Capricorn as an Archetype

The archetype of Capricorn represents endurance, inner authority, and self-realization. While building the structures and processes necessary to support the creative vision, it nurtures what is sustainable. It learns that with patience and perseverance, our highest aspirations can be attained. The development of integrity, resilience, dependability, and the ability to define appropriate boundaries constitutes its strongest manifestations.

Capricorn is also associated with environmental structures and societal parameters. We unravel our relationship to our previous conditioning so we can connect to our inner authority and be grounded into our spiritual integrity. In Capricorn, we learn to operate within the parameters necessary for our soul’s work.

“Sustainability is the key to our survival on this planet and will also determine success on all levels.”

Shari Arison

This lunation cycle guides us reflect on our current roles and obligations. The systems and structures that do not support us must be released in order for us to authentically rebuild. We may feel we want things to go a certain way, but life is showing us the reality of where things are actually going that may or may not meet our ego’s expectations. We may find ourselves trying to understand how we can participate in society within a new structure or be asked to shed an old one.

Image Credit: Eduardo Barrios

The Capricorn-Cancer Polarity

In Cancer, we explore our relationship to safety and security in family, our bloodline and in our foundations, both real and abstract. This sign embodies the energy of the Record Keepers by honoring family traditions and stories that are taught and preserved.

This cosmic energy supports us in associations where we can meet others more easily at the emotional level and can sense the subtle shifts in relationship dynamics when we tune into our sixth sense. When we are emotionally honest, sincere and connected to our needs, we can open to receive deeper nourishment and authentic engagement.

Capricorn is the sign of the Elder and Crone archetypes, symbolizing wisdom, repose and death. Through this energy, we can draw on the wisdom of our life experience, embrace our true nature and move more easily through life transitions.

One of the biggest challenges in life is fully accepting our current circumstance. Our Western culture does not value or accept aging, and we often have a complex process of self-acceptance. We can call upon the energies of the Elder and the Crone to pull us inward to access more of our wisdom and light. This full moon asks us to face our current reality, see things as they are and come into acceptance of what is and isn’t working.

The Crone, in its highest expression, anchors into powerful insight with shrewdness and discernment to guide the community to decisions that honor the welfare of the planet and current and future generations.

“I’m moving into that eldership age, you know? I’m at the ‘wise woman’ age where it’s not about learning, but utilizing the information that I have in a way that serves other people. That’s a high calling and it’s a great responsibility.”

Iyanla Vanzant

Working with this polarity, we sense that something needs to be brought into balance around our inner needs, personal responsibility and roles in society. Capricorn provides the systems and structures that support the inner practice of Cancer. When we are integrated in both archetypes, there is an understanding that our inner life informs and supports our outer obligations, and when we are rooted within ourselves and what we need, we have a stronger capacity to grow and attain our outer goals. As we reflect on our journey into Spiritual Maturity, we are asked to define what responsible self-care really looks like and delve into our integrity and self-knowing. We may be challenged to take more responsibility for our own needs and be accountable to ourselves in a more honest way. We receive clarity on what it is that we are longing to sustain in our lives so that we can create the space to nurture it into form.

This full moon illuminates ancient records and the Record Keepers. We are asked to cherish our connections, the stories of our ancestors and time with our soul family. The moment has come to summon the wise Elder within us and to practice discernment and sacred consideration with our choices—and it is in this transition we can come into a new level of personal and collective restructuring.

Image Credit: Nsey Benajah

Neptune Retrograde In Pisces

Neptune in Pisces begins its retrograde phase a few days before the full moon is exact. When a planet slows down to station, it brings the archetypal themes into the front and center of our focus. This draws attention to our imaginational realm, emotional body and dreams. Neptune dissolves what is in the way of receiving our soul’s intention. The way through is not linear but one that is intuitive and led by our hearts. We heal what we are holding onto to create new space for source connection.

The first step on this journey is awakening to how we are in denial, what illusions we engage with, and specifically, our methods of spiritual bypassing.

We are summoned to face our disillusionment, especially where we claim to be compassionate, yet our actions are anything but. Compassion is a grounded daily spiritual practice, and we can get lost in the fantasy of our ideals and not see our current reality.

Over the next five months of Neptune’s retrograde, we consider whether we are fully in touch with our soul’s yearning for love and unity. Where do we need to practice more compassion? What do we need to support self-care? What messages are being revealed by synchronicity and in our dreams? Where are we still holding onto victim consciousness, and at what cost? Where have I left my compassionate heart?

“Where do I rush to pathologize another or label them as ‘unsafe’ or ‘toxic’ rather than acknowledging and honoring my own limited desire, capacity, or willingness to relate in the face of difference?”

James-Olivia Chu Hillman

We Take Back Our Power

This is the third consecutive lunation cycle in which the asteroid Juno has been influencing the cosmic weather and a major voice in the conversation. Juno teaches us about the importance of being loyal to ourselves first and foremost. Working with this archetype, we face the places where we have given our power away to others in exchange for our loyalty to them.

With Juno in the sign of Cancer, we are invited down the halls of our emotional memories to repattern something that has held influence over us and which is keeping us from the next stages of our soul’s growth. By following the lessons and instinctual ways of the Cancer archetype, we can learn how to care for our inner child. Through this inquiry, we can strengthen our emotional capacities; through reparenting ourselves we can be our most compassionate, empathetic, and available selves.

We Release Outdated Structures Within

If we are in a traumatized state, we are often either trapped in a response to something that has already happened, or we are in anticipation of something that could happen again. We perceive situations as threats because our perception is distorted and isn’t necessarily what is occurring in reality. We become stuck between the past and present time. We are now called to cultivate a deeper connection to our emotional body, trusting its ability to feel and trusting these stuck energies to move through us.

Through trauma-informed practices we can begin to understand the ways our nervous system gets dysregulated and begin to notice more and more what we are feeling and create a container for safely feeling whatever arises.

What has happened to us has already occurred and it can only have power over us now if we allow it. Now we have the opportunity to repair and rebuild from where we are and not be defined by what we have been through, and instead, allow it to integrate into our storyline. Often, we mistake people’s opinions as fact and may allow our pain to confine us in some way. We are not defined by one moment or experience. Now is the time to reflect on whether there is a new perspective or vantage point that we haven’t considered.

This full moon shines a light on where our perception was created from a false belief and provides an opportunity to reparent, reflect and reclaim more of who we are. We begin to sense our role beyond this dimension and reality so that we might integrate this awareness of our vastness and root into this knowing.

We are learning to liberate ourselves from our history and anything else which drains our life force. Through the energy of constriction, we are prompted to let go of our deepest attachments. This lunation opens a portal through time and space that revisits a memory where energy has been fragmented so that we might heal and open ourselves to receive more of our power in the present moment. We can free ourselves from past moments where we have disassociated, attached or over-identified and are able to remember more of who we are from a soul level.

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Cosmic Weather

The full moon opposes Shiva, Juno and Mercury in Cancer. Shiva assists us in moving out of our comfort zone, shows any instances where we have given shadow allegiance to our family and allows us see a deeper truth in our karmic ties. Mercury in Cancer offers new insight into our emotional reality and invites us to trust our sincere and tender heart to find the right words, and also feel into what isn’t being said, which often can also be powerful information.

Saturn sextiles the full moon in Capricorn, tightening down on the energy of restriction so that we can let go of our attachments, remember what is essential and direct our focus towards our long-term plans.

The full moon squares Chiron in Aries. This activates our relationship to abandonment and a karmic call to learn through confrontation. Which identities are we now called to shed or heal? How can we honor what is arising as sacred, even when it is hard? We must deeply listen to what we need to defend and follow our intuition so that we might choose our battles wisely.

“Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves even when we risk disappointing others.”

Brené Brown

The full moon is trine Jupiter in Taurus, supporting us to have faith in the higher process of life that is unfolding, reflect on where we are being asked to expand and to take a courageous step toward our vision for the future.

The moon aligns with Pluto in Capricorn 36 hours after the full moon is exact, unlocking old frameworks and patterns that are keeping us from our power. What are we still holding onto that is no longer resonant, or that is decaying or dying? What is our responsibility and what is a manipulation? What do we need revisit to mature into our empowerment?

Image Credit: Ken Shono

The Invitation

This lunation invites us to face and clear our karmic contracts. External events may shock and dysregulate our nervous systems, causing us to tighten our boundaries, resources and energy preserves and to expand our self-care. We might also commit to structures that support receiving nourishment and honor our limits. We feel into what is required to tend to our sensitive and practical sides. We summon ourselves back to ourselves to reconnect and create balance between our inner and outer worlds.

While we can’t change the situation or the behaviors of others, we can choose how we respond by honoring what emotions are arising, rooting into our integrity and drawing a clear boundary when needed. We are invited to practice surrendering that which we can’t control to Spirit. Only then can we begin to understand why events are occurring as they are.

Now is the time to trust in our own spiritual advancement. All this serves as a new clearing and purposeful restructuring, even if it feels a bit like unnecessary suffering at first.

Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not

Oprah Winfrey

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