Full Moon in Aquarius: Love Rebel

The full moon in 9°15’ of Aquarius on August 1st (2:32 p.m. CDT) offers cosmic insights. We awaken to new truths that serve our ultimate liberation. 

This lunation sets the stage for the Blue Moon in the sign of Pisces on August 30, 2023. We stand on the cusp of change.

The path ahead is different from where we have been. We feel a sense of something new that is emerging and have a powerful opportunity to dissolve old paradigms and go our own way, breaking with convention and following what is exciting, new and different

This full moon is the second of four consecutive Super Moons, increasing the electromagnetic field and amplifying the effects. This cycle illuminates any injustices and what has been hidden so that we can reflect and refine where we are headed. Our emotions and intuitive perceptions are heightened now, supporting us in shedding what is no longer serving our growth. 

Stories come full circle to show us where we have lost the connection to our values and where we need to further integrate.

We can bring clarity and acceptance to what is ending. We stand on the cusp of change.

Breakthroughs are available to us if we are able to follow the guidance of our hearts. 

This full moon relates to the new moon in Aquarius on January 21st, 2023. We connect with the growth from the last six months and reflect on how far we have come and how we feel about what we are creating.

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The Archetype of Aquarius

Aquarius represents innovation, individuality, and intellect. This archetype seeks to reform and holds the vision for the future of humanity. Working with this energy, we learn to balance the desire for collaboration and sociability while staying true to our sense of individuality. 

Aquarius is associated with The Rebel, The Outcast and The Orphan. Part of the archetypal journey is to learn to see our differences as an asset and a necessary part of the cosmic whole. This can be challenging when we have been made to feel that our differences are wrong or shameful. Fear of rejection can keep us from reaching out to others or following the intuitive voice that would cause us to stand apart.

This lunation asks us to embrace our differences and recognize that looking in from the outside can be the exact viewpoint necessary to perceive innovative solutions. 

In a world filled with sequels and Instagram filters, we fail to see the importance of standing out. We don’t need any more of the same. There is nothing interesting or creative about conformity. Real growth and change cannot be born when we choose what is comfortable and only interact with those who think and act exactly like us. Looking outside the box is part of the genius and superpower of the Aquarian archetype.

Creative solutions arise when we dare to be different.

We can be the change we wish to see in the world and move towards what is truly possible.

It begins with our willingness to be seen.

This lunation calls us to honor our uniqueness and to use it to ignite our creative voice.

“Regardless of how absurd our inner calling might seem, it’s authentically ours and doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else”

John Cabot Zinn 

The shadow of Aquarius may get us locked into a single outlook and we may think our view is the only right one. We can become stuck in the theories of our minds and detach from those around us. Aquarius has the ability to attune to a powerful vision of where the collective is evolving but can struggle to relate to their present reality and how to communicate their perspective to their audience. They can hold high ideals for humanity in theory but fail to see where they need to take action. 

Other forms of shadow may manifest as apathy, elitism and aloofness. As Aquarius can represent social justice and the power of the people, it also can represent division between points of view and social classes.

We have forgotten how to live in a world where we can connect despite our differences, find common ground and work together for the highest good. Not valuing our differences has created an increased separation from each other and has collectively disconnected ourselves from our hearts.

Aquarius is often associated with Humanitarianism and holding a vision that serves the collective. It’s easy to become so certain that we’re correct or that we’ve progressed spiritually that we only prefer to engage with others who share our level of development. To truly follow our vision and bring it into form we may be required to take action steps that bring us outside our comfort zone. As innovation and technology advance, they may be used by more elite individuals whose ideas and values don’t support the highest evolution of humanity. As each archetype holds both the shadow and the light, in Aquarius we must also look at the intention and values of how groups interact and the shadow of technology and innovation.

The Leo – Aquarius Polarity

Leo represents our authentic self-expression, where we develop our creativity and recognize our unique gifts. Leo is our passion and heart and it’s here where we explore what lights us up. This sign embodies our ability to create and recognize our role as divine co-creator. 

Aquarius is the sign of the cosmic heart, interweaving our gifts in service to the collective ecosystem. Here, we feel our interconnectedness with all of humanity and merge our gifts within a higher structure. 

Aquarius is the sign of the cosmic heart, interweaving our gifts in service to the collective ecosystem. Here, we feel our interconnectedness with all of humanity and merge our gifts within a higher structure. 

“My authenticity is my rebellion.” 

Viola Davis

Working with this polarity, we begin to have a greater sense of how our frequency vibrates within the collective orchestra and can attune to a bigger vision that excites and inspires our next steps. We are summoned to integrate and heal these energies within us so that we can open to the divine downloads that are being communicated to us at this time. This may bring us into uncomfortable truths about our current status or ask us to take new creative risks. We may have examined where we have been too self-involved or too isolated and are now invited to come down from the mountain to rejoin the community. The more openness we can give ourselves to reflect, the more self-acceptance we can cultivate. What is required is our willingness to look towards and be with that which is being illuminated.

This lunation invites us to a new understanding of our role so that we have to courage to create and break the mold of our old structures and paradigms.

We must face what has been oppressed and unjust within the culture and within ourselves so that we can look practically at what we are co-creating in the present time and decide if we like what we see. We face hard truths and may be called to speak on behalf of justice and equality in order to build a more inclusive world.

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Redefining Community

Aquarius represents our relationship to Belonging and how we experience the collective through being ourselves. Working with this archetype, we balance our love of freedom and autonomy with our desire to connect and collaborate. We inherently seek to be a part of something greater than ourselves. Our individual ideas of what that looks like within a community are primarily subjective. While most can agree that Belonging includes feeling welcome, safe, accepted and approved by a group or society, our individual needs and aspirations of what that looks like may vary significantly based on who we are. Feeling comfortable and safe in a community may be centered around the ideals, viewpoint and life experience of the group’s founders, but this runs the risk of neglecting to understand the perspectives of others who are different.

As our collective consciousness evolves, we are tasked to transcend places where our ideas have been fixed to not only see outside of our own views but to also include the essential lessons that have informed who we are and have offered deep wisdom.

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.” 

Amy Poehler

What old beliefs and past wounds around Belonging are we still holding that keep us from authentic connection? How can we hold space for differences within a community and ourselves? Where are we locked into our ideas being the right way? How might we accept more of our own eccentric and unique aspects of ourselves? What does healthy collaboration look like? 

As Pluto transits the late degrees of Capricorn, we reflect on the structures and systems that no longer serve our evolution. We are asked to embody the new model that aligns with our highest vision for humanity. 

In a world that has become increasingly polarized, we need to remember how we are intertwined. There can be a complete rejection or disdain of what is trending, accepted or popular. To be different can be our greatest asset when we accept who we are. We can bring forth innovative ideas and new creative solutions that no one else has ever considered. The highest expression of Aquarius weaves strong community relationships that hold space for others’ differences while finding a common ground that can provide a higher service to humanity. We can express ourselves in a way that permits others to more fully accept themselves. Our networks can ground and support our highest vision, and what we bring to the table is all part of the higher ecosystem. 

“It is the black sheep’s destiny to stand apart. But paradoxically, it’s only when she honors that apartness that she finally fits in”

Toko-pa Turner

We Face Powerful Truths

This cycle brings us into creative tension to clarify our values. We must face hard reality to shake us out of where we have fit a mold that has kept us from revealing who we really are. We can access our authentic voice and where we can speak on behalf of injustices. We can learn to hold space for a higher place of love that rebels against a toxic structure. 

By exploring the range between a tension of opposites we can come to understand where we are now and where we are called to grow. We uncover the ways in which we have dissociated from humanity to protect our vulnerability. We may have nervous system fatigue and should honor what we need to come into balance. We may realize how we have looked down on specific groups or chosen to isolate ourselves and can now see how being separate doesn’t serve our growth and evolution. We may have normalized apathy as a way of being and now must develop a practice of compassion that honors the divinity and humanity within all of us. Wherever we are, we are encouraged to begin and to step into more courage so that we can hear our truth more clearly.

Our power comes from our willingness to look, and this lunation invites us to reconnect our minds with our hearts in order to feel what our next steps should be.

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Cosmic Weather

This is the first full moon since the moon’s nodes entered the signs of Aries and Libra and Venus stationed retrograde. We are reflecting on how we relate and are coming into a deeper understanding of our relationship needs and what we value.

Jupiter in Taurus forms a T-square with the full moon and sun and trines Mars in Virgo. This dynamic amplifies our creative spark and asks us how to make our vision real. We feel enthusiastic about starting something new and have the grounded energetic support  require to organize and create the steps and strategies that will support our vision. 

Saturn in Pisces is opposite Mercury in Virgo in this full moon chart. This aspect guides us into reflection on what isn’t working and prompts us to create tactics to create the desired changes. We can make powerful strides in building the systems and routines that support our well-being and highest service. 

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn continues to square the moon’s nodes. This energy highlights what is no longer serving our evolution. It can be a critical time to consciously grieve any of the old ways we are still holding onto so that we can create more space to fully step into the new cycle with intention.

The full moon is conjunct with the asteroid Chariklo activating the energies of grace, healing and compassion. Chariklo is a powerful space holder for healing and transformation. She guides us to look beyond the physical realm to embrace the unknown. Her presence in this full moon chart supports us in awakening to where we are called to serve the collective.

The full moon opposes the asteroids Kali and Hekate in Leo. These powerful goddesses support us in powerful breakthroughs that cut through illusions of our ego projections so that we can attune to our creative magic and intuitive voice.

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The Invitation

This cycle gives us the courage to forge our own path and a new perception of how our creative signature intertwines with a larger cosmic blueprint. We may get a glimpse of a future chapter that allows us to see more of our soul’s intention.

We reflect on the places where we have been hyper-individualized, isolated or apathetic. There are many vulnerable groups whose rights have been stripped away and who need our hearts and support. This is a necessary time to reflect on where we are guided to bring our voices. We may tend to come from a more rational mind of weighing pros and cons, but the answer now should come from our hearts. 

With the increase in the intensity of energies, we may find ourselves reactive or rebelling. It is essential to discern what is underneath our emotions and what they are guiding us towards. Are we rooted in a sense of self-connection that is informing our way forward? Is our rebellion related to a higher cause, an authentic desire, or is it sabotage? True rebellion is a nudge from our soul to stand in our truth, speak up and speak out. Our soul will guide our hearts toward an authentic rebellion that breaks away from where we have become stagnant to create new emergent strategies toward revolution.

“Blessed are the weird people: poets, misfits, writers, mystics, painters, troubadours, for they teach us to see the world through different eyes.”

Jacob Nordby

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