Pisces Full Moon: Spiritual Backbone

The full moon in 7°5′ of Pisces on August 30th (8:36 p.m. CDT) invites us to sense the subtle frequencies that impact our energetic field and connect to what feels aligned with our soul’s essence.

We make space for all we feel and allow it to inform what is deeply restricting. 

This is the third of four consecutive Super Moons, which occur when the moon is closer to Earth than usual, amplifying the impact of its tidal and electromagnetic pulls on the Earth. Since this is the second Full Moon of August, it is also an instance of the mythical “Blue Moon”!

Waves of emotions bring new levels of trust to guide us through the unknown. Confusion brings us into faith and awakens our soul prayer for the dreams we wish to nurture. We might discover something that is challenging to grasp. We must be present to feel first and allow the more profound meaning to inform and unfold in divine timing. 

Since February 20th, this energy has been building to illuminate where our subconscious programming and ancestral trauma have kept us from seeing what is truly possible and to have faith in our role as divine co-creators.

We bring awareness to the unseen forces that flow through our physical world.

Seven planets—Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto—are all in retrograde motion at the time of this full moon. This suggests a great need for inner processing and connecting to the archetypal energies within ourselves that are restructuring our lives.

Image Credit: Ibai Acevedo

The Archetype of Pisces

Pisces represents source connection, openness, faith, and compassion. As the last sign of the Zodiac, it holds the energy of all the signs within it, representing the completion of a cycle and the transmutation of energy into a new form. This archetype is associated with our spiritual dream before it reaches physical form.

“Psychic and paranormal phenomena will always be a source of controversy, because it is an inconvenient reminder that there is more to our reality than meets the eye.” 

Anthon St. Maarten

When we tune into Pisces, we connect to a higher spiritual truth that directs our attention to what is truly meaningful. This is the divine energy that is waking up to itself and longs to know itself in the purest form. On this level, there is no separation. Everything is interconnected. Pisces energy longs to merge with that feeling of oneness and return to source energy. Through this archetype, we can hold a deeper compassion, empathy and love for others and recognize the sacredness of their spiritual journey in this life.

Pisces corresponds to understanding the deeper connection that flows through everything. Each soul is a droplet in the ocean of divine love. Through Pisces, we recognize an aspect of this divine love in all of life. Everything is inherently right when we remember who we are prior to our conditions in this physical form. 

Pisces energy, when unintegrated, shows us where we are disillusioned and project ultimate meaning to something that isn’t what it seems. This full moon reveals something new that we haven’t yet been able to fully see—a catalyst for awakening. What new insights and information are present now that we couldn’t perceive before?

Through our Shadow Inquiry with Pisces, we see where we have hidden aspects of ourselves. We may hide through addiction, shape-shifting or escapism. We can become followers of cultural expectations or a specific path, fading into the background instead of fully standing in our spiritual essence. We can numb out through addiction and co-dependency, keeping ourselves from feeling the suffering in our lives and in the world. We can become diluted and weighted down with the density of all that we feel and absorb, losing our connection to who we really are and even becoming apathetic towards others. 

This full moon asks us where we have abandoned our hearts and how we can come back into a practice of presence to more fully embrace what we feel and what we value.

We reflect on the patterns we have learned that keep us hidden, numb and disconnected from our intuitive voice. We may be guided through karmic ties to our family line and archetypes that used survival to bring a more conscious awareness to our creative protentional that wants to thrive. 

We are called to build a healthy identity and develop those parts of ourselves that have been taken advantage of or feel too vulnerable to be seen. In order to balance this energy, we must work to bring a healthy sense of discernment so that we might reinforce boundaries and conscious choices and fully incorporate all aspects of self into this physical realm. We learn that we can have needs, boundaries and a sense of self and surrender any old conditioned patterns of being a martyr or sacrificing our genuine needs for others. 

The Virgo – Pisces Polarity

The Virgo/Pisces axis incorporates the elements of earth (Virgo) and water (Pisces) and manifests as physical, concrete reality (earth) infused with spiritual reality (water/heaven). Virgo represents practical service, devotion and our daily routines. It is associated with our digestive system and our ability to discern what is useful and nourishing, and also what is toxic and needs to be released. Through Virgo, we bring a holistic approach to support our well-being. Pisces is associated with our immune system and healing at an emotional and energetic level. Through forgiveness and self-compassion, it can begin to make repairs after heartbreak. Through Pisces, we learn to become a sacred vessel of healing through which the divine can work through us. 

Working with this polarity, we must integrate between the intuitive and the practical, the mental and the emotional. We are asked to recognize when we are explaining what we are feeling vs. experiencing it.

We are also asked to shed the need to fix parts of ourselves or see ourselves as flawed and instead honor our wholeness.

Both Pisces and Virgo are connected to our health and path of service. In order to be useful in service, we must commit ourselves to the practices and routines that support our bodies and soul. This may bring us into some uncomfortable awareness of what we tend to avoid and what distracts us from what we know we need to do to take care of ourselves.

“In order to trust your vibes, you have to first be able to sense them—and to do this, you must quiet your mind.” 

Sonia Choquette
Image Credit: Chelsea Shapouri

We Deepen Our Source Connection

Pisces enhances our dreams and connects to the energy of the unseen that connects beyond the veil of the physical realm. This energy shows us the art of a spiritual being practicing being human.

This is an important time to rededicate ourselves to practices that support greater meaning in our lives and a deeper connection to our intuitive voice. We can create tools and strategies that uphold our psychic sight and connection to our guides. 

Intuition is subtle and sensing. To get in touch with our intuitive wisdom, we must be willing to listen. A deeper presence is available to us if we tune into it now.

This full moon opens us to new worlds and guides us toward greater trust of the path that is unfolding and the development of our intuitive muscle.

This lunation asks us to reflect on what has atrophied on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level, and where we need to bring more focus and attention to our conscious development. We heal from the places within ourselves that have been afraid to be fully seen. We open our insight into any unconscious patterns that have been protecting our sensitive side and any trauma from past heartbreak. We can see the connection of the spiritual through all aspects of our lives and how all our dimensions are here to support our highest service. This full moon shines a light on where we have been disassociated and allows us to begin a journey of personal development with compassion and presence.

“Intuition is really a sudden immersion of the soul into the universal current of life.”

Paul Coelho

We Heal Our Ancestral Trauma

Saturn is currently in its retrograde phase and conjunct the full moon, illuminating a process of what is ending and what is being removed. We enter a period of karmic processing and are called to take responsibility for our own experiences. It can be a serious wake-up call to the reality of our situation, but ultimately serves us in the development of a spiritual backbone and greater sovereignty over our destiny. 

This energy asks us to move beyond victim consciousness and onto the path of spiritual maturity.

Through stillness and listening, we learn to tune into the energy inside and around us. We clarify what isn’t serving us, and we now understand where we have been disempowered by what we cannot control. We are also called to be more accountable for our own experience. We see what comprises our personal responsibility and are more aware of our choices and their ramifications. Through this process, we commit to taking the concrete steps that support our long-term vision and trust ourselves to be able to handle what work needs to be done. 

“I’ve never seen any life transformation that didn’t begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own bullshit.”

Elizabeth Gilbert

This lunation guides us into healing old pathways of ancestral trauma that have kept us operating from old programming that was built for us to survive, but has also made us lose our ability to dream and believe in our capacity to thrive. Our subconscious perceives threats in the unknown and the new.

That which we carry from psychic DNA, we are asked to transmute into the real and tangible. We are asked to let go to allow a dream we have been harboring in our hearts to come forward. We can merge our creative energy with practical strategies to create sustainable growth.  

The Invitation

This lunation shows us what our ego has attached to and identified with that now limits our spiritual development. We sense more of what energetically needs to come to completion, forgiven and healed. Now, we are able enter a sacred chamber within that helps us to restore and attune with the depths of our soul and understand what being aligned truly feels like in our bodies and in our lives. This lunation dissolves what inhibits our self-expression.

Creativity is the route to more personal power. We can access more of our creative voice through our willingness to feel and process all that is arising. We open to innovation and insight and can easily ground our ideas into form.  

There is much potential for healing, miracles and opening to mystical grace when we come into inner alignment and connection to our sacred contract and our soul prayer.

This is an important time to connect to our intuitive and feeling self. What would a healthy spiritual practice that nurtures our intuitive side look like? How might we show up differently in our daily lives if we trusted our sixth sense and understood our role as a spiritual co-creator?

This full moon teaches us to embody unconditional love and call in a miracle. Through the practices of self-love and discernment, we connect to our intuitive voice that guides us to a higher truth. We learn to embody and share more of who we are as we transform and begin to heal ancestral trauma.

“Our Ancestors knew that healing comes in cycles and circles.

One generation carries the pain so that the next can live and heal.

One cannot live without the other, each is the other’s hope, meaning & strength.” 

Gemma B. Benton

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