Aries Full Moon: Fan the Flame

The full moon in 6° of Aries on September 29th (4:57 a.m. CDT) catalyzes pivotal transformation, allowing us to get in touch with our intuitive knowing and initiate needed changes. 

This lunation brings closure and the courage to act and step out of our own way.

This is the fourth consecutive Super Moon and the final Super Moon of the year. We are encouraged to pause and reflect on what we no longer wish to carry. This Super Moon amplifies our emotions and heightens our sensitive side so we can feel what is true. We can sense what is thriving and move with inspiration towards new adventures and new beginnings. We are invited to evaluate where we currently are and how we feel about the direction we are headed.

This full moon illuminates the truth of our situation so that we can shed old patterns and commit to sustainable changes. We connect to our intuitive fire to get clear on what we want and summon the courage to follow the wisdom of our hearts. 

When reflecting on the new moon in Aries that occurred on March 21st, 2023, we may receive some insight into the personal themes that were arising then that we are ready to act on or let go of.

We can now understand more easily what is energetically coming to completion and also embrace the excitement of what we are yearning to move towards. 

This full moon opens the upcoming eclipse gates, initiates us into a season of alchemical transformation and also offers a preview of our eclipse themes. This is the last full moon before the eclipse in two weeks, on October 14th, when there will be an annular solar eclipse in Libra, and a lunar eclipse at 16° Taurus will occur on October 28th. Both eclipses will occur in Venus-ruled signs. 

Hours after the full moon is exact, Venus makes its third and final square to Uranus. Since the end of June, we have been interacting with a new level of creative expression and how we value ourselves. This aspect creates a tension we can connect with the intuitive fire.

We open to new levels of truth about our situation and what we want so that we can more easily access what we don’t wish to sustain and allow it to fall away.

This cycle guides us to fan the flame of our heart’s desire and bring conscious choice to the sparks we tend to. This is an important time to process and integrate what we have been working on over the past few months with our Venus Retrograde themes.

The Archetype of Aries

Aries is associated with leadership, bravery and action. Through this energy, we learn to honor our intuitive impulse, gain knowledge from the consequences of our actions and deepen into self-trust. Aries is a cardinal fire sign that initiates action and new beginnings. We engage in all areas of life, learn through experience and do what is needed to grow and develop. 

“Instinct is a marvelous thing. It can neither be explained nor ignored.” 

Agatha Christie

Aries is also associated with the Pioneer, the Hero and Sacred Warrior archetypes. These archetypes strongly seek freedom and independence so that they can follow their intuitive insights and passions and learn through their engagement with the environment. However, they can be so strongly focused on the need for independence and the space to create that they can sometimes fail to see how their choices impact other people. 

Aries also has a strong Advocate archetype, often going to battle to protect and champion a cause that they truly believe in. But they must learn the importance of choosing their battles wisely and when to call on their wisdom to know when to avoid conflict and when to draw the sword.

When this energy is balanced, we learn there is nothing to prove to others and understand that we can trust in our own inner validation.

Aries’ growth depends upon knowing the difference between taking a stand to defend what is most important vs. giving into their tendency towards defensiveness. 

Aries is associated with the karmic consequences of our choices. Life may show us through synchronicity or confrontation where we have unfinished business and, as a result, we are now asked to bring our intention and compassion to either resolution or competition.

We are challenged to learn all that we can from our choices and consequences and honor when it is time for us to move on.

Aries energy, in its highest expression, lives fully in the moment and is instinctive in how it responds to life. It can bring us to the edges of both security and fear so that we can overcome what holds us back. It is unafraid to go it alone and seeks to create and initiate something new that opens a door for others to walk through.

The Aries/Libra Polarity

Aries represents our need to both express ourselves as individuals, as well as take inspired action, whereas Libra represents our ability to consider others’ points of view and connect to what is fair and equitable.

This polarity brings us into the conversations around what is right and just and what systems need reform. We can hold space for others’ ideas while also standing up for what is important to us. We can now discern where we need to set more precise boundaries in relationships, advocate for our needs or release relationship entanglements.

We reflect on what we are willing to fight for and what needs to be removed in order to create more balance in our lives.

Where has it become apparent that the current systems aren’t aligned with where we are evolving? Where do we need more consideration of others’ ideas and points of view? Where do we need to be assertive and where do we need to be accommodating? Where have we been too dependent on others? What is our current relationship to defensiveness?

Through this polarity, we learn that we must balance our actions with reflection. We balance our subjective point of view with an objective perspective and consideration of others. Freedom is an important part of trailblazing a creative process, but it is important to understand when self-focus is needed to initiate our sacred work and when we need to be more generally aware of our impact on others and how they experience us. Aries must learn to call upon its opposite sign of Libra to hold different perspectives, consider both sides and engage in diplomacy to mature and grow. In Libra, we can learn through our relationships and hold the ability to translate our inspiration into powerful stories, advocacy, law and works of art. In Aries, we develop our inner authority and ability to trust our instincts and lead others.

“Leaders will have to give clear and decisive leadership towards a world of tolerance and respect for difference, and an uncompromising commitment to peaceful solutions of conflicts and disputes.”

 Nelson Mandela

This is a critical time to shed old roles and identities so that we can express more of our authenticity. We learn through contrast what feels off so that we can feel where our heart is nudging us.

The trials and tribulations that arise at this time help us to recognize our patterns, create more security in our lives and claim our agency. In order to do that, we must own more of our own behavior and take responsibility for our reactions. We can’t control how others react, but we can choose how we respond, how we show up for ourselves and what we choose to advocate for.

This cycle ignites tough conversations and confrontation to inform us about a type of peace that is worth fighting for and invites us to foster a radically honest and evolutionary love.

We receive clarity on what needs to be surrendered and what matters the most to us– from our most connected and grounded part of ourselves, we know what we are willing take a stand for. This moon ignites a spark and reminds us what we are passionate about.

Image Credit: Amy Humphries

We Break From Convention

Eris in Aries and Pallas Athena in Libra are powerful presences in this full moon chart, inviting us to step away from old paradigms and patterns and tap into our inner knowing of what is fair and just. Disruption and chaos enable us to perceive outside cultural conditioning and open us to embrace new perspectives and transformation. We are understanding our patterns more quickly and are more willing to engage in conversations that honor the relationships and the vision of the world that we are co-creating at this time.

We speak to what is unspoken and uncomfortable in order to maintain a higher standard of love, inclusion and equity.

We Honor What Is Vulnerable

This lunation invites us to create space for the uncomfortable and tender places we don’t always wish to engage with. Our ability to heal and transform is related to our ability to sit with uncomfortable truths. Tension points to what is out of alignment and where we need more compassion. There is heightened sensitivity and the tendency to take things personally during this time, but healing can only happen when we are willing to hold space and accept uncomfortable truths. Our experiences change us and offer new insight into our patterns, illuminating where we are keeping ourselves back. 

“The degree to which a person can grow is in direct proportion to the amount of truth they can accept about themselves without running away.” 

Shannon Kaiser
We explore the lessons that caused us to disconnect from our hearts so that we can deepen our capacity to offer love, acceptance and compassion in the world. Through this process, we can understand our pain differently and make it sacred. We are asked to reflect on what we have learned through our past experiences and how they can offer information about our level of self-trust. We are summoned to be brave and to connect from the heart.

The Call for Courageous Action

This full moon catalyzes profound transformation and a call to enter the alchemical fire. Now is the time to place trust in our anger, frustration and intuitive knowing, as it will guide us toward important truths. We can take significant risks and step boldly into a life that aligns with our heart’s desire. We balance where we feel beckoned to take a stand and where we can surrender to create peace and balance in our lives. We have more capacity for compassion and have a better grasp of how to translate our intuitive knowing into meaningful action.

We examine our relationship to change, releasing the old forms and identities, assessing risk and embracing change as a vital part of our growth and development. 

“Trust your instincts. Intuition doesn’t lie.”

Oprah Winfrey

Image Credit: Kym Mackinnon

The Invitation

This lunation activates our intuitive fire so that we can connect to our passions and desires and trust our inner knowing to more easily embrace change. We learn to harness our energy in a new way and let go of old personas and patterns that no longer honor who we currently are. We can now reflect and redefine what success means to us and come to a new understanding that change is important, needed and a constant presence throughout the life experience, and we are now ready to act and follow our instincts to guide us to new pathways that will serve our soul’s evolution. 

This cycle initiates a new beginning, but also asks us to release something in order to forge a new path that honors our individuality and fosters a different relationship with ourselves. We reclaim our agency and deepen our self-trust to guide us through the action steps that feel most true. 

We face our fears and see more clearly what isn’t working, taking greater responsibility for our actions. We can heal from old paradigms that have caused harm and further process and integrate our spiritual lessons and past relationship cycles. Observing our patterns and our relationships allow us to make choices that are in right relationship to our soul’s intention and the world we wish to create.

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