New Moon in Scorpio: Unveiling Truths

The new moon in 21° of Scorpio on Monday, November 13th (3:27 a.m. CST) is an unveiling. Activations enter our emotional body to reveal the deeper dimensions of our soul’s plan.

Scorpio connects us to what is raw and real.

In order to understand our attachments, see things in a new light and reclaim more of our power, we are ushered into unknown territory. What is arising now can develop our inner strength and help us to evolve into a more resilient version of ourselves.

Although there is much opportunity to flow with the currents of alchemy and meaning at this time, we first must learn to be with all that we are feeling.  

We are invited to purge what is toxic in our lives to cultivate more spaciousness for a new creative vision to emerge. This energy also asks us to embrace the mystery and surrender to our metamorphosis.

Unexpected developments over the next four weeks may prompt us to examine our patterns of self-sabotage and how we are keeping ourselves from growing. Through this process, we can access an inner strength that will allow us to face our fears and integrate our darker aspects. 

Image Credi: Michal Parzuchowski

The Archetype of Scorpio

Scorpio is the sign associated with our unconscious patterns, ancestors, inheritance, trauma and transformation. This archetype honors the cyclical nature of creation that connects to change, death and rebirth.

We can learn to name our fears, hold space for our emotions and allow them to inform us. Through this process, we can begin to strip back the layers and probe under the surface to come into a deeper understanding of our psyche and hidden motivations.

Scorpio energy invites us to welcome the unknown and to bring awareness to the places where life is clearly showing us that the old way of being no longer serves us. It can feel like there is no momentum, or continuing in old patterns becomes harder and harder as we are met with increasing resistance. The shadow side of Scorpio arises through our reactivity, our wounded human ego that seeks to gain power through control, coercion and manipulation.

What we suppress of our emotional terrain, repress or deny gets shoved into the shadow, building until we can no longer contain it. Jealousy, envy, obsession and anger can consume us. Our emotional reactions can sabotage our goals and relationships and cause harm to others. It is vital to our growth to listen to our emotional body and allow it to inform how we respond. 

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”  

Carl R. Rogers

Under this lunation, we can now take the steps required for sustainable transformation.

We Uncover What Has Been Hidden 

By following the thread of our old patterns, we can access a deeper meaning that can deactivate them. However, we may be asked to confront some of our deepest fears. 

This cycle may guide us into emotional distress, but it is necessary to be radically honest with what isn’t working and what is ready to transform. Submerging ourselves in discomfort long enough to absorb new insights and reveal new strengths will motivate us to commit to profound change. 

“If you say you want to embrace more of your light, don’t be surprised if your shadow answers the call. Because the truth is that a big part of your brightness has been repressed in the dark. Your shadow is not out to get you. It’s out to awaken you. 

Xavier Dagba

We may notice how we attempt to manage the discomfort through our inner control freak, addictions, projection and power games in relationship dynamics.

But we can’t transform something we cannot face, name and be with. Our ability to name the archetypal pattern helps us hold a neutral curiosity to see our patterns without shame or blaming ourselves. Our evolution isn’t personal.

This cycle may also feel incredibly empowering and strengthening as we awaken some of our most vulnerable patterns, look at them directly, and commit to new ways that launch a remarkable new beginning.

We are in a continual process of waking up to ourselves more and more and, by doing so, are able to walk through the next door of opportunity that arises. Often, in our shadow process, we meet a crossroads where we either get tired of the continuous ways we engage in self-sabotage and consciously choose to pivot, or we hit rock bottom and have no choice but to break the pattern. 

One emerging element is a longing for intimacy with ourselves and others. True intimacy requires a practice of acceptance, emotional intelligence and honesty. Who are those that we trust to be there through our darkest moments?

What if our ability to be present to our fear and tend to our pain was the pathway for deeper love? 

Now, we can establish a new, trusting relationship with our higher selves by delving deeply into our unconscious attachments to security. Once we recognize how we are in our own way, there is a sense of no turning back.

“Once the question is in consciousness, the answer is constellated in the unconscious… the answer often lies in the unconscious waiting for the question to be consciously asked. […] What has to be let go to make room for the transformations of energy that are ready to pour through the body-soul? I don’t want to be here if I can’t carry my own weight. As life asks new things of me, I feel I must pause, go inward, and ask, “What is my weight now? What are my new values? Who am I and not-I at this stage? Do I have the courage to live with this evolving me?” 

Marion Woodman 

Image Credit: Joakim Honkasalo

True Transformation Takes Time

New moons invite us to create new intentions in our lives. As this lunation is in the sign of Scorpio, we are guided to dive deep into shadow inquiry.

We have been in an intense collective cycle with Scorpio’s natural ruling planet, Pluto, in Capricorn since 2008. Since then, there has been more and more awareness of the systems and structures that no longer serve our transformation process. We have witnessed several examples of the shadow of our systems rising to the surface, often through extremes that force us to face our cultural oppression. Since its first activation in 2008, we have seen the shadow emerging in Capitalism and structures with the collapsing of the banking system. More recently, we have witnessed what isn’t working within our politics, our education and our health care. Pluto guides us to a slow and powerful transmutation aimed at building a more authentic structure and connecting us to our inner authority. 

We may find ourselves in discomfort with what is unknown. We may resist what we know needs change, but the desire to transform beckons us forward. 

However, as we reflect, we may see how much we have shifted over the last few years. We may find our bearings and become ready to emerge again after a dark night period. We may have learned new strengths or discovered new directions. Or, we may find that we regret what we have lost or wish we could have done something better. 

“Normalize grief as an emotion that demands to be felt the same way love ad hop and joy are.”

Nikita Gill

The past few years have invoked much intensity and change as we have had to pivot and adapt to meet ever-shifting structures during a pandemic and navigate survival strategies. It’s important to be gentle with ourselves and practice compassion and acceptance for where we are. True transformation takes time. We are being asked to trust in the unfolding of our journey. We are often uncertain about some aspects of our lives, but now we can lean into the mystery and follow the call to create something new. 

Image Credit: Jackson Hendry

The Invitation

This cosmic weather invites us to honor the cyclical nature of death and rebirth and take a moment to see how far we have come. We currently have the sensitivity to take in what is going on behind the scenes and listen deeply to a new creative vision that is emerging in the next cycle of our lives. This is an important time to go within and recalibrate to the new growth and power that is activating within us.

We are met with opportunities to embrace our shadow on the journey to wholeness. What arises may be erratic, dynamic or intense, but it will reveal unconscious parts of ourselves that have kept us from our power and are now ready to be integrated. 

This cycle invites us to tend to our pain and tune into the places where we can release the heaviness we have been holding. Our healing requires our ability to cultivate a practice of being with our feelings to access our emotional intelligence and follow our next steps. In doing so, we can dissolve rumination and fear and bask in a more expansive presence.

“The cure for pain is in the pain.”


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