Full Moon in Gemini: Cosmic Insight

The full moon in 5° of Gemini on Monday, November 27th (3:16 a.m. CST) offers cosmic insight.

New information illuminates more of the story than we once knew, offering further understanding and creative inspiration.

When we look at our life through symbolic eyes we can see all that is currently unfolding is an opportunity to grow.

We can view perceived challenges with new eyes and access deeper meaning. We are invited to consider multiple perspectives, listen to all that is said and unsaid, and ponder the bigger picture.

“Don’t try to comprehend with your mind. Your minds are very limited. Use your intuition.”

Madeleine L’Engle, A Wind in the Door

This full moon relates to the new moon in Gemini that occurred on May 30th, 2022.

Thinking back to that time, what stories were being revealed? What ideas have come to fruition? What have we learned? What are we called to do with this new information and these new resources? What still needs our attention so we can begin to process and integrate this material?

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The Archetype of Gemini

Gemini is the sign of duality, education and communication. This archetype governs language and possesses a cognitive capacity to assimilate situations and explain their significance rapidly. We learn how information, people and places are interconnected and interwoven.

Gemini represents our dual nature—that we are both human and divine, male and female, shadow and light and, therefore, of two minds.

This archetype can easily see many sides of a situation. The Gemini journey asks us to understand diversity and make space for many points of view. Our life events offer instances to step out of the rigidity of black-and-white thinking, both inwardly and outwardly. This new way of thinking can help us to develop a new outlook on our present circumstances.

This archetype, however, can think that they know it all and, as a result, block their prospects for new experiences. This shadow side of Gemini arises when we are constantly taking in further information without assimilating it. We can remain in constant study and miss the chance to use what we know. If we keep our minds distracted, overstimulated or overwhelmed, we lose agency over where we bring our intention and focus. Relying only on our intellect can also mean we bypass uncomfortable feelings.

“A crowded mind

Leaves no space

For a peaceful heart”

Christine Evangelou

This lunation may bring us into fog and confusion, but we cannot rely solely on logic to make sense of things. Instead, we must be receptive to our intuitive guidance for new pathways to be revealed.

Fresh insights will arrive, but it may feel like we don’t have the whole story yet.

This cycle requires that we let go of the need to solve everything logically and cultivate a deeper connection to our more subtle senses. Trust in the divine timing of how the bigger picture will unfold and surrender to the demands and timing of our ego.

The Gemini/Sagittarius Polarity

Gemini learns and creates a framework by taking in new information from its surroundings, synthesizing it and providing context. It makes a logical premise that accepts a logical fact. This enables us to learn by building a series of one logical premise after another.

Sagittarius guides us to look beyond the facts to the deeper meaning of the information presented, discovering a higher purpose and asking the bigger questions of why we are here and our place in this world.

Sagittarius also provides the hope and optimism that help us take the steps to learn through our life events. This energy trusts the unknown, answers the call for adventure and unlocks the longings of our soul.

When we are amenable to how our experience can be our teacher, we can more easily shed old beliefs and conditions and embrace our authentic nature.

Together, these signs teach us to adapt to new ideas, perspectives, and changing environments. When working in harmony, Sagittarius inspires us to go beyond where we thought we could go, following the call to new journeys and expansion. Gemini brings the critical information about how it will all come together and what it may look like.

This polarity encourages us to look beyond the stories we tell ourselves and stay open to deeper meanings. We are invited to embrace flexibility in our minds and conversations with others, understanding that there are many different viewpoints and pathways to truth.

We can follow our intuitive wisdom and trust in the unfolding of our journey and how the universe supports our path.

“It is by logic that we prove, but by intuition that we discover.” 

Henri Poincaré

This Full Moon Ignites Strategic Insights

The Sun is conjunct Mars as it illuminates the full moon, emphasizing faith, meaning and purpose. This is an important time to shed our attachments, judgments and compulsions to gather information and embrace understanding and acceptance instead.

Even when we have the best intentions, we cannot be in two places at once, and we need to consider what is practically realizable. Following through on our most important commitments is essential, but we may need to pare back and be honest about what we have the bandwidth for.

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Clear Answers Are Hard to Come By

The Sun, Moon, and Mars form a T-Square with Saturn in Pisces, inviting us to release the logical form and enter into a deeper conversation with our higher self.

This aspect guides us to flow with the cosmic weather, not to push ahead too hard but to trust in the bigger picture of our soul’s journey. We may feel frustrated and impatient if we are not rooted in a higher trust. 

“Our feelings are our most genuine paths to knowledge.”

Audre Lorde 

Although this cycle offers new information, it also raises questions and may bring a general sense of confusion, prompting us to slow down and move at a more measured pace.

Times of confusion and chaos guide us into our spiritual work.

Image Credit: Deirdre Malfatto

Change the Patterns to Change Our Lives 

This lunation allows us to see our patterns so we don’t continue to repeat our same behavior. We can take in all we are feeling and all we have learned and allow it to guide us in new directions.  

This moment may feel like a cosmic standstill where our mind tells us one thing, but our feelings, desires and inspiration guide us in a completely different direction. We can keep going with the information that we have, or we can initiate a conversation with our higher self that has the potential to remind us that we don’t have to repeat something that we have already learned.

“Practice listening to your intuition, your inner voice; ask questions; be curious; see what you see; hear what you hear; and then act upon what you know to be true. These intuitive powers were given to your soul at birth.”

Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run With the Wolves

Working with this energy, we learn to awaken to the power of our voice as a tool to create, connect and educate. We become a channel for the divine. We look at life through the lens of awe and wonder, leading with curiosity and a playful spirit.

Image Credit: Sam Mgrdichian

We Reflect on the Stories We Tell

In Gemini, we tend to conduct our lives according to the stories we tell ourselves. Some of our narratives are based on our early childhood conditioning, our caregivers’ beliefs, and the larger culture. While identification, labels and stories can assist us in making sense of our world, they can also limit us.

This lunation guides us to places where we may have found security in outdated storylines or built our beliefs on false information. We see through the old narratives to discover new truths.

There is a lot of wisdom that we can easily override with sound logic, and this cycle directs us into the present moment experience to discover deeper meaning. What feelings and observations do we face when we transcend all narratives, all presumptions and their meaning? We can sense more clearly what may be possible now and perceive the ideas and inspirations that want to come through us. We can discern what we need in the present moment, but must also learn to release our grip on logic to be intuitively led.  

In a world characterized by an excessive amount of information, it is crucial to take the time to slow down, process and assimilate what we are learning. Our minds can continuously follow one thought to the next and we can lose our intention and focus. Advertisements and social media apps are designed to grab our attention away from the moment. Making a deliberate effort towards presence and being intentional with where we place our energy is vital.

What is our narrative revealing about ourselves? Where has our story kept us limited and missed the bigger picture? Perceptual shifts enable us to pivot from one narrative to another and come to a new comprehension of the power of our voice. We are asked to be deliberate with our words and understand that our life experiences can be our best teachers.

The Invitation

This lunation invites us to cultivate space for new insights to enter. Further information guides our next course of action, and we receive clarity on the best use of our energy at this time. This full moon supports us in releasing what isn’t essential, breaking repetitive patterns and integrating what we have learned.

We are accessing new ways of seeing. We are invited to consider all sides of the story, making space for further information that informs our next steps and sparks our intuitive knowing. New growth and maturity enhance our ability to learn, guide and teach.

The Universe beckons us to see more truthfully and awaken to our power as a co-creator. Our willingness to release the old narrative and author a new story ushers in new creative endeavors that transcend previous limitations and include all the wisdom from our learning and lived experience.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” 

Albert Einstein

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