New Moon in Cancer: Emotional Reset

The new moon in 14°23 of Cancer on July 5th (5:57 p.m. CDT) is an emotional reset. 

This new moon activates powerful new beginnings. What is essential now is to practice radical trust.

We are learning to stay connected to ourselves, to listen deeply to our heart, to honor what we need and express to that the people in our lives. 

This lunation is a distinct opportunity to examine our past experiences and to see something in a different light—especially in regard to codependency, harboring resentments, or how we may have abandoned ourselves to care for others.

We also become aware of our past conditioning from our upbringing and are able to release unhealthy patterns and move forward from a place of self-value and self-care.

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Saturn and Neptune are Retrograde in Pisces

This is the first new moon since Saturn and Neptune entered their retrograde phase in Pisces. 

There is a higher power that is orchestrating a powerful transformation that is working in our favor but we must surrender where we don’t have power and trust in the unfolding. Can we allow life to flow without being attached to a particular action or outcome?

We are being initiated into greater levels of spiritual maturity and are being asked to take responsibility for our own spiritual practice. It’s time to interrogate what is and what isn’t working and conduct a reality check of seeing things as they are, fully facing what we have created, so that we can build something that is more authentic and aligned to our values now.

In order to reclaim our sovereignty, we must reflect on where we are not in our integrity or where we may have been unethical in certain areas of our life. This is easy to notice in other people and systems, but what it is teaching and reflecting back to us about ourselves?

As this new moon falls between two Capricorn full moons, we have been in the process of redefining what success means to us. Cancer energy moves on instinct, guided by feeling. This archetype is not interested in the status quo and outside achievements. This lunation offers potent wisdom that will challenge what we expect from ourselves and how we expect to get it done. Our process of self-transformation is unique. Much has been shifting and evolving below the surface and how that is expressed in the outside world may not look like it does for everyone else. When we shed the pressures and expectations, what wants to come through us? What longing nudges our heart?

Our emotions act like a water purifier that cleanses and heals our emotional body so that we can open to possibility and remember our soul’s longings. Our process of initiation, which may have felt like a confrontation, is serving a much bigger awakening and guiding the next stages of our sacred work. The more we tend to our self-care, the stronger we can build the structure that will support our creativity. 

“As you live deeper in the heart, the mirror gets cleaner and cleaner.”

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The Archetype of Cancer

Cancer is the sign of emotional security, cosmic initiations and our emotional conditioning from childhood. This archetype is adept at understanding our feelings, requirements and instincts on an emotional level. 

Because of this, Cancer is highly skilled at tuning into and understanding collective wounds and emotional pain. With some in-depth inner work this archetype can develop a strong emotional intelligence and turn their emotional energy into emotional power that guides their call to create and be of service. 

This new moon asks us to make space for what we feel. If we are tired, we must honor the need to rest. If we are hurting, we must tend to our pain. If we are harboring resentment, we must ask what we need to forgive. If we feel inspired to create, we must make space to nurture our creative spark. If we are craving connection, we must nurture and foster those who feel safe enough to be real, raw and supportive of our journey. We are invited to make checking in with what we need and where we are at emotionally a regular part of our daily practice and path forward. 

Cancer is the sign of gestation, the womb, the mother. The strength of the Divine Mother is what guides us into the void, that space where we listen and connect to our power to build something from nothing and birth new ideas and new life through us. It is also the power of regeneration and resurrection that breaks down what is dying and brings it back to life. 

This lunation holds a strong connection to the Divine Mother energy, as it’s in the sign of Cancer, and aligned with the star Sirius and opposite the dwarf planet Ceres. Ceres reminds us of the importance of being in tune with nature and our own spiritual cycle.

There is also energy supporting our journey from death to birth and resurrecting our soul gifts. The Divine Mother energy lives within all of us and wants to support us in bridging the journey from the mystical to the physical world. When we tune in, what creative desires long to be birthed through us? It is really important to honor the season you are in and feel all that is true in that cycle.

There is a power in the divine feminine energy that guides us to a place of withdrawal so that we can deeply listen, cleanse and purify. We are asked to be adaptable to the changes in our lives and nurture ourselves and our environments as best we can to support our transformative process. 

“The all-pervading energy source of existence or Shakti manifests itself as creation. Shakti is the divine mother who gives birth to and nurtures the newborn-whether it is a newborn baby, a brand new relationship, a fresh idea, or a magical manifestation. Although Shakti is beyond the boundaries of gender, form, or color, we call It Mother because of its mothering and creative qualities.” 

Deepak Chopra


This lunation activates powerful themes of home and belonging. We may seek to understand more about the land that we grew up on. We may long to redefine what home means or look for a new place to call home. On the spiritual level, this cosmic energy guides us into our own internal landscape to reconnect to what home means to us and to come home within ourselves. We also open to more healing at this time: of our land, our lineage, and our relationship to our mother and maternal line. 

“Home is where you hear love within the stillness.” 

Raquel Franco
Image Credit: Caleb Gaskins

We Embody Our Creative Power

As we connect to our divine feminine power, we come to a better understanding of what we desire to create in our lives and also in service to the world.

The creative process is not linear and does follow prescribed rules.

This is an important time to plant seeds of what we wish to grow, and to reflect on the ways we hold ourselves back from the changes we really want to make because we fear disappointing others or how they may react to our authentic growth and evolution.

Gifts of Grace

Life is paved with challenges and uncertainty, but when we can hold space for curiosity about what is unfolding and open to the bigger picture of where we are being divinely guided and redirected, we will receive the intuitive guidance for our next steps.

The last few months have challenged our faith in our path, but also strengthened it. We tend to receive exactly what we need to know when we need it. When we make choices instinctively, we can honor our worth and protect and care for ourselves and our family.

“Grace is a power that comes in and transforms a moment to something better.” 

Caroline Myss

It is through the darkest moments that we receive the most important lessons that ignite new growth, new possibility and open new doors

What answers have come through times of hardship? What have we been facing that continues to bring difficulty and pain? How might we let go and turn toward a different direction? Our emotional pain offers insights into what we are being called to change. 

“We may act sophisticated and worldly but I believe we feel safest when we go inside ourselves and find home, a place where we belong and maybe the only place we really do.”

Maya Angelou, Letter to My Daughter

The Invitation

This lunation guides us into introspection. We feel what is arising in us so that we can come to radical acceptance of where we are and understand what is essential to sustain us and feed our soul. We take time to come back to ourselves, to be receptive and come to a fresh understanding about what attachments and connections are healthy and supportive in our lives. Through this awareness we can let go of old patterns and ways of being that have kept us stuck and holding onto emotional pain that has become added water weight.

Our past doesn’t have to define us or limit us from moving towards what we desire to invent and express. Through honoring our feelings and needs we can process and transform the pain and hardship we have been carrying and move instinctually towards our rebirth.

This cosmic weather is helping us to progress and to make decisions that are rooted in a healthy sense of self-connection. We see more clearly what isn’t working and understand more of what we need so that we can create a life that fosters more fulfillment, soul connection and sustenance. 

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