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Archetypal Mentorships, Soul Contract Astrology, and Spiritual Direction.

Are you ready to explore
 Your Sacred Truth?

Just as the sky changes each day and each night, so does your life as it unfolds through cycles of time. These changes are reflected in your astrological birth chart via progressions, archetypal patterns, and once in a lifetime transits.

Astrology is like mystical journey in practical language. It is symbolic system that is both mysterious and complex. The planets are in a continuous dance and dialogue with each other. The cycles work like a clock to activate energies for our soul’s growth.

The chart offers us a lens, and framework, to see details about your life, while glimpsing the whole picture; and it compels us to ask interesting questions.

Astrology is an amazing tool that guides you through cycles of time and illuminates divine synchronicity. However, it will not tell you precisely what steps to take. It’s a guide to help you best manage cycles, confirm what you already know, and remind you of what you came here to be.

My ideal client is on the path to exploring their own sacred truth or awakening and looking for a new way of being in the world. They are accountable and willing to explore their patterns and have a deep longing to make impact in the world.

Astrology by Stacy
Transform your Life

Stacy’s Perspective is Informed from
Several Bodies of Work:

Sessions with Stacy

What to expect:

we start with

A Willingness to Look, Presence &
Neutral Curiosity

Blue spiral staircase

we explore

Cultural Conditioning, Family Belief Systems & Early Life Experiences

Blue abstract crystal ripples background

we identify

Archetypal Patterns & Adapted Survival Strategies

Circles in the water with raindrops

we discover

New ways of relating & working consciously with our archetypes

Close up of a blue eye

we remember

Our innate wholeness & our role as a conscious co-creator

Star trails in night sky over beach

we gain

Deeper awareness of our purpose, Unique light & divinity

What can I expect from working with an intuitive coach?

When working with intuitive coach, you can expect to confront issues that have been holding you back and preventing you from creating a life that you desire. Even though this may be uncomfortable,  it’s often necessary for healing and permanent change.  Stacy can work as truth teller speaking to outdated belief systems, stuck patterns and culture programming that keep us from living authentically.  Stacy believes that by shining a light on that which we are not conscious of we can make a more conscious choice and can become a more conscious co-creator with the Divine. Holding space to feel all our feelings and be with all of the parts of ourselves is a first step to wholeness.

Stacy uses her intuition to sense your blockages, energy patterns that keep you from moving forward. Stacy uses the astrological chart as portal into your archetypal patterns, family systems, cultural dynamics, unique gifts, behaviors and life cycles.   Stacy bring a unique perspective into your soul contract.  She is a clear and effective guide.  She will help support you into creating strategies to aligning to your authenticity and life goals. By awakening to a new perspective you can create the life your love, live your truth, open to more potential and offer your unique creative genius in service to the world.

Trying to decide if working with Stacy is right for you?

Ask yourself these questions…

  • Am I willing to take a conscious, deep, intimate, and detailed look into my life’s story?
  • Am I open to gain understanding on my past and how it’s affecting my present?
  • Am I eager to learn about the potential that lies ahead?
  • Am I ready to step more into my power?

If the answer is “yes,” then I’d love to hear from you.

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