Higher Brain Living

The Higher Brain Living® Technique is a revolutionary gentle-touch technique that creates a surge of energy through the connective tissue of the body, loosening the grip of your primal fear-based ‘survival’ brain and shifting the energy into your Higher Brain, where your potential lives. This helps you to dissipate stress, move past limitations and discover a life full of passion and purpose.

Stacy is passionate about helping others awaken and transform themselves to realize their full potential in life and to create a better sense of well-being that is seen from within.

“My own growth through Higher Brain Living ® has been extraordinary and has brought changes to many areas of my life. Before Higher Brain Living ® I was consumed with anxiety, fear of being visible and lack consciousness that kept from really moving forward on the things that I most desired in my life. I now feel more joy, peace, clarity. My relationships have deepened and become more authentic. I am more in tune to my needs, more compassionate, a stronger advocate for my truth and have more balance in my life,” Stacy Quast, Mastery Higher Brain Living Facilitator.

The Higher Brain Living ® Program creates the physiological shift in the brain that allows real and lasting change to occur, complementing other healing modalities like no other practice before it. Whether you work in the healing or counseling arts or just want to deepen your own personal growth and practice, this may be the perfect accompaniment to what you do.

Stacy offer my clients a higher level of service and support to help them transform their lives. Her passion is to help others to awaken and transform to their full potential and authenticity. She believes it is an honor and absolute joy to facilitate others in their own personal growth and evolution.

To learn more or if you have any questions contact me at stacy@alignwithyourtruth.com

About Higher Brain Living?

There is a key to self-development that has not been well understood—a ‘missing link’ if you will—and that’s the lack of energy in the highest, most evolved part of our brain. You can have new thoughts, great goals, big dreams and compelling visions…but these thoughts, goals, dreams and visions are fleeting if the Higher Brain does not drive them forward.

There must be a corresponding change in brain function to match your new thoughts, goals and dreams…or they do not become sustainable.

After a decade of research and development, a system has been developed that does exactly that. The Higher Brain Living® System profoundly increases energy in your Higher Brain, helps you create a new map of your life, and brings that empowered Higher Brain state to all areas of your life. This is how true and lasting transformation happens.

We do not use all of our Higher Brain’s potential.

There are a multitude of studies supporting this today. Tibetan meditators showed profound changes in the Higher Brain when they entered into advanced states of consciousness. However, their average practice was four hours per day for thirty years. Do you have time for that?

Studies now show that when the highest, most evolved part of our brain (pre-frontal cortex) is energized, we experience more clarity, confidence, purpose and meaning in our lives. This is even the area of the brain that leads to enlightenment.

That feeling is the same feeling in each of you…regardless of the event or circumstance that triggered it. That feeling is produced by the pre-frontal cortex of your brain.

So the question is, if it is possible to feel that way, then why don’t you at most times? What would your life be like if you always had access to that experience? What if you brought that to all of life’s challenges?

Higher Brain Living® helps that become your new baseline in life!

If indeed we have the anatomy, why do we only use 5% of its potential?

The lower brain response keeps us out of the Higher Brain…the lower brain is in fact what creates stress and anxiety!

The old lower brain was designed to keep you from being eaten by a tiger. To the lower brain, sameness = safety. All your lower brain cares about is that you wake up alive (not eaten by a tiger). When you do, whatever you have been doing in your life, even if it’s miserable, is evaluated as safe.

The lower brain then habituates those same patterns that you have been living and the nerve fibers become myelinated to make those habituated patterns so efficient they become your unconscious default state. Bad relationships? Hate your job? Money trouble? Lack of purpose? Unfulfilled? “Success,” says the lower brain (you are still alive, so let’s do it again and again and again…).

Through evolution we now have the architecture for transformation in our lives—the latest marvel of evolution is here. We have the anatomy for transformation but not yet the function because we have not been able to loosen the grip on the lower brain enough for the center of gravity of brain function to shift to the higher centers. Our evolutionary potential is in the Higher Brain. The solution to our individual problems and the collective problems of our culture and the world is available in the Higher Brain.

For several thousands of years, a latent energy source in the body has been referred to as qi, chi, kundalini, prana or subtle energy. This energy is associated with certain pathways in the body. The pathways that this dormant energy can flow through when awakened are called meridians in traditional Chinese medicine, or nadi points in yoga. A variety of different healing techniques and wisdom traditions have all had their own unique approach and understandings of this.

In summary, a latent energy source and its associated pathways in the body have been known and partially understood across many cultures and many centuries.

Now we have ‘cracked the code’ and revolutionized this understanding. We have found a way to powerfully and consistently cue these pathways through light touch contacts in a very unique protocol that mobilizes this dormant energy and directs it to the Higher Brain. This increases the metabolism of the Higher Brain and wakes up its potential!

When the Higher Brain gets energy, it creates its own feedback mechanism in the form of automatic and rhythmical breath. This is NOT you learning to breathe. It feels more like you are “being breathed.” The breath expands to increase metabolism of the Higher Brain where all of your potential is. This is an automatic feedback response. Later, another wave will develop to release all the lower brain debris and the stress, clearing out the pathways and opening them for more energy to go to the Higher Brain. Once you are in the Higher Brain, stress MUST release. Stress is released through these natural rejuvenating waves in the body.

The 4 Tiers of Higher Brain Living®

Through the Fearlessly Authentic Life Program (22-Step Program), we help metabolize higher structures of the brain, dissipate and transcend the lower brain stress response and increase emotional states and states of consciousness to apply to all areas of our life.

The feelings you remember from “the best day of your life”—feelings of ease, clarity, joy and even invincibility—were produced by your Higher Brain, an area called the pre-frontal cortex (the newest part of the human brain).

Scientists have discovered that this new brain has Salutogenic mechanisms (from the Latin word “salus,” which means health, wellbeing, vitality and salvation). It turns out that when this new brain is turned on, your body’s ability to rejuvenate is accelerated. In fact, Salutogenesis is the opposite of the stress response. Stress decreases healing and clarity and reduces meaning in life.

The new brain does the opposite.

It turns on your body’s ability to rejuvenate and facilitates the feelings of inner calm, power and meaning. That feeling of well-being is meant to be your natural state. However, with all the demands of the modern world, it is challenging to keep the new brain turned on. Research informs us that, thus far, only 5% of the new brain has been used by humanity. The good news is that your Higher Brain can be turned on and become your new baseline.

Tier 1 of the Fearlessly Authentic Life Program energizes your Higher Brain!

Energizing your new brain promotes rejuvenation—physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Over time, you will have instant access to the Higher Brain experience. Pathways in the body have been discovered that lead to the pre-frontal cortex (higher new brain). Through very precise touch at contact points along these pathways on the body, the new brain is activated. Eventually the Higher Brain learns how to sustain this experience.

One of the first things noticed during a 50-minute Fearlessly Authentic Life Program Session is the experience of oxygen pumping to your Higher Brain. As metabolism is increased in your Higher Brain, stress is released through natural Salutogenic waves in the body. You will actually feel this response on your first Fearlessly Authentic Life Program Session!

There is no known ceiling effect for what the Higher Brain can do with more energy and deeper pathways. It is possible to continuously create a life with more depth and purpose.

Once your body is de-stressed and energy is available to your Higher Brain (TIER 1) and the “hot spots” holding you back are eliminated (TIER 2), your life’s energy is freed and you will find out who you really are on the deepest level. TIER 3 is a direct path to your intersection with the Divine. It is in the Higher Brain where you have a direct experience of God. It is from the Higher Brain that you can use this realization to engage your Authentic Self and express your gifts in the world. Once the Higher Brain’s energy is freed and your Authentic Self is set free, all the fury of 14 billion years of evolutionary power directs you to your destiny, where you are swept up in a life of creation, growth and transformation. Welcome to the revolution!

TIER 3 begins following the completion of the E4D approach in TIER 2. The end of Tier 2 marks the beginning of the natural emergence of your Authentic Self and the gateway into TIER 3. The Fearlessly Authentic Life Program assesses for this emergence and encourages the further discovery and promotion of your own unique purpose, passion and gifts. In TIER 3, your Authentic Self is discovered by energizing your Higher Brain, bypassing the thinking brain and “asking” the intuitive brain: “What is my destiny?”

TIER 3 also grounds the discovery of your Authentic Self in “Kosmic Consciousness”—that eternal part of you that wasn’t born and cannot die.

In the later stages of TIER 3 you have access to the ever-present awareness of the eternal part of you that is beyond space, time and manifestation. This becomes the foundation from which your authentic evolutionary self expresses itself. This leads to a new human, a new renaissance and a new culture.

TIER 2 promotes the continued energizing of your Higher Brain (pre-frontal cortex), which leads to more clarity and empowerment. At this time, a revolutionary system called “Evolution in 4 Dimensions” (E4D) is introduced. E4D allows you to locate the hot spots in your life that hold you back from attaining your dreams. You create your own ReSOULutions (ReSOULutions represent a specific way to upgrade an area of your life and move closer to your dreams) and during your Fearlessly Authentic Life Program Sessions, these specific ReSOULutions are associated with your energized Higher Brain. This association allows you to energize your Higher Brain. It is like switching on a turbo charger. You are able to use the Higher Brain experience to bring about transformation in any or all areas of your life.

Your life has 4 major Dimensions or areas. These 4 major Dimensions are all fundamental and irreducible aspects of who you are and are part of the essential nature of every human being. The great American philosopher Ken Wilber (Deepak Chopra’s mentor) has demonstrated this in over 25 books. The E4D approach promotes growth in all four of these essential areas of your life.

The 4 Dimensions of your life are: Mind (we use the term “Mind” to represent ALL inner experience, including emotions, thoughts, spiritual experience, consciousness and awareness), Body, Relationships and Environment.

When you eliminate your hot spots and promote your growth in all 4 Dimensions… TRANSFORMATION HAPPENS!

The whole of these 4 Dimensions of your life is greater than the sum of their parts. When you turn on the Higher Brain and engage all 4 Dimensions of your life, transformations are out of proportion to the amount of time and energy invested. This is quantum change!

This E4D approach is fundamental to the amazing growth and life transformations that Higher Brain Living® is known for. The fastest and most complete way to create a new life is to turn on the Higher Brain and address all 4 Dimensions.

Turn on the Higher Brain and engage Mind + Body + Relationships + Environment = Extraordinary new life!

Post 22-Step Fearlessly Authentic Life Program

Tier 4 tunes your Higher Brain to the experience of enlightenment consciousness. It promotes the ‘tuning’ of your Higher Brain to receive specially designed contemplative techniques that open you to the direct realization of your divine nature.

Tier 4 plunges you into your Transcendent Self—an enlightened state of consciousness that provides immediate experiential knowledge of the eternal unborn and undying aspect of YOU. The timeless, eternal ‘now’ is a dimension of your being that is forever free and always knows peace.

Your tuned Higher Brain and the corollary awakening to your Transcendent Self can become an ever-present source of peace and freedom and can ultimately be poured into the day-to-day life of your Authentic Self and its evolutionary movement in the world.

During Tier 4, the fearless Higher Brain state will also catalyze the opening of the heart and the integration of its intelligence.

content used with permission from Higher Brain Living® www.higherbrainliving.com