Qoya is movement with meaning that is based on the idea that through movement we remember.

We remember that our true essence as women is wild, wild and free. Wise, Wild, and Free draw reference to the different type of movement forms that we practice.

Inspired by the wisdom of yoga

The creative expression in dance

The freedom to feel pleasure in the body through sensual movement

You can’t do this wrong. The way you know you are doing it right is that it feels good.

In Qoya, there are no corrections or compliments, because there’s no way you can do it wrong, and the way you know you’re doing it right is that it feels good in your body and true to you. In this sense, Qoya classes become a place to develop your sense of internal validation.

Qoya combines yoga, dance, sensual movement, and shamanic inquiry with music for an embodied experience that guides you on a journey deep within yourself.  Qoya offers a pleasurable way to know your truth, release inhibitions, connect to your community and strengthen your self connection.

“Qoya is so much more than movement. Through Qoya, we tap into the pulse of life. You know those moments where you see a sunset, when you’re on the open road and life feels full of possibility, when you are caught up in the contagious laughter of a child, when you feel the warmth of your lover’s body in bed, when you experience the fulfillment of work that you are proud of – when life expands and becomes sacred?

Qoya is based on the idea that through movement we are able to tap into this essence, this sacred pulse of life. Once we experience it, we learn how to honor and express it. We learn how to cultivate this sense of the sacred, more and more, and not only in our dance, but in our lives.

We reach out to our community, empower ourselves physically, clarify our intentions, and dance with our desires. In doing so, we activate a movement of women who connect with their essence as wise, wild, and free. We stand for the embodiment and feeling of more feminine ways of being that include but are not limited to deep transcendent love, intuition, transparency, self-expression, and radiance. We encourage one another to shine confidently as a woman who knows she is wise, wild and free.”

Rochelle Schieck, Creator of Qoya

A Qoya Class Includes:

  • Setting an intention
  • Circling through the body
  • Opening the heart
  • Surrendering to the hips
  • Dancing Our Yoga as Prayer
  • Shadow Dance
  • Shaking
  • Choreographed dance
  • Free Dance
  • Sharing with a partner
  • Final stretches and rest

I offer Qoya classes on dates that align with the new moon and full moon. Classes are held at Temple Shakti in South Austin. A regular Qoya class is 90 minutes long and costs $20. Register Here! Connect with the the Transform and Move Facebook Page for current updates on classes and retreat offerings.

Learn more about the class…

Each Qoya class follows a structure of 13 core components. There is always different theme, a different playlist but the same structure holds our dance with it. Qoya is practiced across the country, around the world. Learn more about the class and all of the practice options at LoveQoya.com.

Qoya Dance Class Reviews

Stacy Quast conducts an inspiring and unique Qoya dance class. She has taught me much about astrology and Archetypes. Her class has a balance of free movement and choreographed sections that leave me feeling peaceful and whole. I especially enjoy the sections where she has us partner with another person and dance their intention as well as our own. I have been dancing since childhood and this type of modern dance has connected me to my deepest inner feelings as well as given me new information. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in dance as a means of grounding and connection with others as well as with the universe.

Judy Kenyon

Qoya combines my love for the spiritual path with my love for dance and expressive movement. It teaches me to let go of self judgment and to simply find movement as fun & nourishing soul food. I love the themes that Stacy chooses for the classes, they are always mysteriously relevant to where I’m at in my life. Qoya with Stacy has also been a great way for me to meet other women I didn’t know before who that I can feel safe connecting deeply with. Try it! You can do no wrong in Qoya – it’s all play & all supportive to body, mind & spirit.

Kayla Rose Yoder

Stacy brings a beautiful presence to the practice of Qoya. It’s an experience all women should embrace. It can be unexpected and totally familiar all at once. If you’ve never done it… step through the uncomfortable and play full out to receive the full healing journey.

Tiffany Scott

Stacy has a way of creating connection even when there is physical distance. She is a mastermind when it comes to pairing dance and music in a way that gently invites the exploration of the unique contours of the soul. I felt supported, safe and eager to discover the edges of my emotions and my body. Stacy has a gift for helping to tap into personal wisdom and her class left me feeling energized, inspired and grounded in love.

Stacey Kyser

Stacy made sure each of us were feeling completely comfortable in the class. I appreciate her soft and very kind demeanor. I really enjoyed going with the flow of the music instead of specific choreography. That was so much fun.

My suggestion to anyone considering this for the first time… Be open to whatever happens and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Elda Dorothy

I had the pleasure of experiencing a private circle Qoya session with Stacy, and it was magical! Stacy guided us to inner answers through a mixture of great questions, and expression through dance. Also, there were surprise elements of intuitive goddess cards, which I loved! Of course mine was JUST what I needed and meant so much! Thanks Stacy, Your work is deep, freeing, fun, and transformative.

Astrid Mueller

I have had the joy of dancing Qoya with Stacy both in person and over Zoom as well. Being a Qoya teacher myself, I appreciate the work and the energetic input that she does so beautifully. Paying attention to every detail, I know she prepares her classes with the loving attention you give to preparing a celebration for a loved one. She makes sure we all feel welcome, heard and seen in every sense of the word. She holds safe space for the participants to have their own experience in such a way that you feel nourished, supported and loved. I am grateful beyond measure to have her in my life as a friend, teacher, mentor, colleague and space holder.

Marina Logan

Dancing in Qoya class facilitated me reconnecting with myself after many years of dark times. Qoya reminded me that there is space for all my feelings, both dark and light and I can choose to hold them all with love and respect. This is how I learned to be a whole person again. This is how I learned to feel again. I love the music Stacy chooses for class and her gentle and supportive way of leading/being. Whether you love to dance or it intimidates the heck out of you, Qoya can be a fun and enlightening experience and a chance to connect to other womxn who want to support you.

Heidi Timer

I loved the Qoya class I took with Stacy. She guided us through the class with insight and enthusiasm.  I moved around my room with ease and felt connected to the other women. I am always impressed with Stacy’s intuitive ability. Her music was inspired and I felt free and uplifted. By the end of the class I felt the magnificence of my womanhood, inner witch, and inner power! I would gladly take another Qoya class with Stacy!

Donna Hansen

I’ve taken Stacy’s Qoya class several times and each experience is uniquely magical! I love to dance, but I’m not a fan of the nightlife scene. Qoya provides the perfect opportunity to express myself freely, listen to my body’s wisdom, get a workout, and enjoy a powerful shift back into my authentic self. I highly recommend giving it a try!

Alli Blotter