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I guide others toward authentic expression and connection to their inner voice.

Intuitive Astrologer, Writer, Mystic, Teacher & Compassionate Guide

Stacy Quast, Intuitive Life Strategy

About Stacy

Intuitive Astrologer, Writer, Mystic, Teacher and Compassionate Guide

I live, work and play on land in Austin, Texas, which is the unceded territory of the Tonkawa and Comanche tribes.

I weave the mystical with the modern to facilitate transformational experiences that arise from awareness and embodied truth. My greatest joy is guiding people into more profound intuitive knowing, healing and trust in the unfolding of their life’s journey so they feel empowered to live from their authentic nature.

My work is dedicated to healing and transformation through shattering illusions of cultural conditioning so we can embody the most authentic expression of ourselves.

I integrate the sacred into our everyday, practical realities through a practice of shadow work, intuitive development, Archetypal Astrology and ritual. By shining a light on the hidden parts of ourselves we come into a deeper understanding of our true motivations and we can move through our lives with more conscious choice and clarity.

When we pull back the layers of social constructs, family beliefs and cultural conditioning, we hear our soul song and can live guided by our inner authority. I believe this process returns us to empowerment. Through honoring all the parts of ourselves, we make space for deeper self-connection, radical acceptance and more compassion.

Since 2006, I have been consciously working with the healing properties of plants, dreamwork, energy healing, astrology, shadow work and archetypes. I incorporate these modalities into my offerings.

Initiation by Synchronicity

Astrology found me during a pivotal moment in my life, a few months after moving to Minneapolis in 2003. I made a soul connection with an owner of a coffee shop who offered to do a natal chart reading for me one day after work. It was as though the voice of synchronicity spoke through her, arousing my curiosity and unlocking something deep inside me. Her guidance made me feel more seen and understood than I’d ever felt in my life. That moment in time, I later discovered, ignited a connection between my own healing medicine, opening as a divine channel, and my steps towards destiny in my own transits.

That synchronistic reading began a journey into the world of astrology. I devoured all that I could find as I learned this ancient art. At first, I was interested in how astrology helped me better understand very specific aspects of my being. But I’ve had a life-long interest in human psychology and what makes people tick, and in my study of astrology, I became fascinated with how people are wired and how their charts reveal both uniqueness and interconnectedness. I was amazed at the accuracy of the cycles and the consistency found in astrological charts. Astrology has helped me accept and appreciate people and all the quirks, motivations, passions and values that drive them.

My Intention:

To help you move beyond conditioning, trauma and shame into embodied truth and agency.

My Mission:

To use astrology as a tool for liberation, healing and awakening.

My Philosophy & How Astrology Guides Our Journey:

A good reading confirms what you already know. It offers support and guidance in the form of an honest, compassionate perspective. I am here to nurture and maintain a space of inquiry for you to be willing to look within, hear truths and trust your body’s intuitive wisdom.

Each of us is on our own soul’s journey. It’s not my place to tell you what you should do or how to live. It is my role to hold space for your process, notice patterns, ask clarifying questions, reflect intuitive impressions, advocate for your potential and aid your soul’s evolutionary journey.

We are inherently gifted. We all have unique wiring and natural abilities that are meant to offer medicine to the collective. I am here to support you in leading a life that is authentic to who you are and the values you hold, while also honoring your genius and creating a space for your humanity.

We are all innately worthy. Our worth is not given to us nor can it be taken from us. It just is. We are here to live from our innate worthiness. There is nothing to prove or attain. We are here simply to express and reveal our divine nature. I’m here to honor and support your authentic expression of your worth and uncover projections, conditioning and beliefs that are in the way of you living this truth.

Healing comes through acceptance of our humanness, honoring and feeling our feelings, and surrendering to intuitive truth.

Stacy Quast

Intuition speaks in silent moments. When fear, doubt and mental chatter are absent, we hear or feel something and simply know it’s true.

Stacy Quast

Ready to discover your truth?

Official Bio

Stacy is an Intuitive Astrologer who weaves her empathic and creative essence into her astrology readings, archetypal teachings and mentorships. She has over 15 years of experience as a shadow coach, astrologer and intuitive teacher. Stacy opens up spaces of depth and safety for her clients as they explore the archetypal realms. Her guidance is empathic, deep, practical and tailored to each individual client. Along with shadow illumination and archetype integration, Stacy dedicates her work to dismantling collective belief systems and healing trauma. She intuitively discerns the subconscious patterns within her clients’ astrological charts and she offers unique perspectives and practical guidance to support them on their individual soul journeys.

Experience & Training:

I’m trained in the paradigm of Archetypal Astrology as taught by Robert Ohotto. Robert’s groundbreaking body of work, now known as Holokompass Astrology™, has been an essential foundation for me along my journey, and I’m honored to serve as an archetypal astrologer, mentor and spiritual director to the students in Robert’s YIE membership. I hold these teachings in high regard and am deeply honored to be practicing and carrying on this lineage. Ongoing training with the asteroids and dwarf planets, somatic movement, earth-based ritual, shamanic healing, breathwork, meditation, active dreaming, communications, and trauma-informed healing support my work and role as a guide and sacred space holder.

My Experience

  • Flower Essence Practitioner – 2006
  • Ordained Minister of Healing –2009
  • Intuitive Life Strategist – Archetypal Astrology –2011
  • Certified Mastery Higher Brain Living Facilitator – 2015
  • Qoya Somatic Movement – 2018
  • Golden Serpent Shamanic Priestess & Temple Arts Program – 2019
  • Certified in Active Dreaming – 2021
  • Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy – 2022
  • Awakened Body Certificate Program – 2022

About the Work

My work exists to support seekers and empathic souls in embracing their wholeness and embodying their soul’s fullest expression.

I do it because I believe in astrology as a tool of self liberation that can help build and sustain a more compassionate, awake and conscious world.

We live in a world that has become increasingly polarized. The past several years have exposed places where we felt we had common ground but realized we were miles apart or where we discovered that our connections weren’t aligned with our values. Our beliefs have divided and distracted us. In this time of increasing natural disasters and global pandemics, we are invited to more deeply understand how we are globally connected and how we can come together to heal and offer innovative solutions to live from a one-world consciousness.

With so many of our systems and structures in a state of dismantling and change, how can we learn to stay connected to ourselves through it all? How can we embrace the unknown and connect to our spiritual calling? How can we best show up to be the change that we wish to see at this collective tipping point?

Challenging times are our soul’s way of urging us to new levels of growth and development or nudging us in a new direction. Pain can be a pathway to personal transformation when we evolve beyond the limitations we’ve been living in. Through the contrast that pain brings, we can experience clarity, relief, courage to change and new levels of self-esteem.

I believe in our innate ability to heal. I believe that when we embrace all of the parts of ourselves we can transcend blame, shame and victim consciousness and begin to express our gifts, radiate our light and live our soul mission. As we learn to trust our inner voice, we can strengthen the connection within and begin to recognize the authentic desires and soul longings that wish to be birthed into form. We can also support and encourage the light and gifts in others. The world needs our unique light and healing medicine. We need to include the sacred in our lives and integrate it with the innovations and creative solutions of our time. We need to understand our shadow so that we can use our power to empower others.

Astrology and Our Lives

Astrology is a map of Synchronicity. It is an excellent tool to track and connect to our personal and collective cycles of growth over time. Astrology is a living sky and the planets’ patterns and movements offer insights into the small details and the grand visions of our lives. I approach astrology uniquely by intuitively feeling and discerning subconscious patterns within clients’ astrological charts. I also use a modern psychological approach, and I offer unique perspectives and practical guidance to support my clients on their individual soul journeys. I believe we can learn more about the soul’s objectives by digging deep and unearthing old patterns that might impede our natural growth and happiness.

My People

I work with seekers, empathic souls, healers, intuitives, innovators, pioneers, mystics, creatives, entrepreneurs, therapists, coaches, educators and those on the path of re-parenting, re-connection, belonging, life transitions, dark night cycles, endings and rebirths.

My clientele spans the globe. I hold compassionate and grounded space as my clients embark on transformational journeys by activating their soul growth and emotional maturity. I use my astrological skills and intuition to help clients maneuver through challenges and make tough decisions. My invitation to those who work with me is to courageously embrace all the parts of themselves, be open to a new perspective and come into deeper acceptance of their wholeness.

My ideal client is on the path to exploring their own sacred truth or awakening and looking for a new way of being in the world. They are open-minded, accountable and willing to explore their patterns. They have a deep longing to make an impact in the world.

I especially love guiding people into a deeper understanding of their patterns, subconscious beliefs, gifts and unique potential. During each session, my intention is to foster a space where my clients feel:

Connected. Aligned. Worthy. Radiant. Purposeful. Liberated.

My Style Involves:

  • Keeping it Real
  • Accountability
  • Going Deep
  • Self Inventory
  • Acceptance
  • Reflection

I Deeply Value:

  • Truth
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Humor
  • Communication
  • Growth
  • Wisdom


“Working with Stacy is life changing. She was spot on with her readings and I felt as if she knew me better than I know myself! To dive deep into one’s self is a courageous journey and Stacy’s supportive wisdom is a key component. I look forward to many more conversations!”

Michelle Judge

The reading was like being encouraged to look through a new window at a familiar scene – while the scene was the same, the new window offered me an angle and light to see and think about things differently than I normal did. And that different perspective was interesting and helpful.  I would recommend you to anyone seeking guidance or an alternative perspective.

J.P. Markell

A Note on Trauma-Sensitive Practice

My journey into embodiment practice, healing modalities, and energy work began with my desire to heal my trauma. As a result, trauma sensitivity is essential in my professional practice. This means recognizing that we all may have different needs based on our past experiences and connection to what safety feels like. Safety is an embodied experience. In a culture where it is perceived as normal to fix, evaluate, and figure out our symptoms, we aren’t taught how to witness each other, tend to our pain, and honor our process. When we are met with the energy of fixing, our body becomes defensive and our nervous system may shut down or go into a coping mechanism for survival. My aim is to create a container for integration that is as safe and secure in order to foster deep healing.

My work focuses on tending to our human experience with emotional maturity, awareness of the shadow, and sensitivity to the body and our relationships. This means honoring our vulnerability while bringing inquiry into the origins of our patterns and our shame. My work honors each individual journey to healing, which may include the trauma from our life and our ancestral trauma. Healing happens when we are present and listening to our body from neutral curiosity. Healing happens in connection and in community. Through sharing our stories, we begin to recognize that we aren’t alone and that the things we perceive as faults are actually strengths. We feel that deep soul relief when we discover others have also been through turbulent times and are also on a journey to heal. We begin to trust the voice of the body’s innate wisdom to guide us forward and we trust others to hold space for us.

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