Archetypal Astrology Mentorship

In this mentorship program you will learn an intuitive approach to Archetypal Astrology. Stacy is a gifted teacher and her experience in holistic healing, coaching, intuitive development, and trauma awareness work combined with astrological expertise provides the perfect combination for connecting  astrology as living tool of co-creation and transformation.

You’ll learn a powerful method of astrology as a way of facilitating healing, growth and connecting to the cosmic pulse of collective cycles. In this program, you’ll apply techniques with the intention of understanding your own birth chart and begin reading charts in service to others.

The program consists of 12 sessions, each one based on one of main Archetypal Themes of the Signs/Planets and then looked at specifically in the client’s natal chart, transit and in historical and present collective themes.

Individual sessions may be tailored specifically to the current cycles, clients own themes, archetypal patterns or where Stacy is intuitively guided during the session.

This program may be repeated to continue one on one teaching and tutoring with astrological themes or client charts.

Archetypal Astrology Mentorship Program is a 6 month program with two 60 minute sessions each month.

Stacy offer my clients a higher level of service and support to help them transform their lives. Her passion is to help others to awaken and transform to their full potential and authenticity. She believes it is an honor and absolute joy to facilitate others in their own personal growth and evolution.

To learn more or if you have any questions contact me at

Trying to decide if working with Stacy is right for you?

Ask yourself these questions…

  • Am I willing to take a conscious, deep, intimate, and detailed look into my life’s story?
  • Am I open to gain understanding on my past and how it’s affecting my present?
  • Am I eager to learn about the potential that lies ahead?
  • Am I ready to step more into my power?

If the answer is “yes,” then I’d love to hear from you.