Archetypal Astrology Mentorship

Imagine what it would be like to…

  • Understand your chart and life cycles as a tool to live a conscious, connected, and empowered life.
  • Live with greater reverence and appreciation for how people are uniquely wired.
  • Feel into the cosmic currents and open to the intuitive messages awakening in you.
  • Align with Synchronicity to guide you on your path of Destiny.
  • Remember more of your authentic essence, lineage and soul’s gifts.
  • Release patterns of shame while opening to more self-acceptance and compassion.
  • Discover deeper meaning for your soul’s evolution and expansion in this lifetime.
  • Work consciously with the shadow and light of your archetypal family.
  • Receive 1:1 mentorship from me and practice chart readings as a passion or path of service.

Cosmic Co-Creator is a 6 month private immersion mentorship in Intuitive Astrology.

Cosmic Co-Creator gifts you 12 personalized private sessions with Stacy Quast. You will meet twice a month for 60 minute sessions on Zoom.
You will learn an intuitive approach to Archetypal Astrology. Each session is specifically dedicated to diving into the Archetypal themes of your natal chart, collective cycles and current transits.

In this mentorship program you will learn an intuitive approach to Archetypal Astrology. Stacy is a gifted teacher and her experience in holistic healing, coaching, intuitive development, and trauma awareness work combined with astrological expertise provides the perfect combination for connecting  astrology as living tool of co-creation and transformation.

Astrology is a living tool. You’ll learn a powerful method of astrology as a way of facilitating healing, growth and connecting to the cosmic pulse of collective cycles. In this program, you’ll apply techniques with the intention of understanding your own birth chart, awakening to your patterns, and connect to the archetypal energies.

Further reading or a homework practice may be suggested to a connect deeper with the Archetypes. Some sessions may include a guided exercise to integrate the archetypes such as journal prompts, meditation, Active Dreaming, ritual, embodiment.

6 month mentorship can be repeated for the advanced level study which prepares you to read astrology charts, to better understand those in your life or to offer astrology client sessions.

The course covers the following:

signs and symbols
symbolic interpretation
collective myths
cross of incarnation – the 4 angles
houses as areas of life
Saturn – reclaiming your authority
Saturn in Transit
Mercury + Venus + Mars + Moon
Pluto as a force of Alchemy
Neptune – Unveiling the Sacred
Uranus – Divine Truth
Jupiter – Planting the seeds of your Potential
The Sun as a force of destiny, Sun through the Houses, Sun through the signs
aspects + aspect patterns
Mercury Retrograde
Saturn Return
Your Archetypes of Survival, Archetypes of Destiny
New moon/full moon interpretations for you that occur during the program

Advanced course covers the following:

Chiron – making your pain sacred,
Chiron in Transit
the Asteroid Goddesses: Juno, Ceres, Pallas Athena and Vesta
the lunar nodes
ethics in astrology practice
lunar phases – at time of birth
Eris – Goddess of creative chaos
Uranus in Tranis
Pluto in Transit
Retrograde Planets:
New moon/full moon interpretations for you that occur during the program
practicum: reading charts

Individual sessions may be tailored specifically to the client’s themes or current transits. Sessions can be adapted or changed based on the client’s interest or where Stacy is intuitively guided during the session.

Stacy creates practical tools and lessons to support the client’s own archetypes, learning styles, or behavior patterns.

Stacy offers her clients a higher level of service and support to help them transform their lives. Her passion is to help others to awaken and transform to their full potential and authenticity. She believes it is an honor and absolute joy to facilitate others in their personal growth and evolution.

To learn more or if you have any questions contact me at

What you get:

    • 12 LIVE Private Mentorship Zoom Sessions with me. Each session is one hour, scheduled over six months.

    • Recordings of ALL Sessions sent to you.

    • Exercises to give you structure and deepen your practice.

    • Email check-ins and support in between sessions.

    • Recommended resources and handouts that support the work.


  • Advance your astrological knowledge and wisdom?
  • Understand your life cycles and archetypes?
  • Learn how to navigate astrological cycles?
  • Live in present time?
  • Connect to your personal power?
  • Refine your technical skills?
  • Live from more conscious choice?

Trying to decide if working with Stacy is right for you?

Ask yourself these questions…

  • Am I willing to take a conscious, deep, intimate, and detailed look into my life’s story?
  • Am I open to gain understanding on my past and how it’s affecting my present?
  • Am I eager to learn about the potential that lies ahead?
  • Am I ready to step more into my power?

If the answer is “yes,” then I’d love to hear from you.