Awaken to your Archetypes – 6-month program

My work is devoted to guiding others into alignment and into living their truth, awakening to their unique gifts and passionately and creatively sharing their gifts with the world.”

Stacy Quast

Life can be difficult. Roadblocks can appear causing our plans to change. Fear can feel like the only voice in our head. Just as water ebbs and flows, so do the circumstances of our lives shift and change, sometimes bringing us to cycles of overwhelm, transition, endings and crucial moments of the soul’s growth. We live in a time where we must learn to pivot and adapt to unexpected changes. Making big decisions can be intimidating when we don’t know what the outcome will be or how we’ll manage the inevitable surprises on the path.

When so much of our outside world is being dismantled and changing form, how do we:

  • become a sanctuary within ourselves to practice holy listening?
  • nurture this connection to self and strengthen our relationship with the invisible world?
  • learn to see more of the divine through our relationship to nature and our outer world?

Spiritual Direction
is an experiential immersion into living in right relationship with life and connecting to synchronicity.

The Spiritual Direction Immersion offers presence practices and tools to assist you in navigating these changes and provides you with a compassionate guide along the way, to support your path of devotion to your soul’s expression. It encourages you to trust alternative ways of knowing yourself, others and the world. Spiritual Direction is dedicated to the unseen dimensions, dreams, symbols, synchronicity and insights that acquaint you with your soul.

As a spiritual director, I draw on my daily practices of study, introspection, meditation and soul prayer to offer unique insight, compassionate presence and sacred inquiry. I am a devout mystic who is not identified with any particular faith. My sacred work weaves from traditions of Buddhism, Shamanism, Hinduism, Christianity, astrology, mythology and archetypal symbolism. I specialize in Archetypal Symbolism and Active Dreaming. I use the astrology chart as a portal to tap into your archetypal team and unique soul journey. Together we explore mystical experiences, devotional practices and evolutionary cycles.

Spiritual Direction gives you a deeper understanding of your unique gifts and soul contract, and offers practical steps to support your spiritual journey. My primary focus is on increasing awareness of your environment and everyday experiences, expanding your perspective on life choices and enhancing emotions of empowerment and liberation. I am devoted to supporting you as you create a life that is conscious, purposeful and guided by your heart.

Stacy and I are bringing me home to myself, and that’s a new level of security for me. She’s showing me how to connect to the authority of my own intuition. I have two favorite things about her. First, she’s accurate and efficient, unraveling some life-long mysteries for me right away. Second, she has a presence of calmness, reasonable optimism, and confidence in the process. She models how to be curious rather than aghast with current events. Now I’m often grateful to be alive at this pivotal time in humanity’s journey. That’s a big shift for a recovering catastrophist! I highly recommend her services.”

Gail Randell

Imagine Having the Embodied Connection To:

  • Stay present while navigating turbulent and unknown cycles
  • Find peace and acceptance of past trauma
  • Trust your intuitive voice
  • Recognize your mistakes without spiraling into shame
  • Tell the truth about what you want and need
  • Show up with integrity and compassion for yourself and others
  • Notice signs of synchronicity
  • Live in a state of reverence
  • Honor the messages of your dreams

My Beliefs About Spiritual Direction

  • Spiritual Direction focuses on our direct experience of the divine. Through cultivating our relationship to nature, honoring relationships as mirrors, and living a life that is present to synchronicity we experience the divine directly. It is a practice of bringing energy and guidance from the mystical world into our tangible, everyday life. We do this through dreamwork, ritual, journaling, art, prayer, compassionate conversation and contemplation.
  • Spiritual Direction is a relationship. It is about nurturing an ongoing personal connection to whatever the divine means to us. This may include our inner relationship to our intuition and guidance team and an ability to dialogue with the divine.
  • Spiritual Direction is a practice of honoring the divinity that lives within. It is a commitment to living a life beyond blame, shame and victim consciousness. Through embracing all the parts of ourselves and understanding our patterns we come into deeper understanding of the soul’s intent. Through compassion we recognize our innate wholeness. It is a practice of intention, reflection, shadow inquiry and living into questions.
  • Spiritual Direction is a time to explore your cosmic contract. It is a time to open to new understanding of your archetypal team and learn how to work with them consciously. I use astrology as a portal into your soul’s journey. Astrology is a powerful tool that can support you in awakening to your life cycles and soul’s intention. It can strengthen your connection to what is maturing in you and align you with the flow of destiny.
  • Spiritual Direction is your sacred time. We honor what you are letting go of. We look at the archetypes that helped you adapt and survive as well as the archetypes that are currently activating to support your growth. We dialogue about the new cycle that is emerging in you. We hold space to check in and arrive with intention. It is your time to process, practice and be witnessed. You can use this sacred time how you feel guided.
  • The real spiritual director is the divine. I trust that your guides are working through me to support your journey. I trust the timing and flow of the session to intuitively direct me to what you most need. In this space, I foster discovery, growth and holding yourself capable.

How the Spiritual Direction Program Works

Spiritual Direction is a 6-month, paradigm-shifting archetypal immersion for humans who are longing to explore their cosmic blueprint, nurture a deeper relationship to the divine, understand their archetypal patterns and methods of unconscious sabotage, embrace their unique gifts, and live more authentically.

You will receive one-on-one sessions that are rich conversations guiding you home. This program is a commitment of twelve 60-minute sessions that can be used once a month for a year or twice a month for six months. Clients who continue to grow and are committed to their ongoing spiritual development often repeat this immersion several times.

What I Bring to Each Session:

  • Reverence for astrology as an ancient symbolic language.
  • Practical tools to integrate our work together and foster self connection.
  • Observations, insights and questions to guide you deeper into yourself.
  • A willingness to hold space for powerful, and at times uncomfortable, conversations.
  • Unconditional regard for where you are right now.
  • Belief in your innate healing capabilities.

What Spiritual Direction is:

The Spiritual Direction Immersion includes 12 sessions that take place over Zoom. Each session is a conversation and an exploration that fosters a deeper understanding of where you’re at on your spiritual journey. We delve into your unique gifts, your patterns and soul contract. We experiment with ways you can live in right relationship with yourself by connecting to synchronicity. You gain practical tools and learn strategies to support your spiritual journey. Each session is a healing space of reflection, insight and awareness.

  • 12 x 60 minute one-to-one sessions with Stacy via Zoom
  • Meeting you where you are at on your spiritual journey
  • A deeper understanding of your unique gifts, patterns and soul contract
  • An experiential exploration of living in right relationship with life by connecting to synchronicity
  • Learning practical tools and strategies to support your spiritual journey
  • A healing space for reflection, insight, and awareness

What Spiritual Direction isn’t:

Spiritual Direction is not advice giving. Ritual practices and homework may be suggested to integrate themes that arise, but I will not tell you what you should be doing. Instead I support your agency and intuitive wisdom to consciously navigate life cycles.

Spiritual Direction is not linear. There is no set program or curriculum to cover. The content discussed is based on the intentions, life experience and questions of the participants. We let the intuitive flow of the conversation guide us.

Spiritual Direction is not a place for shame or rigid discipline. Although there is a level of personal accountability involved, it is really up to you to choose to show up and engage with the work both inside and outside the session.

Spiritual Direction does not enable you to stay where you are at. We look at patterns, inner motivations and the light and shadow of archetypal patterns so that you can bring awareness to your life and make choices from a new perspective.

Spiritual Direction is not a testing ground for my psychic predictions and abilities.

Spiritual Direction is not about learning how to control and manipulate the people and circumstances in your life.

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