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We are connected to the Stars

Archetypal Astrology is a cosmological perspective that is rooted in depth psychology and the human connection to the stars.

The planetary symbols and meanings are related to universal representations observed throughout the human experience. Each planet, as well as the Sun and Moon, is associated with a unique archetypal principle.

As we connect to the archetypal forces that are being activated and learn where they are occurring in our lives, we can open to transformation and align with the creative impulse that is birthing us into the next chapter of our lives.

When astrology originated,

people believed that gods or sky deities ruled over the sky and heavens and caused events on Earth. As we evolve and awaken to our connection to the earth and cosmos, we can dance with the deeper astrological cycles.

We begin to understand that what is awakening within us both personally and collectively is mirrored by the outside world. Instead of perceiving the planets in a causative and limited way, we can embrace our natal chart and transits with conscious awareness and approach the archetypal forces as a cosmic co-creator.

Certain archetypal forces guide us at birth as we adapt to our environments and navigate our family and cultural systems.

Later, other archetypes serve to develop us into more of our potential and destiny. Our level of self-esteem, awareness, and self-connection determines how we meet moments of fate and destiny.

Astrology is a map of synchronicity. It connects the cosmic cycles of time and archetypal patterns to our embodied experience of life.

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Astrology Offerings


During a soul contract reading, Stacy brings you into a deeper understanding of your soul contract, an agreement you made before birth that determines your unique wiring, your natural abilities and gifts, and the lessons and experiences you’ll create in this lifetime. Using your astrological birth chart as a portal, Stacy shines light on family patterns, subconscious beliefs and obstacles that keep you from creating the life you desire. You’ll learn tools and strategies to work consciously with your archetypes and embrace your wholeness. As you align with who you are, your soul’s potential will ignite.


In this Astrology Mentorship Program, Stacy offers an intuitive approach to Archetypal Astrology by incorporating her astrological expertise with experiences in holistic healing, coaching, intuitive development and trauma awareness work to reveal how astrology is a living tool of co-creation and transformation. During this mentorship, you’ll learn a method of astrology that facilitates healing, growth and connection to the cosmic pulse of collective cycles. Stacy teaches you techniques to understand your birth chart and begin reading charts in service to others.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a Soul Companionship that can assist you in tuning into your own Soul and the synchronicity and grace in and around you. It helps you stay connected to yourself while navigating cycles of change and assists you in clarifying  your desires and the obstacles to achieving them. Spiritual Direction gives you a deeper understanding of your unique gifts and soul contract and offers practical steps to support your spiritual journey. Stacy guides you through subconscious beliefs, cultural messages and patterns that keep you from creating a purpose-driven, fulfilling and joyful life.

Stacy Quast, Intuitive Astrologer

About Stacy

Stacy is an intuitive astrologer who is dedicated to helping her clients own their worth and live into their full potential.

Her empathic, creative essence opens up spaces of depth and safety for her clients as they intuitively explore the archetypal realms, connect with their inner wisdom and practice embodiment.

She offers unique perspectives and practical guidance to support her clients on their individual soul journeys.

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Sandra Vela, Stacy Quast Astrology Reviewer

I am so glad I jumped at the chance to have a reading with Stacy Quast. I received so much from my sessions with Stacy.  I especially appreciated her gentle affirming presence and open heart. She was able to create a space for expanding my understanding of the cyclical patterns I was experiencing through her knowledge and intuition. I was able to make deep connections from this perspective with her soulful support.  Her greatest gift is her ability to listen deeply which is healing in and of itself. From this place, she has so much to offer her clients.

Sandra Vela

D. Rahman, Stacy Quast Astrology Reviewer

I have been receiving sessions with Stacy about a year now. It’s been really delightful to work with her. I experience her sessions to be internally powerful and insightful. Stacy is highly intuitive and on multiple occasions she has various courses of actions that were beneficial. She is helping me on this powerful journey of self-discovery, love and acceptance.

D. Rahman

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