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Soul Contract Readings

“I  have had a reading with Stacy which I really enjoyed. She gave me  exceptional guidance about my career path and issues that would be coming up in my personal life. Even though I do readings for many people in my own life, I always like to get a perspective from another trusted reader. In my reading, Stacy told me things that later came to pass through her astrology and guidance, which I felt was filled with soul guidance. For example, I asked her about a personal friendship and what she saw about me and this person. In the reading, she told me exact phrases to describe this person, and they were exact phrases I had used in my own personal life. She even described the energy of this person exactly, and could understand the psychological blocks this person has. I really feel that Stacy is a gifted reader, and has amazing insights.”

Thomas John
Manhattan Medium, Seatbelt Psychic, author of “Never Argue with a Dead Person”

Donna Elle, Happy Astrology client. Stacy Quast Testimonial writer.

“I have been working with Stacy going on for 2 years and find her monthly blogs and regular IG posts, newsletters, deep and powerful! Personally, she offers a tracking to my passages here on earth with my soul contracts and how I am actively learning and alchemizing to reach new paradigms in my growth cycles. She is clairvoyant and offers a deep level of transits and guidance…..in healing and in home of self.

Donna Elle

“Today, the stories I tell myself about my life are so different than those I told myself before I met Stacy. I’m not the same person I was when I started a monthly journey of self-discovery with her more than two years ago. I set the pace, and she held the safe space for my vulnerability. Stacy’s accurate guidance, gently offered, helped create huge shifts in my understanding over time. Those shifts weren’t quick, and they certainly weren’t easy, but the journey highlighted the importance of a guide and mentor in facilitating permanent change. My partnership with Stacy has enriched my life beyond measure and was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Be daring enough to do yourself the same favor!”

Debbie Bahn

Corinne Worsley

Stacy’s guidance and insight has been invaluable to me during the time we’ve been working together.
I decided to work with Stacy in order to help me better understand the archetypes that I came into this life with and my contract in this lifetime, and she has more than delivered on that.

Because of our work together I now have a much greater understanding of the patterns that show up in my life, the lessons I am here to learn and what I am here to embody. Each time we connect Stacy’s intuitive wisdom aligns perfectly with what I have been experiencing or working through and her guidance and insight help me to take the right next steps. Her intuitive, gentle and articulate insights mean I’m never left feeling lost or confused by anything we discuss and she brings a groundedness and simplicity to what can be a very complicated topic. Her wisdom also far extends beyond the realms of astrology, so she is able to support me with whatever comes up.

I feel like I am finally stepping into the role that I was born to fulfill and that is in large part down to the work that Stacy and I have done together.

On a practical note, I love that I get the recording after each session we have together as it enables me to be fully present during our sessions, safe in the knowledge that nothing we say will be lost. I always use the recording to help me reflect and then determine my next steps.

I have no hesitation in recommending Stacy to anyone who is thinking of taking the leap. Go for it!

Corinne Worsley

“Stacy is highly intuitive, she got right to the essence of my question and yet is very gentle in her truth telling. I would definitely recommend a reading with her.  I am still working on the insights that she gave me and often go back to the recording because it was so insightful. Stacy’s reading powered me to confront specific survival patterns that were causing me a lot of problems. Each time I listen to the recording, I feel empowered to make the changes that I need to. I would certainly consult Stacy again as no one has read this ingrained patterning with with such clarity.”  

Sarah Drury

“During my natal chart reading, Stacy discussed an archetype I hadn’t previously considered relevant to me. Over the next ten years, this new information gave me insight into several distressing situations. With this insight I’ve been able to mitigate confusion and operate with greater strength and clarity.  Stacy’s method of reading combined with her buoyant and compassionate personality make her readings truly unique and purposeful.”

Andrea de Palma

“I am so glad I jumped at the chance to have a reading with Stacy Quast. I received so much from my sessions with Stacy.  I especially appreciated her gentle affirming presence and open heart. She was able to create a space for expanding my understanding of the cyclical patterns I was experiencing through her knowledge and intuition. I was able to make deep connections from this perspective with her soulful support.  Her greatest gift is her ability to listen deeply which is healing in and of itself. From this place, she has so much to offer her clients”.

Sandra Vela

“My experience with Stacy has been very wonderful. Now I have a clearer vision of what I need to work on and what I needed to cultivate more. I am so glad to have met her. She is a warm person to work with and she really have the passion in helping women find their true path. It is amazing when our lives our touched by others in a positive way, and Stacy surely have touched mine. Book a session with her.”

Maricris Treuenfels

“Working with Stacy is life changing. She was spot on with her readings and I felt as if she knew me better than I know myself! To dive deep into one’s self is a courageous journey and Stacy’s supportive wisdom is a key component. I look forward to many more conversations!”

Michelle Judge

“Receiving a Soul Contract Astrology reading from Stacy Quast has been a gift from heaven and divine timingfor my journey. It wasn’t at all what I expected to hear about my year ahead but the awareness she pointed out to help me release and shift through some patterns and beliefs that are not mine to keep anymore.  I have had astrology readings before BUT with Stacy gifts, connection and talents it has created so much light, soul connection and excitement within me.  What she does is a must for everyone who are awake to knowing they are here for something greater.  Everything she discussed with me was helping me complete my puzzle of my life but more importantly she connected me to the understanding of it. It was an INCREDIBLE experience. Don’t delay scheduling with Stacy today as she will help you confirm or shift your world into the direction your soul is meant to in this lifetime.”

Tally Hayden

“Stacy and I are bringing me home to myself, and that’s a new level of security for me. She’s showing me how to connect to the authority of my own intuition. I have two favorite things about her. First, she’s accurate and efficient, unraveling some life-long mysteries for me right away. Second, she has a presence of calmness, reasonable optimism, and confidence in the process. She models how to be curious rather than aghast with current events. Now I’m often grateful to be alive at this pivotal time in humanity’s journey. That’s a big shift for a recovering catastrophist! I highly recommend her services. ”

Gail Randell

“I had never thought about seeking input from an astrologer before, but Stacy came so highly recommended, I thought I’d give her a whirl. I was not disappointed. To me, Stacy uses astrology and numerology to help her see. And see she did.  She was spot on with so many things.   I particularly loved the confirmation about my soul contract, and how I could use that knowledge to not only evolve myself, but that of my lineage.”

Gloria Squitiro
Author of “May Cause Drowsiness and Blurred Vision: The Side Effects of Bravery”

“I would highly recommend a session with Stacy. Her calm presence and wisdom deliver important guidance with compassion while being practical and realistic at the same time.  Her talent in accessing intuitive insight brings deeper meaning and healing to each reading. in my growth process.  I personally felt affirmed and seen which gave me added assurance that I was exactly where I should be in my growth process.   Stacy has a true gift which nurtures a healing sense of alignment with one’s authenticity.”

Lisa White

“I had been struggling with feeling out of place in my work and questioning if I was off course, but Stacy helped me recognize that I needed to have more patience with myself and my process. Some things in my environment and relationships needed to shift, and it was causing my transition to take longer than I thought it should. She helped me understand that I wasn’t off course, but that I was trying to rush the timing. Making myself wrong for this was not helpful. In fact, I was encouraged to slow down, to be more playful, and to emphasize my own self-care.   Stacy’s guidance and intuitive insights opened me up to a new perspective that held more hope and possibility, and I am so grateful for her help.”

Hallie Bigliardi
Author of “Take Back the Reins”

“I liked the way Stacy linked my characteristics/behavior with my emotions without knowing me. Some of the things were an eye opener for me since I was myself not sure about my feelings. It was so easy to work with her. I really loved her insights, down to earth messages and her positive energy in trying to help.

Ankita Chainani

“Working with Stacy Quast is an absolute treasure. She is authentic, truthful, insightful and funny. I highly recommend Stacy to anyone looking for spiritual direction in life, especially if you want to go deep and listen to your Soul.

Stacy was able to make the astro world real to me. It came to life in such a way that I could see its influences in my daily decisions. I saw where I could make best use of my gifts and unique perceptions, and where I could navigate my challenges.

I especially loved Stacy’s take on Chiron.  I’ve always had a special romance with Chiron, and after my reading, I could definitely see why.  I learned with Stacy that I’m a pioneer, and that I’m to take what is, let its higher wisdom flow through me and do it differently. Great reading!”

Michelle Depres

“I recently had a soul contract reading with Stacy. Stacy’s reading was “spot on.”  It is a time of change for me, and Stacy intuitively talked about things that were, in fact, things that I had already been thinking about.  The reading also focused on some practical suggestions, based on my chart, for how to move forward with “what is next.”  I would highly recommend Stacy for anyone interested in having a soul contract reading.

Barbara A. Engen-Mangskau

“Stacy did an AMAZING Soul Contract Astrology reading for me. She went into full detail about what each area meant and which areas of my life they represented. She also answered all the questions I had in full detail and validated my feelings on what I felt emotionally at certian periods of my life. I gained so much clarity from it. I highly recommend an Astrology reading by Stacy, she makes you feel comfortable, safe and her soft nature is so uplifting.”

Brandy Morcomb

“I have had numerous astrological chart readings throughout my life from myriad traditions, but never have I had a chart interpretation with such depth and soul connection than with Stacy Quast.  Stacy’s combination of intuition and years of study as she interprets a chart is both grounding and mystical.  Working with someone on a soul level is a serious and sacred exchange and I don’t recommend just anybody.  I trust Stacy’s integrity and the way she creates a safe space for myself and for others.  Whether you are brand new to astrology or this is your 111th reading, Stacy will speak on a level you can understand and offer new insight and wisdom that you have never heard before.  After my first reading with her, I left feeling like I had new tools in my toolkit that would help me on my journey. This is my same wish for you.”

Lisa Huftel

“Stacy has a calm confidence about her and the ability to connect daily reality with the unseen. At times during the reading it felt like she was reading passages out of my private journal. This has been a truly enlightening experience giving me a lot to thing about and to work with. Thank you!”

Ines Helm

“The reading was like being encouraged to look through a new window at a familiar scene – while the scene was the same, the new window offered me an angle and light to see and think about things differently than I normal did. And that different perspective was interesting and helpful.  I would recommend you to anyone seeking guidance or an alternative perspective.

J.P. Markell

“This was my first reading with Stacy, yet I felt like I could trust her 100%. She read me like an open book, and was spot on with her insights. It felt good to be seen and heard in a supportive way. Stacy is very considerate and empathetic. I truly felt like she “got” me.

The reading uncovered patterns, behaviors and underlying causes that have had a huge impact in my life. These are things I kind of knew, but was too close to see clearly. This lifted a fog that I’ve been navigating through for years.

Since the reading I´ve started to pay attention to my patterns in a new way. I understand my motives better. There are many new questions this session brought up, that I need to consider while finding my path. It’ll take a while to process all this information. I feel like Stacy gently pushed me in the right direction, with finding answers to some potentially life-changing questions. I can definitely recommend a reading with Stacy. Especially for someone who’s s feeling lost and needing direction.”

Hanna K.

Stacy Quast Lotus Moons Logo. Stacy Quast Astrology.

“I’ve known Stacy for a few years now and have always been impressed by her beautiful open heart, her ability to listen deeply and hear not only the words, but what lies underneath the words, and last but certainly not least, her intuitive ability.

[…] She blew me away with the degree of accuracy in her reading. I’ve never had a reading before that was so specific and so completely right on the mark. I found it very helpful and affirming and it came at just at the right time. She identified a situation that was unfolding and really nailed it.

Stacy delivers not only insight and accuracy in her readings, but also a sense of understanding and warmth that will leave your heart glowing, your consciousness expanded, and your mind asking, “How does she do that?”

Gayle Klauser
Purpose Coach, Forgotten Dreams Coaching, LLC

Stacy Quast Lotus Moons Logo. Stacy Quast Astrology.

“Stacy accurately described a couple events in my past.  She picked up on a couple of my family’s perceptions of me, and more importantly, she pointed out how these perceptions and past interactions with my family could still be influencing my outlook and approach to my work. Realizing this, I can possibly improve my work by keeping in mind that certain practices that are impeding my progress, such as trying to do everything myself, are really a result of past family interactions.

Stacy was very perceptive and detailed.  She had great insights into how to find out what I want to do and how to do it.  It was the depth of information that made the reading even more valuable. Good work!”

John William Arnold


Stacy’s retreat was beautiful! I loved connecting with other clients, receiving amazing sessions in the group setting, and conversing around our potential and what gets us there. I experienced various things that needed to be cleared and released coming up for me before the retreat and fortunately they gradually shifted throughout the day. Thanks to Stacy for the energy surge and rewiring! I will definitely participate in this again.

Dr. Rachel Wetzsteon, PhD

“This winter I participated in my first retreat lead by Stacy Quast.  It was an amazing experience, with a talented facilitator, in a beautiful space.  Through the retreat I found new levels of peace, joy, and fulfillment I had not accessed before. It was truly life changing.  Since then I have been able to maintain a consistent meditation practice, have had more success in my romantic life, and created more avenues accessing peace, joy, and love in my daily life.  Stacy Quast is a true treasure and I always look forward to any healing event she hosts.”

Vicki Ritchie

Intuitive Coaching Programs

“I have been receiving sessions with Stacy about a year now. It’s been really delightful to work with her. I experience her sessions to be internally powerful and insightful. Stacy is highly intuitive and on multiple occasions she has various courses of actions that were beneficial. She is helping me on this powerful journey of self-discovery, love and acceptance.

D. Rahman

 “Going through this program helped me to really get in touch with myself on a much deeper level.  I had to actually identify goals and desires and see what my soul was wanting.  One of the first things I noticed was being able to handle situations differently.  At the beginning of the program I was in an emotionally abusive/manipulative relationship, I didn’t see it at the time, but I was.  Early on I started to notice as an argument would start to percolate in my relationship, I was able to hold myself together more easily and see the truth, it was like my trigger button to get emotionally swung was moved.  I could see the twist of manipulation start and before I would get swung in, now I would walk away until a different and hopefully more productive time.  I didn’t know it but a shift had started to happen, one where I started to recognize and reclaim my power, one that helped me to remove myself from the issue and now from him.  The process has not been easy but it has helped me to really recenter my life.  I am now on the brink of a whole new life, I have stood up for myself and found the best thing is to walk away from some situations so you can get up, move on and move up to better situations. I feel my personal growth has been sped to the fast lane. Stacy did a great job guiding me throughout it all.

Joanna Prokes, D.C.

“Going through this program gave me more clarity, awareness, and a calming effect of everything and everyone around me. I feel more of a connection between my body and mind. My perception and attitude towards life is more positive. Working on my tier 3 with Stacy was great! She has a calming and fun way of going through the sessions. I would highly recommend sessions for stress reduction, greater life enjoyment, and stronger relationships.”

Alan Dahlmeir