Soul Contract

Illuminate your alignment and soul’s journey.

What is Soul Contract Astrology?

The astrological birth chart is a blueprint of your soul’s contract, which is an agreement that you made prior to birth. It speaks to your unique wiring, values, tendencies, subconscious patterns, natural abilities, gifts and potential.

Soul Contract Astrology grew out of a more holistic, intuitive, archetypal, and humanistic approach to astrology. It is a tool of synchronicity. It illuminates our alignment and our soul’s journey. It is astrology that looks beyond the emotional self and into the psycho-spiritual self. It looks at the soul and how it is animating the chart. It recognizes all of you — your patterns, life cycles, your soul, your ancestral lineage and the many emotional and psychic layers that consciously and unconsciously affect how you live the chart.

When you work with Stacy in a one-on-one relationship, she uses all her astrological and intuitive skills to help you:

  • Shed layers of cultural conditioning
  • Learn what archetypal patterns helped you to navigate birth and childhood
  • Discover what archetypes are present to support your destiny
  • Understand what life cycle you are in
  • Learn tools and strategies to work consciously with your archetypes
  • Heal your emotional, energetic, and spiritual blocks
  • Transform past and ancestral trauma

It is Stacy’s honor and joy to work one-on-one with clients as an intuitive guide, astrology mentor and transformation coach. It is her intention to hold space for depth, reverence and safety as clients explore their patterns and navigate the archetypal realms.

You incarnated to BE the highest expression of yourself and share your gifts. You didn’t incarnate as punishment to “work out karma.” You’re here to express your true essence, give love and share wisdom. When you are authentically yourself and expressing your gifts, the right people and opportunities show up with ease. As you are more aligned with who you are, more of your soul’s potential ignites and the doors of divine synchronicity open for you.

It used to be believed that astrology revealed a person’s destined fate, that the birth chart was deterministic. Which brings up the question: what part of the chart is free will and what is fate? Astrology is a living tool. The more awareness and esteem that you bring to your life the more you live in conscious choice and grow into your potential. In other words, the more you grow and open, the more doors of potential can open to you. Without awareness of your patterns, experiences tend to show up as fated events. When used consciously, astrology can increase personal freedom and choice, rather than limit it. It can help you become liberated from cultural conditioning, step into your potential and make choices in alignment with your destiny.

Natal Chart Reading

Your natal chart – also known as your birth chart – shows the exact position of the stars at the moment you were born. Think of it as a snapshot of how the planets were aligned when you took your first breath. Stacy views the natal chart as part of a soul contract that you co-created and agreed to before incarnating.

During a session, we explore the energies occurring when you were born that have an impact on your life, such as:

  • The innate disposition and the gifts you came in with.
  • Family dynamics.
  • Lessons you are here to experience.
  • Cultural and family impressions.
  • Subconscious beliefs or untruths.

Next, we examines your potential, your learning style, your values, and growth opportunities.

Finally, we look at the planetary transits—how the planets currently move through the sky as they transit and influence your natal chart. Planetary transits show:

  • What cycle of life you’re in at this moment.
  • What you need to embrace and release to reach your potential.
  • Specific areas of your life where you may want clarity and resolution.

Stacy receives and downloads intuitive information and archetypal impressions in different areas of your chart. As you progress through your chart, she expertly guides you toward your higher truth, while sustaining a strong container of compassion and safety.

About Archetypes

An archetype is an impression or an imprinting on the psyche at birth. This forms a pattern. You’ll see them in literature, stories, movies and history.

They can be people or situations. Examples of common archetypes are The Hero, The Mother, The Athlete, The Healer, The Guru, and The Teacher. Examples of archetypal situations and themes include The Journey, The Initiation, Death, and Good Versus Evil.

Psychological undercurrents flow internally and are expressed archetypally in the environment through people and situations. Often we develop strategies for survival, such as The Perfectionist, Co-dependent, Addict or Rescuer. Eventually these patterns may keep you from living in the present and creating the life that you really desire.

Traditional astrology can be about limitations and planets causing things to happen to you. In my work, I teach that the planets and outside environment mirror our own internal processes. We are not victims of the planets or their influences, but rather we are connected to them and the outside environment.

Astrology can very accurately show us a working map of our soul’s growth, challenges, influences and cycles. In my work, I focus on your soul’s growth, on your personality, on igniting potential so you can reach your highest expression and empowerment.

Readings are 60 or 90 minutes.

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