Soul Contract Astrology

You have a soul contract.  This is an agreement that you made prior to birth.  It determines your unique wiring, your perspective, what lessons you will learn and experiences you will create.  It defines your purpose and your natural abilities and gifts.

Using your astrological birth chart  as a portal, I shine the light on family patterns, subconscious beliefs, challenges and obstacles that keep you from living and co-creating fully in the present.

Many of us are carrying the unfinished business of our immediate family members, our ancestors, and our culture. This psychic DNA has been passed down to you through generations.   A soul contract reading provides insights into these types of patterning.  A behavior, or belief that is not balanced or able to be expressed in one life can be passed down to the next.  This pattern may be unconsciously influencing you. When you free yourself from carrying energy that is not yours, you begin to wake up to and open to your highest potential.

Astrology is an amazing tool that guides you through cycles of time and illuminates divine synchronicity. However, it will not tell you precisely what steps to take. It’s a guide to help you best manage cycles, confirm what you already know, and remind you of what you came here to be.

You incarnated to BE the highest expression of yourself and share your gifts. You didn’t incarnate as punishment to “work out karma.” You’re here to express your true essence, give love and share wisdom. When you are authentically being yourself and expressing your gifts, the right people and opportunities will show up with ease. As you are more aligned with who you are, more of your soul’s potential will ignite and the doors of divine synchronicity will open for you.

Natal Chart Reading

Your natal chart – also known as your birth chart – shows the exact position of the stars at the moment you were born. Think of it as a snapshot of how the planets were aligned when you took your first breath.

I view the natal chart as part of a soul contract that you co-created and agreed to before incarnating. During a session, I explore the energies occurring when you were born:

  • Your innate disposition and the gifts you came in with
  • Family dynamics
  • Lessons you are here to experience
  • Cultural and family impressions
  • Subconscious beliefs or untruths

Next, I examines your potential, learning style, values, and growth opportunities.

Finally, I looks at the planetary transits. These are the movement of the planet through the sky now as they transit and influence your natal chart. Planetary transits show:

  • What cycle of life you’re in at this moment
  • What you need to embrace and release to reach your potential
  • Specific areas of your life where you may want clarity and resolution.

I receive and download intuitive information and uses Jungian archetypes woven in different areas of your chart.

An archetype is an impression or an imprinting on the psyche at birth. This forms a pattern. You’ll see them in literature, stories, movies and history. Archetypes can be people or situations. Examples of common archetypes are The Hero, The Mother, The Athlete, The Healer, The Guru, and The Teacher. Examples of archetypal situations and themes include The Journey, The Initiation, Death, and Good Versus Evil.

There are psychological undercurrents going on internally that are being expressed archetypally in the environment through people and situations.  Often we develop archetypical strategies for survival, such as The Perfectionist, Co-dependent, Addict or Rescuer. However, eventually such patterns may keep you from living in the present and creating the life that you really desire.  Stacy intuits client’s archetypes during the reading and may suggest strategies to work with these patterns.

Traditional astrology can be about limitations and planets causing things to happen to you. Stacy believes the planets and outside environment mirror our own internal process.  We are not victims of the planets or their influences, but rather we are connected to them and the outside environment.

Astrology can very accurately show us a working map of our soul’s growth, challenges, influences and cycles.  Stacy’s focus is more on your soul’s growth, personality, igniting potential, highest expression and empowerment, and what is in the way of that.

Readings are 60 or 90 minutes.