Full Moon in Pisces: Healing, Feeling, Release

The Pisces full moon on Wednesday, September 6th, ignites our desire to connect to all of humanity. As the zodiac’s last sign, Pisces is about endings.  It represents a cycle of completion, a need to practice compassion, feeling our feelings, and accepting things we cannot change.

A full moon happens when the Sun is exactly opposite the Moon, at 180 degrees. A full moon highlights opposing archetypal forces or polarities in our life.  Having the Sun and Moon opposing each other may feel confrontational and, when planets are opposite of each other, we witness a mirror in our relationships and environment that shows us an inner process that is waking up.

Full Moon in Pisces

Wednesday, 6 Sept 2017 – 12:02 am PDT (USA/Canada)

Wednesday, 6 Sept 2017 – 3:02 am EDT (USA/Canada)

Wednesday, 6 Sept 2017 – 7:02 am UTC

Wednesday, 6 Sept 2017 – 8:02 am BST

Wednesday, 6 Sept 2017 – 5:02 pm AEST (Australia)

The moon reveals our default patterns and where we retreat for security. For this particular full moon, the Sun and Moon are in opposition between Pisces and Virgo. Pisces symbolizes the mystical heart, and Virgo is the integrated mind.  Full moons are a powerful time to let go and release, and the current Pisces energy asks you to surrender and give up the struggle.  Where are you trying to figure things out in your mind (Virgo Sun)? Where do you need to let go, fully surrender, and just feel? We often try to figure out strategies or next steps exclusively through the mind, looking for guarantees that it will all work out so that we feel more secure. This full moon reminds us that we are managing unknown waters and we must fully surrender and be guided from our hearts not our head.

This full moon is also conjunct Neptune (Moon is at 13.530 Pisces & Neptune Retrograde is at 12.5490 Pisces), bringing us further into our psyche to dissolve illusions. This is a powerful time to connect to dreams, create art, and work with the subconscious belief patterns.  We may receive powerful intuitive insight, get divine downloads, feel quite emotional, desire greater soul connections, go into deep reflection and/or have vivid dreams.

Working with the Addict

The Addict archetype takes you out of being present and engaged with life, when we don’t want to feel something we often check out and go into the addict.  Sometimes the feeling can be quite painful as it will lead us to acknowledge some truth about a big change we must make like the ending of a significant relationship, job or behavior.  Our addiction may take many different forms, such as the use of social media, sugar, binge watching Netflix, shopping, co-dependency, drugs or alcohol.

The Addict Archetype brings us to a choice point where you are being asked if you are willing to feel it all, or simply check out? There is a belief in our culture now that says we should always be positive. This can really jam our intuitive hunches and healing processes to not acknowledge and allow our feelings to be felt; it can actually be quite damaging.  I have heard people use positivism to avoid acknowledging what’s true or even shame themselves for not being able to stay in a perpetual state of joy. How does this help you live a connected and empowered life?

To really engage with our heart and fully be in this mystical experience we must allow the full range of feelings to be felt. We don’t get to be selective here and just choose joy as it may be our preferred emotion.  The only way through pain, anger, and sadness is to acknowledge them, allow space for them, and feel.  Your Feelings are the intuitive signs that you have been waiting for- be present and listen.

Connecting to our Mystic

The Mystic Archetype is a strongly connected to the Addict and is the pathway through our addictive patterns.  We must move beyond the desire to check out and go deeper into the eyes of soul for some perspective.  The Mystic longs to merge with the divine and connect with the feeling and knowing of All Is One. It feels the full range of the deepest love and the most horrific pain.  It sees divine in everything and everyone.  To truly connect to the “All is One”, one must connect to everyone and not just the “Love and light” or ways we would prefer.  The Mystic sees the divine in every sunset, the homeless man down the street, the criminal, and random acts of kindness.

The Mystic says, “If I’m connected in my heart, I see no separation to those who are suffering.

It can be quite painful merging to feel all the pain and love and joy of all life.  As we can see in the news right now, there is much anger, pain and suffering right now.  By engaging life through the mystical heart we find true compassion, empathy and love.  Our heart breaks for the suffering in the world, we are present and connected to it, and we ask what can we do?

We live in a one world society, where we hear and can see events happening around the world instantly.  We can connect with friends from other countries and stay engaged and present with current events.  You can also use technology in a way that creates more separation.  Maybe we desire reaching out and connecting to someone but instead, we like their facebook status.  Maybe we tweet about a natural disaster or share the story and think we are contributing but we don’t feel in our hearts what is going on and ask what we can do.

If you want to know all of Divine, feel it all. The merging with the divine, with all of humanity that the Mystic seeks can only be felt through the heart. It is not something that we can process or interpret through our mind.

My suggestion for connecting with this energy consciously, is to choose one cause that really feels deeply connected to your heart and find out something that you can do to help.  There are many important causes out there, below are a few suggestions….

  1. The Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund administered by the Greater Houston Community Foundation: https://ghcf.org/hurricane-relief/
  2. The Texas Diaper Bank in San Antonio is asking for diapers and wipes, which can be dropped off in person or mailed to 5415 Bandera Road, Suite 504, San Antonio, Tex., 78238: https://www.texasdiaperbank.org/
  3. Portlight focuses on the needs of people with disabilities in disaster zones: https://www.portlight.org/home.html
  4. Houston Food Bank: https://www.houstonfoodbank.org/
  5. The Houston Coalition for the Homeless is helping connect people with shelter: https://www.homelesshouston.org/hurricane-harvey/
  6. Millions of albatross chicks starve to death on plastic ocean garbage. https://oceanconservancy.org/blog/2013/09/12/midway-film-answers-plastic-pollution-question-why-care/
  7. Protect Elephants that being poached to extinction https://www.wcs.org/96-elephants

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  1. Exactly what I needed, thank you! A confirmation to myself that this Full Moon brings some past-related emotions that still need to be healed. Oh, and what an intense terrifying dream I had (hadn’t dreamt in a long, long time).


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