New moon in Scorpio: Dancing with Alchemy

At 12.5 degrees of Scorpio on Thursday, November 4th at 4:15 p.m. CDT, the new moon is a doorway into the shadow and a dance with alchemy. We dive deep into hidden patterns and repressed emotions to bring them into conscious awareness and offer transformation.

During this new moon, we begin an 18-month journey of illuminating this previously hidden aspect of ourselves. We awaken to personal and collective patterns that hold us back from our empowerment. We dive deep into our patterns, discover our emotional intelligence, and plant seeds to support our evolution and growth building up to May 2023. 

The new moon on November 4th is known as lunar Samhain, while solar Samhain occurs two days later on November 6th. Samhain originated from an ancient Celtic spiritual tradition that honors the dark half of the year. This season, in the Northern Hemisphere, is dedicated to death and decay as well as release and letting go in preparation for the winter solstice, when we will begin again. This new moon initiates us into the eclipse season and acts as a midwife on the cusp of a rebirth. This time brings much intensity, but if we are willing to be present with what we feel, honest with ourselves and others, and investigate our hidden motives, it offers epic transformations.

Scorpio as an Archetype

Scorpio delves deep into the underworld in order to comprehend human nature. Scorpio is keenly perceptive at seeing what lies beneath the surface. With a laser-like focus and precision, they peer beyond what is being said to read the energy of the person speaking. Scorpio invites us to examine the unseen aspects of ourselves. Through meeting the unconscious parts of ourselves, we can bring awareness to our patterns and make conscious choices. We often meet our shadow through projection and confrontation with others. This new moon calls us to go into the darker aspects of ourselves. The part of ourselves that tries to take power away from others when we feel threatened or insecure. The part of us that seeks revenge, feels jealous, or craves power. We often try to control other people and manipulate circumstances because we are not fully trusting life. When we don’t acknowledge all the parts of ourselves it becomes suppressed.

Mastering our emotional landscape is a developmental theme for the Scorpio Archetype. Scorpio experiences life so intensely that tapping into that emotional terrain might seem like being struck by a hurricane at times. These waves are so powerful that it feels as though they might easily take us out. There is so much vulnerability in feeling this deeply that one may check out to avoid experiencing. At this time, we can examine how we avoid feeling by checking out (examples: binge watching Netflix, sugar, online shopping, alcohol).

Scorpio connects us to the primal, instinctual part of the self that manages our survival. When perceiving a threat, it reacts and responds as its life depends on it. Through a practice of honesty, presence, and vulnerability, we learn to tune into our needs to establish emotional security to ground us through the storm. In its shadow form, Scorpio will stop at nothing to manipulate the circumstances to regain control or perceived power, including total self-sabotage or hitting their bottom.

To effectively enter the Scorpio virtuosity level, we must learn to be present and make room for a wide range of emotions. Working with an empowered Scorpio energy requires us to learn to be present with all we experience. Feeling is a necessary part of being alive. How can you become more present and curious about what you are feeling rather than judging or reacting? It is only by being present and creating room for the spectrum of feelings that we can find what the hidden motive is shielding us from and realize what we truly require.

Scorpio is frequently associated with the archetype of the Scapegoat. Because summoning hidden parts of ourselves is often uncomfortable and unwelcome, Scorpios are often vilified and scapegoated. They also can scapegoat others with intense emotional reactions when they don’t want to feel what is arising within themselves. The venom of the Scorpion can sting, and the bluntness and power struggle can erupt when they are provoked or challenged.

Shadow Work

Shadow work entails unearthing, observing, and transmuting unpleasant, repressed aspects of oneself in order to live a more fulfilled life. 

The phrase “shadow work” was invented by Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist who founded analytical psychology. He stated that “shadow is that hidden, repressed, for the most part inferior and guilt-laden personality whose ultimate ramifications reach back into the realm of our animal ancestors.”

Our shadow is a combination of our own experiences and those that have been passed down to us from generation to generation. When we don’t own the darkness within us, it projects itself around us in outside events. For example, we feel controlled or threatened by others, so we direct and manipulate circumstances to regain a perceived sense of security. Our attempt to hide from shame, insecurity, and fear unconsciously motivates and rules our behaviors. When we discover a negative recurrent theme in our life that is impeding progress in some manner, shadow work becomes necessary.

Shadow work involves drawing the curtains back, observing, transmuting, and ultimately transcending. As a result, we are liberated and empowered to be a more true version of ourselves—a version that seems like a natural extension of ourselves.

Lightning in dark clouds, representing 'cosmic weather'

Cosmic Weather

The Moon is directly opposite Uranus, square Saturn and there is a wide trine to Neptune.

Uranian influence is pronounced. It shatters paradigms, introduces surprises, shocks, and exciting turns of events. Uranus is a truth teller and it shakes us awake from conditioning that is keeping us from our growth. It brings tremendous awakening that aims to liberate us from our limitations. It steers us in the direction of a major breakthrough. Things that have been hidden rise to the surface. We are destined for change. Uranus wakes us and frees us from anything in the way of us being our most authentic self. Uranus opens us to a whole new level, taking us deeper and deeper and deeper within ourselves. 

Saturn offers us a reality check. We see things for what they are and become clear on what isn’t working. It mandates that we get real and accept responsibility for what happens in our lives. Saturn may assist to mold and build the future we want to create. A future that supports our Aquarian vision of collaboration, equality, and freedom. 

Neptune in Pisces offers empathy, compassion, and faith to do our work this lunation. It may not be easy, but it will be worth it. This allows us to trust and flow with energy waves rather than resist against them. By embracing and accepting with compassion we transmute and dissolve our pain. This lunation supports creative, spiritual, and imaginative endeavors to process and heal. Look for synchronicity and our dreams to guide us.

This lunation is now conjuncted by two asteroids, Grieve and Minerva. Grieve invites us to be present to what we have lost and need to release. It is imperative that we simply allow ourselves to feel the pain that we have and give it space and presence to express. This season, in the Northern Hemisphere, is dedicated to death and decay and endings. This is a time to let go and determine what must be surrendered now. What within you is ready to shed, be released, and die?  What are you willing to let go of in order to fully transform? 

Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom (similar to Athena in Greek mythology). She is associated with creative genius and intuitive perception. She is incredibly skilled at noticing patterns. She also triumphed in wars by perfecting strategy. Minerva is supporting us in recognizing the patterns within ourselves, developing emotional intelligence, and developing a strategy to support our healing.  

Woman watching sunset

Working With Grief

This lunation is packed with intensity. We need to give ourselves the time and the tools to rest, heal, and recover. It is vital to remember to be gentle with ourselves and get the support that we need. Our culture doesn’t have a very healthy relationship with grief. This new moon takes us deeper into our grieving journey. What emotions do you need to feel in order to heal? What do you need to let go of? Where do you need to re-establish trust? This cycle offers a chance to create a conscious and emotionally honest relationship with this part of ourselves.

This new moon is an opportunity for us to deepen our awareness, empathy, and compassion for ourselves by illuminating the shadow sides of our psyche.

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