New Moon in Pisces: Revolutionary Love

The Moon will align with the Sun in 12 degrees of Pisces on March 2nd, at 11:35 a.m. CST, signaling the start of a new moon cycle. Emotions run big, and our longing for soul connection, spiritual service, and honoring our shared humanity are amplified. 

This new moon invites us to immerse ourselves in the waters of spiritual devotion and the language of our soul. Our soul speaks to us through symbols, metaphors, archetypes, dreams, art, nature, and divine synchronicity. The human language is far too limited to convey the complete range of profound knowledge, insight, and revelation that the soul has to offer. Beyond reason, logic, either/or, we transcend to an opening in which we meet the soul. We enter Mystical Territory.

We Have Reached the Final New Moon of the Astrological Year

As Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, it inherently holds within it a closure. A closure that allows a new beginning. As we reflect on this last cosmic year and what flows naturally to completion, we open ourselves to a period of clarity, divine insight, and truths revealed. There is a gentleness and  sweet relief as we surrender to the cycle of change and rebirth, like waters dissolving old parts of us no longer needed. We go within to replenish and attune to soul direction. 

This new moon ushers in the beginning of a potent new cycle, which will come to fruition with the Pisces full moon on September 10th 2022. What dreams are you devoted to? How do you affirm your life’s creative potential? What seeds do you intuitively feel called to plant?

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Pisces as an Archetype

Pisces is the sign of availability, faith, compassion, and spiritual wisdom. It pours itself into believing in big dreams, into spiritual service, into mystical love. It sees humanity and connection to all of life. The archetype of Pisces reminds us of what truly matters,  the spiritual lessons and deeper meaning to what arises. It is only when we recognize the spiritual lesson that we awaken to live our lives more fully. In its highest expression, Pisces embodies a Mystical Lover and walks the path of practicing unconditional love, compassion, and inner knowing. When we connect to Pisces energy we become curious to the laws of co-creation and watch for synchronicity. We understand that there is another purpose beyond what the ego can see and we attune to deeper spiritual vision. Pisces is the duality between our outer eyes and inner eyes, ego and our soul, cosmic consciousness and individual self.  We surrender the parts of ourselves that keep us away from spiritual evolution. Through the deepening of the heart, it opens as a sanctuary to spiritual devotion. The following twenty eight days are calling us to devote ourselves to source connection. 

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The Shadow of Pisces

The shadow of Pisces arises when we aren’t fully in our hearts. We may be pouring ourselves into the needs of others so that we forget to check in and honor our own needs. Pisces is soulful and deeply receptive. It is a gift and burden at times to feel so deeply. We may feel the heaviness of war and devastation that breaks our hearts. We avoid going there because truly feeling it all may send us plummeting to depression and despair. We can’t separate the suffering of the world from ourselves. We must learn to feel all and not allow it to consume us or dim our light. 

We may not want to hear our intuitive voice because the guidance would require a change that would break our heart or we may not feel ready for. When we are avoiding listening to ourselves, the escapism, depression, addiction, and co-dependence archetypes of Pisces manifest in shadow expressions. 

We live in a period of soul starvation. We drown ourselves in alcohol, prescription medications, sugar, co-dependence, consumerism, binge watching Netflix, gaming or recreational drugs to avoid feeling. This new moon asks us to be present with our hearts. Feel what arises. Allow heartbreak to connect us deeper into the clarity of our soul service, into compassion, connection, and honoring humanity in others. What is your heart craving? What feels like soul nourishment?

Saturated in Psychic Sensitivity

This week brings one of the most potent energies of 2022. The cosmic energy is very strong at this time as we are receiving dynamic spiritual activations to support our evolution. I have had many clients and friends with unusual health symptoms arising, such as insomnia, headaches, nausea, ringing of ears. As we connect with the alchemy of Pisces, which is saturated in psychic sensitivity, it is vital to practice extreme self-care and honor our very sensitive constitutions. Our bodies are adjusting to elevated frequencies that are stirring. Pisces energy is very psychically open and feels energy. Not just the energy of people around it, but the energy of  a room, the energy of a geographic location. Walking through the world with a psychic antenna can feel vulnerable and overwhelming at times. Pisces energy needs time to recharge from the world and go deep within to find itself again. Having heightened psychic sensitivity teaches us to intuitively tune into our needs, practice preventative measures, feel or even anticipate symptoms before they manifest in the physical form. We can learn to practice deep listening and presence in order to feel what we need, be our own best caretaker, and hear our next steps to support our healing. 

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Cosmic Weather

This new moon chart has four planets in Pisces — aligned in the sky (known as a Stellium) that includes the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Neptune; the new moon and Jupiter also sextile Uranus in Taurus. Several hours after the new moon becomes exact, the Sun squares December’s Solar Eclipse degree, symbolizing a turning point. 

Jupiter and Neptune in conjunction in Pisces amplifies our connection to spiritual essence and the spiritual law of “All is One.” The higher purpose activates powerful spiritual growth. One physical manifestation is the risk of flooding. South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales (Australia) have endured severe floods in the last few days. There has been a video circulating around the news of a frog and two mice resting on a snake floating in the flood waters. The image is so symbolic of how we are brought together in unity through disaster. We transcend the self to honor All is One. The video is a powerful example of this energy. 

Mercury conjoins Saturn in the sky on the same day, bringing serious conversations and hard truths and invites us to trust our inner authority and claim our voice. This conjunction also brings clarification on what it means to sacrifice. Pisces in shadow form is the martyr that loses, or is forced to give up, the self to others. True sacrifice is soul directed. It is a force we feel that is beyond the ego. It is following the nudge of our soul to rise up beyond the self to be of service. It may require the courage to take a risk to save a life or help someone or something in need. It is knowing we have a self and are guided beyond it in spiritual service. With Venus in close connection to Mars and Pluto in Capricorn and semi square the new moon, we must look deeper at what truly motivates us and re-align with our true values. Mars, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn all square Eris in Aries. This is a call for fierce love, trusting our instincts, sacred rebellion, and standing our ground for higher truth.

This new moon is opposite the asteroid Psyche, inviting us to have faith in love and new possibilities. It is also aligned with the asteroid Kali, calling for a surrender of ego to connect to more of our true power. 

This new moon energy is a call for powerful spiritual evolution. Cosmic consciousness pulls down the veil of illusion, the veil of deceit, to allow us connection to a deeper spiritual integrity. 

Image Credit: Nathan Ziemanski

The Invitation

This new moon connects us deeper to humanity. The way through is to be fully present to our hearts. In our hearts, we find faith, clarity, compassion, and insight. From a drop of faith, a sea of miracles arises. This new moon brings hope and possibility. What may seem on the outside to be a lucky circumstance is what comes from internally listening, trusting, and aligning. Go where you are called. Live from synchronicity. Pay close attention to the messages of your dreams. We are invited to deepen our capacity to love, and expand our meaning of how we serve. This new moon is a call for a spiritual initiation of Revolutionary Love. 

Art for Peace was created by 15-year-old Irina M. from the Ukraine.

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