Full Moon in Leo: Returning to Our Heart

This month’s full moon occurs on February 16 at 10:56 a.m. CST, when the Moon opposes the Sun in 28 degrees of Leo. This full moon illuminates our relationship to the divine co-creator within. We are invited to heal our relationship to self-expression and to rise as cosmic creators. To magnify our sacred work, we must cultivate the courage to risk being seen. 

All full moons provide us with a chance to view situations in a new light and direct us away from polarization and division toward alignment and wholeness.

All planets are in direct motion (except the always retro Lunar Nodes), so we feel the energy speeding up and moving quickly.

This Leo full moon is the fifth of seven consecutive full moons at 27 degrees. The first one was in October 2021. This represents a building of energy toward a collective tipping point. To assist us in rebirthing the new world, each activation of the 27th degree is touching into the energy that is dismantling the old structure that no longer supports us. 2022 is a dance of opposites. We see big endings and new beginnings. There is powerful energy in the dismantling and powerful breakthroughs. This moon amplifies revolution, community, and people working together for the higher good.

This full moon invites us to get out of our way, shed layers of old identities, and rise in our sovereignty to serve humanity. 

This full moon is completing a cycle that began on August 19, 2020. Thinking back to that time, what themes were emerging? In what areas of your life were you being dimmed down, eclipsed from shining your light in the world? Where did you need to take a creative risk? Was your heart fully in what you were doing? Where was your heart guiding you? What new ideas were emerging? What were you being asked to let go of? Were you able to stay connected to yourself through this cycle? If so, what practices or support systems helped you to do so? What were the lessons you learned? 

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Leo as an Archetype

Leo is the sign of the heart. It is all about love. We are transitioning from the mind epoch to the heart epoch. This full moon marks this transition. Our desire to be seen in our vulnerabilities, loved and accepted for who we are, is amplified, particularly with those we care about the most. This moon offers clarity around our needs and ego desires vs. soul desires, and it gives us an opportunity to reclaim more of our creative essence to bring into our soul service.  

Leo is the archetype of the artist, the performer, the ruler, and the divine child. It is the embodiment of creative self-expression. The path of the Leo archetype teaches us to be the ruler of our creativity. Whether through movement, art, storytelling, or fashion, Leo longs to bring its unique expression out into the world. Leo, in its light, is magnetic, entertaining, joyful, and immersed. Leo loves to have fun and live life to its fullest. 

Image Credit: Alvin Balemesa

In its highest expression, Leo is radiating its divine spark into the world so that it lights up the radiance and creative spark in others. Leo can give us permission and inspiration to shine our light. This full moon it is necessary to release old identities and get creatively experimental. We may discover ways in which we have been operating from old conditioning, seeking validation or recognition that no longer feels aligned with our desire for soul service. What is the higher voltage of love expressing itself? How would it feel now to lead from love?

Work is love made visible.

Kahlil Gibran

The divine child archetype is connected to the divine law of co-creation. The divine child signifies the birth of a new, energizing concept or energy and the rejuvenation and growth of awareness. The divine child understands they are an aspect of the divine and uses their unique abilities to bestow gifts onto the world. They are an aspect of the divine waking up to itself and understanding that they are both the creation and co-creator. 

Image Credit: Stacy Quast

Owning our Creativity

This full moon asks us to heal our relationship to our creativity and take full ownership of our creative gifts. This period may amplify old patterns and wounds around our vulnerability of expressing our creative essence. We are shedding past conditioning and old identities and allowing our self-expression to evolve as we boldly take a step into our creativity. In the most genuine expression of our light, we fully understand that our imagination is tapping into creative insight from collective consciousness and bringing an innovative idea into form. It is never about us. When we realize it’s not about us, we can open to be a channel of divine expression.

Redefining and Rebirth for the United States

This full moon activates the moon in 27 degrees Aquarius of the United States chart. As the full moon in Leo is opposite the Aquarius moon in the United States chart, it is illuminating the themes that birthed this country. Revolution is in the air. We have been feeling the push/pull of freedom vs. restriction that is similar to the origin story in 1776. We may be feeling a similar call to create a new world. As we are days before the first activation of the Pluto return in the United States (Pluto has a 246-year cycle and now returns on February 20 to its exact degree in the United States birth chart), we have reached a pivotal moment in the United States where we are asked to reflect and redefine the original Declaration of Independence that built the United States’ foundation but forgot to value several groups equally. Pluto, named after the deity of the underworld, is the planet of metamorphosis, transformation, and extremes. Pluto amplifies the shadow so that it awakens consciously within us and the collective. The United States has been forced to confront many difficult themes of its origin story over the past few years, building up to this return. This is a period of rebirth and reckoning for the United States. We are asked to transcend and include the values of freedom, equality, and the pursuit of happiness but meet those values with the rising collective consciousness to create a new earth. This Leo full moon asks us to meet the moment as a conscious co-creator. 

This full moon is also within a degree of the total solar eclipse of 2017 that divided the United States from east to west. We have witnessed a build-up of polarization since that time. This is an opportunity to reflect on the energy and intention that birthed this country, as well as the polarization and division that has been ignited over the past several years. Do we wish to divide and recreate the borders or is this a call for us to unite? What is on the other side of division?

Leo is associated with legacy. We are asked to cultivate more of our inner leader. True leaders understand that leadership is not about them but those they serve. How can you open to more expansive presence? What legacy do you wish to create? How would you tell the story of this time? Are you part of the solution? Do you see and honor the light in others? Do you live from your heart? This full moon invites us to bring our focus on to embodying a loving presence with ourselves and others. It is from this place we can begin to rebuild authentically.

Image Credit: Kelly Sikkema

Cosmic Weather

This full moon summons a beautiful tension between the Taurus-Scorpio-Leo-Aquarius areas of our life. The moon is tightly square on the nodal axis. Thus the Sun and Moon make a tight Grand Cross with the nodes of karma and destiny. When the full moon squares the nodes, we might feel as though several areas of our life are needing our attention, and we are being pulled in multiple directions. We are being stretched to our limits in the four directions of this fixed square: creatively and bravely through our hearts (Leo), physically and tenderly to care for our body, reclaim self worth and address security issues (Taurus), emotionally through our depths to reclaim hidden parts of ourselves and trust again (Scorpio), and mentally, with our insight and intuitive perception and our vision of the ability to think outside the box for the betterment of humanity (Aquarius). 

We are being asked to bring concentrated focus to matters of the heart and practice presence and discernment. Collectively, there is tension between the individual ego and the collective. Our collective destiny asks that we see beyond our individual self and our identities to look at how we can really be a service to the whole ecosystem. We are asked to feel into this tension of opposites, to connect our vision with our heart and alchemize.

Venus and Mars are passionately conjunct in the sky at 15 degrees of Capricorn on this full moon. For the rest of February and March, these two planets will dance in close proximity, activating a period of affection, tenacity, ambition, and burning desire. This may spark connections with new love or magnetize those who passionately support our vision. Also we may feel friction in professional relationships. The Jupiter-Uranus sextile becomes exact tomorrow, opening the door to new opportunities that didn’t seem possible before. Where is your heart guiding you? How does it feel in your body when you lead with your power? 

The Leo full moon will be aligned with the fixed star Regulus. Regulus is the star of Kings and is associated with leadership, natural authority, bravery, and courage. Regulus encourages us to connect to our own sovereignty. We are asked to step into our leadership and shine from our heart, integrity, and gifts. 

We are asked to heal self-consciousness and bravely step out. Leo energy is about truly recognizing and honoring the uniqueness that every one of us possesses. It is time to evolve from needing to be seen from our ego to truly owning our gifts and talents and stepping out with them in that passionate, creative Leo way. 

This full moon is trine the Asteroid Hekate, also known as the Guardian of Crossroads and The Crone. She is associated with magic, and she was the Queen of the witches. She represents crossroads and psychic ability. She brings harmonious energy and amplifies intuitive flashes and psychic sight. She meets us at the crossroads and asks us to take a chance and step into the unknown on this full moon. Where in your life are you being asked to take a creative risk into the unknown?

Image Credit: Melissa Askew

The Invitation

This full moon invites us back into our hearts. Allow the heart to lead. Trust its rhythm. Find those dance partners on your journey who share your heart-led vision. As the Little Prince author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote, “Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.” This time is a call to collaborate with higher consciousness and play your unique role. When you lead with the heart, love will follow. 

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