New Moon in Pisces: Receiving Cosmic Consciousness

On February 20th at 1:06 a.m. CST, the moon aligns with the sun at 1 °22′ Pisces allowing us to flow with change and reconnect with our spiritual anchors. This cycle brings us to deep reflection, so we can attune to our cosmic nature and open as a vessel to receive intuitive guidance. 

This new moon is a Super Moon (the third of four Super New Moons in a row).  These are more intense and occur when the moon is closest to the Earth (during a New or Full Moon). This implies a higher knowledge of the archetypal lessons associated with the new moon cycle.

In the sign of Pisces, we are invited to connect with our inner divinity and our ability to trust our intuition and to receive and embody compassion. Our psychic sensitivity is heightened at this time and we intuit more of the unseen and unsaid. Containing depth magic, connection, beauty and grief that words cannot express, this is the moon to feel it all.  

Next month marks a powerful collective tipping point as Saturn and Pluto enter new signs. This new moon feels like softening into the space for transformation. We hold our cosmic prayers and intentions while simultaneously shedding all that is unnecessary in this new era. We flow with the shift in tides and are asked to anchor into our faith in the divine holding us through this transition.

“The Inspiration You Seek is Already Within You. Be Silent and Listen.”


This is the final new moon of the astrological year. And as such, we are connecting to a feeling of completion as a cycle of our lives is coming to a close. This lunation offers profound insight into what we are ending in our lives. What we are releasing may feel obvious or like a slow process of dissolving parts of ourselves so we may begin again. The following six months are crucial in intuitively informing our next steps in preparation for further  growth and healing. 

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Pisces as an Archetype

Pisces is a mutable water sign that symbolizes our dreams, creativity, mythic imagination and spirituality. It is devoted to selfless service and mystical experience. Pisces longs to merge with the divine and honors the cosmic law of unity. Through embodying our mystical heart, we dissolve the illusion of separateness and access a deeper understanding of our cosmic nature and relationship to everything. 

The shadow of Pisces is a lack of boundaries, addiction, co-dependence, fantasy and escapism. In being driven to service, Pisces is susceptible to sacrificing their own needs and therefore martyrdom. Compassion and empathy without clear boundaries can leave us emotionally drained and disconnected. 

Pisces is associated with the sacred, the mystical and magic. It is connected to ancestral lineage, spiritual practices and messages from beyond the veil. This new moon in Pisces is a powerful opportunity to connect deeper with our guides and value the beliefs of our ancestors as part of what defined their culture. In understanding the circumstances of our ancestors’ existence which shaped their beliefs, we are able to cultivate compassion for their choices. It is a potent time to work with our guides and ancestors in our rituals and practices and develop a deeper connection. 

Making Space for the Sacred

This lunation invites us to take a sacred pause and make space for the divine to enter. This may look like taking time to let go of to-do lists, ambitions and control to reset deeply. In surrendering the pressure of a definite direction and the identities to which we attach, we become more in tune with our connection to subtle realms. We hear our spirit speak more clearly. We begin to feel the weight of the unnecessary, inspiring us to work with spirit to let go. We access the felt experience of truth that informs our next steps. 

We are in the process of radical attunement. We become the vessel tuned to what we wish to receive. Through this process we deepen our trust as conscious co-creators and bring our attention to the subtle frequencies opening us to our divine magic. If we allow it, our spirit will surprise us and offer powerful clarity, enabling us to receive the full message. 

To follow our intuitive voice, we must be brave enough to be counter-cultural. We learn to unplug from the external chatter and listen deeply. Wisdom exists within flowing with feeling. We are creating space for regeneration. To do this, we must first attune to what is dying and decaying. It’s a time to connect with our spirit and enter a truly open and receptive space to hear our next steps. This lunation calls us to tend to our spiritual practices, art and rituals. We are in the process of preparing the soil for new needs to sow.

“When we set our intention to connect every aspect of ourselves to the divine, we allow God to guide us on every level. We can become a channel and let ourselves be divinely led.” 

Catherine Carrigan

We Connect To Our Mystical Heart

This new moon is an invitation to bring more awareness of the divine into our daily lives. No matter our circumstances, we can create intentions to open to the divine’s healing and grace and watch for the synchronicities made manifest from divine intelligence. We have potent energies to bring more of the presence of the sacred in every area of our life. In doing so we remember who we really are and awaken to our potential. We reconnect to the power to call in our heart’s desire and break the illusion of separateness. 

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We Are Dissolving Disillusionment

This lunation activates a powerful portal of transformation. To access our healing potential we must first be willing to step back and review where we have been. We are invited to slow down and feel more. Through deep reflection we can take ownership of our choices, specifically those which have arisen from our past conditioning. We come to a new understanding of where disillusionment may have caused us to be misguided, and can begin to see things for exactly how they are. We may choose to believe in the potential of someone instead of seeing where they are. Our ideals of perfection cause us to miss the red flags. Piscean energy has a beautiful innocence that wants to believe in the good in everyone, leaving it open to being taken advantage of. We awaken to where we have been stuck in disillusionment and victim consciousness so we may change how we relate inwardly with ourselves and what we project into the world.

“If you’re really listening, if you’re awake to the poignant beauty of the world, your heart breaks regularly. In fact, your heart is made to break; its purpose is to burst open again and again so that it can hold evermore wonders.”

Andrew Harvey

This lunation may trigger external events to reclaim more of who we are and connect us to our essence. We may connect to deeper waves of grief and disappointment which help us release what we are holding onto from our past. We may find ourselves in unknown places where our fear can amplify our imagination leading us into worst-case scenarios. We are confronted with what we must face to heal. Through reflection, we can find a new footing that guides us from deeper truth and trust. We enter a space where compassion and grace can enter so we may forgive and accept ourselves for past choices which may have failed to honor our authentic selves. We look at our idealistic expectations and projections so we may attune to a frequency which is more aligned with our soul. 

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Cosmic Weather

The sun and moon make an out-of-sign conjunction with Saturn in the final degrees of Aquarius, bringing focus and determination to make our dreams a reality. This lunation opens the pathway for Saturn to enter as it prepares to journey into mystical territory when it moves into Pisces on March 7th, 2023. 

Venus is conjunct Neptune in Pisces and sextile Pluto in Capricorn. This alignment emphasizes the soul’s longing to transcend disappointment and aspire toward divine intelligence.

This new moon trines the South Node in Scorpio, which aligns our healing with our destiny and urges us to find creative outlets for the emotions we are feeling. 

Black Moon Lilith in 15° Leo forms a T-square with Mercury in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus in this new moon chart. BML represents the wild, instinctive and creative feminine nature that stands up for what is right by natural law. She guides us to find ultimate freedom through owning our creativity. The alignment between Mercury and Uranus brings flashes of insights and galactic information to show our next steps. The more receptive we are, the more we are open for divine downloads. We rest in sacred space and receive the flashes of insight which enable us to stand firm in creating our new reality.

The new moon is trine Haumea in Scorpio. Haumea is the guardian goddess of the island of Hawaii and the goddess of childbirth. Haumea relates to the natural world and divine presence in all life. She guides us to that which is new and emerging and holds space for our rebirth. We can learn to create space for what is transforming and consciously meet this transformation or arrive at the shift through our fate. 

The new moon makes a conjunction with the asteroid Medusa in Pisces. Medusa teaches us to confront fear with truth and amplifies the importance of holding space for truth. Her myth is often misunderstood through the patriarchal lens, but her journey is one of profound transformation from maiden to monster to magical protector. Her placement in this new moon chart invites us to look at where we have been frozen by dissociation so we may begin to heal and embrace our power of alchemy. 

The Invitation

This new moon awakens cosmic consciousness and divine downloads, enabling us to root into our mystical hearts and embody our sacred wisdom. We arrive at the gateway between big cosmic cycles and are asked to reflect on what we are truly letting go of. We can’t move forward without slowing down to feel what is dissolving. We connect to our relationship with the unknown and are guided into deeper faith in our life’s unfolding. 

This mystical moon connects us to the sacred practice of receiving and experiencing the sensation of truth that grounds us into alignment. 

We dissolve disillusionment to access more of our potential and ground ourselves in our cosmic nature. Through the process we awaken to new understandings and create new beliefs that help form a more solid foundation for our bigger dreams.

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